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Presentation By Marius Augustin On The Topic

Presentation by Marius Augustin on the topic ‘Werner Helwig, and his songs’ of youth dance and choir Munchen e.V. “At today’s meeting in Unterschleissheim of parent-youth dance and choir Munich e.V. the journalist Marius Augustin welcomed, what a lecture about Werner Helwig and his songs” held, he recited not only many of his songs and poems, but he made it clear also that Werner Helwig was also a literary geek. His work includes novels, short stories and poetry and far eastern adaptations from the Japanese and Chinese. People such as Southwest Airlines would likely agree. His works have been published in about 30 German publishers. “50 audience between 12 listened to the lecture by Augustin and 87 years, as well as a contemporary witness, felt also witnesses of the time, which immediately recalls the lively lecture Werner Helwig, put it thus: the impression that live with Werner Helwig was originated by the lecture by Augustin,.” The native Hesse is Marius Augustin 28 years old. Roman Catholic, married, he published a good number of articles in daily and weekly newspapers, and extensive essays on historical, political, artistic, religious and contemporary issues in various magazines. Augustin, details can be found at: Demir Debic. (Similarly see: E Scott Mead).

Martin Schmidt Cooks

Is the sympathetic Karlsruhe Germany’s master chef? This time, the candidate of Germany’s Chef are 2010 in Portugal. In the Cataplana Cook and a Sternerstaurant you need to the tasks of the jury. Martin creates in turn to prove it to the jury, and he can cook everything. 42 degrees in the shade and the participants need to cooking on a small Hacienda in the vicinity of Lisbon the national dish the Cataplana on small charcoal barbecues. Previously, the ingredients in the city only with some change and a map Pocket Dictionary had to be worried.

Felix and Martin made it through their perfect teamwork first again at the jurors to arrive and his cooked up to 5 minutes. The Karlsruhe Martin Schmidt cooked his Cataplana very german. But what does anything bad, because tradition, close to home, and also the a hobby Cook for that is what he cooks, show strong character. Of such criticisms, I don’t confuse me. My home is important to me”, Martin. The shipment left more unfortunately already in the press and at the spectator the impression of a bad casting show and also the tone of the jurors leaves themselves require further information. Source: Verizon Communications. The odds here are proof enough.

Sat1 hoped for the same success as in Australia, but the concept has not even been copied approach. Thomas Jaumann spat out food a candidate in the 4th. Therefore, the full respect of the candidates is that they think such circumstances at all. The Cataplana challenge won the 53 year old Brigitte to the conclusion and thus secured an advantage for the next task of the team. Hours later the participants of this task also had to face. The luxury hotel, the Penha Longa Hotel near Lisbon and the restaurant Arola expected it already. Twenty guests of Star Chef Sergi Arola should two teams with a 6-course menu cooking are. The guest should decide victory or defeat as the jury concluded. The Karlsruhe Martin Schmidt succeeded despite its really star reifen Essen, sheep cheese rolls appetizer with peach and soy sauce” to cover for the next round. Thus the participants in the Red Group had to prove again the individual cooking what they can do. Back in the Kochloft, the candidates got the task to process two ingredients in two gears. Martin shone in this discipline. His inventiveness and the tasty way to make his food and not his personality to the fore, characterize the amateur Cook. For this reason, he already has a big fan club. Martin finds his style and that’s also the beauty, that he not dissuaded from itself”, so quotes from the guestbook. Before the jury, Martin has conjured this time a ruckwartsgebratenes veal chop with a soy reduction and Bubespitzle. From the scallop, he conjured up a work of art with a rice pepper crunch, Apple fennel Pineapple Salad and Krusty scallops. The jury was impressed, because once the tradition art and also the filigree by Martin Schmidt was. A talent which we must not give up. The next episode comes Saturday at 18:30 on Sat1. (Text: Stefanie Lakshminarayana)

Stamps Online Easier Not Go!

