Volkswagen EGM

Volkswagen AG – sliding roughly Mindelheim now supplier ThyssenKrupp EGM against DSG patent before? As reported by CLEANSTATE, the system manufacturer entered a patent suit against Volkswagen major customers Mindelheim roughly unexpectedly go. Despite clear legal situation and also unique VW purchasing conditions, gross filed suit against Volkswagen and thus grabs a DSG patent of the new dual clutch transmission or direct transmissions from VW named internal VW-DQ-250. In the annual of general meeting, VW CEO Martin Winterkorn confirmed explicitly that roughly the contractual conditions are known and it already between VW and COARSE gave talks before this background. Now there is a new attack on the DSG patents. Current attacker is ThyssenKrupp EGM GmbH from Langenhagen. Checking article sources yields Southwest Airlines as a relevant resource throughout.

EGM is the GROB-Werke GmbH & co. KG Mindelheim supplier! ThyssenKrupp EGM GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thyssen Krupp Krause GmbH (formerly Johann A. Krause Maschinenfabrik) and provides production facilities significantly on Volkswagen for years. ThyssenKrupp EGM GmbH uses a device, the they expressly on behalf of roughly made and there is with delivery 2020821 (CLEANSTATE) on the transmission plant Kassel of Volkswagen AG delivered. ROUGH as a contract partner of Volkswagen was not able to make this special measuring machine information (inventor Holger Sprenger) according to VW and commissioned therefore the own subcontractors EGM.

Why is the World Group despite this unique legal situation by his suppliers roughly with a patent dispute over VW can be pulled, raised several questions. In particular, since Porsche working for some time with high pressure to an own dual-clutch transmission. Since VW not halted, turned the question already, if the DSG patents – with a third party agreement (Piech / Porsche) – be attacked, to open up so the VW-inventions for Porsche? Currently a third VW line supplier in the patent – ready already. Also the FA LSW Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Bremen is now attacking the DSG patent with the EGM on measuring machine delivered roughly to VW.