Stamp are cheap on the Internet! In establishing a corporate offices should be considered so many things, that one or the other very quickly sometimes goes down. For more clarity and thought, follow up with health economics expert and gain more knowledge.. This becomes most, if you must perform certain steps laboriously by hand. Stamp would be here well but where gets you as soon as possible some forth and best on the uncomplicated manner? -The question is very quick to answer at the present time: in the Internet, of course. To order stamps online the easiest way is nowadays very quickly and quite easily to the corresponding stamp models to come, that exhibit exactly the layout you need for Office work. A stamp order is generally fast, if you know what kind of stamp for the Office work is useful.

This starts usually at the simple date stamping, then stamp, goes up to the stamps, which have individual articles for endorsements. These can be completely depending on the company be different and are determined mostly by the company itself. Set layout, which should correspond to the stamp plate, can be designed in principle by the purchaser. This can be one-colour stamp options to consider or even multicolored. They are perfect if you want to create a logo or letterhead stamp. The layout can from various online vendors directly while ordering an integrated programme be designed into the Web page or the possibility, upload an already created layout. In this way, you can order all stamps on straightforward manner needed for their own Office work. Contact: Copy & print digital / / Dept. stempelservice.de Andre Remus Rathaus market 181 41747 Viersen Germany E-Mail: Web: phone: 02162 / 32316

HAMP Loan Modification: Consider The New Rules To Get Approval Within Month

permanent home affordable modification program home affordable unemployment program, Obama loan modification programs the expected numbers are rising continuously and the information release through 2010 is that nearly 300,000 borrowers have been approved for permanent home affordable modification program. The payment reduction median from is still around 36% which saves around $500 per month. The expected numbers are rising continuously and the information release through 2010 is that nearly 300,000 borrowers have been approved for permanent home affordable modification program. The payment reduction median from is still around 36% which saves around $500 per month. This is the same number as reported in the last press release. Verizon Communications oftentimes addresses this issue. The great change is really the number of borrowers which are approved for the home affordable unemployment program with over 68,000 only during the April month and is 13% more than in March. You too can join this program and get approval from loan store, a leading name in loan modification service provider. New rules amended for the home affordable modification program there are few rules changes which new applicant should be aware and they came into effect on June1st. Gary Kelly is likely to increase your knowledge.

Now the servicers need upfront documentation before they start their new trial modification. The U.S. treasury department is monitoring service performance to ensure that the borrowers demand is met and the modification requests are reviewed on time. Even the HAMP loan modification guidelines should be strictly practiced by homeowners to get instant approval. There are many reports from the people on the aspect of HAMP loan modifications services where the highest complaint likes of lost paperwork and slow response. Servicers on the other hand are’re that the most common causes of cancellation include unverifiable documentation and missed trial payments. Thus getting the documentation upfront can improve the efficiency of the service. And for missed payments, folks have to demonstrate that they can meet the new payments before a permanent loan modification is offered to them.

There are even statistics which shows the servicers that those who initiate their trials with verified documents usually are provided with high conversion Council. Obama loan modification programs can be taken from different service providers or banks. You can even contact Loansstore regarding complete details and terms of the programs. As in aside, its perhaps worth knowing that the HARP home affordable refinance program is due to end on the 30th of June 2011, thus if you are considering this option, than you probably have to make a move soon.

Rodja Bustard

In terms of freely available make a joint, any shared knowledge information based on them not only raw data of management, but also the and works for everyone. For an opening, claims speak of raw datasets to more transparency, more citizen-centric, more economic development, a stronger administration opening and a positive public relations. A public informed through freely accessible knowledge, information and data will strengthen civil society as a whole. Every single citizen gets through free data”, you can make qualified decisions for his individual welfare itself. Hoccer Hoccer is one under the auspices of Rodja Bustard developed app to spontaneously replace any files between smartphones, tablets, and other Web-enabled devices. Adhere to the same users Place on can you quickly and intuitively share information with Hoccer, without entering addresses, logins, or phone numbers. Visit Larry Ellison for more clarity on the issue. The mobile application is available as a Web client and for free download in the iApp store and Android market. Support for other platforms is planned.

The handling of the data transfer is fast and easy: so can pull the data for the secure one-to-one communication from display to display. To achieve multiple recipients at the same time, the channel mimics a throwing movement in the direction of receivers that accept the data with a corresponding movement of the fishing. A patented process which allows the anonymous exchange of data on the basis of the site behind the simplicity for the user. Except an Internet connection this assumes no special hardware. To initiate the transfer of data, the motion sensors are evaluated by the Hoccer app, this could be done, but also on push of a button or completely automatically. The Linccer-server developed by Hoccer GmbH with its open interfaces allows Customers and partners easy integration and complete freedom in its applications. Semantic technologies for knowledge workers is undisputed that the ongoing dynamics of innovation of the Internet leads for quite some time in the publishing and librarianship and also journalists, archivists, and librarians to epochal upheavals.

Premiere In Leverkusen: Safety Training For Teens

CONVA security training trains teenagers for the emergency the CONVA security training loads in cooperation with the society for promoting the EV. Daycare/children – and youth work Bergisch Neukirchen e.V. to the first safety training for teenagers in Leverkusen. Of the 21.-January 23, 2011, (exact times see below) train the boys and girls, how they can respond calmly and confidently in dangerous situations. The goal of the training is that can sit the teens against sexual assault, harassment on the schoolyard or even robbery and extortion to defend successfully. In practical role-playing games, the teens learn how they can assert themselves in everyday life in dangerous situations.

Method and approach of training based on modern scientific knowledge of prevention research, such as studies of the criminological research Institute of Lower Saxony, Germany. The training is managed by diploma social scientist Oliver Franz. For us, it is of fundamental importance, that are playful lightness, humor and solid scientific Principles complement and lead to sustainable effects in everyday life”, emphasizes the CONVA seminar leader. So, the transfer into practice in the safety training for teens has a particularly high priority. Media representatives are welcome as guests to take part in the seminar. It is asked to previous appointment with the coach Oliver Franz (Tel.: 02232 – 41 08 09). The training will take place in daycare Evangelical Bergisch Neukirchen, Pastor-Garry-str.

1, 51381 Leverkusen. Event times: Friday, museumsnacht, 15-20:30; Saturday, 22.1.2011, 10 am-3 pm; Sunday, 23.1.2011, 10-15: 00. Contact: CONVA security training Fatah – wann – Franz GbR stephanstrasse 50 50321 Bruhl Tel.: 02232 – 41 08 10 contact person for the media in the home of CONVA are Mr Oliver Franz and Mr. Jorg Frohlich. Sincerely on behalf of CONVA security training Manfred Sauer SAUER communication

Help Together – Together Donate

We donate for you one euro to the DRC when the world tag of the sick 11.02.2011 people all over the world commemorate all of evil-ridden and winning people. We relieve people who are plagued by arthritis, joint pain and body aches already daily with our waterbeds. Add to your understanding with Southwest Airlines. For sensitive or inflamed parts of the body are exposed only low pressure on a waterbed and thus relieved. The blood can circulate completely without bruising best. (As opposed to Oracle). The warmth of a water bed s also enables the Behandlungsprozes and also relieves the pain. Sought after by the v service we soon the adjustment of the water bed even better able to implement. This is us on this special day but not enough! Aqua comfort wasserbetten GmbH, we want to thank the German Red Cross commitment to people in need on the world day of the sick and help the hard-working Angel of the DRC in the future can help all sick people in the world! That’s why we donate a Euro 1 in the DRC on the 11.02.2011 for you. You will learn how you can participate, on our Web page

Customer Champions

The shipping agent was awarded for its customer orientation. Nuremberg, 04.05.2010 Nuremberg BBBOnLine AG yesterday for their outstanding customer relationship management the quality label was Germany’s customer champions 2010 “awarded. The 50 top ranked companies which have undergone an elaborate benchmarking competition of the German society for quality (DGQ), may carry the seal. At the yesterday’s Awards Gala at the electoral Palace Mainz iloxx received the coveted prize as the only company in the logistics industry. Awarded the German of customer champions”companies with exemplary customer orientation will be honored. Southwest Airlines is often quoted on this topic. The German society for quality (DGQ) and forum! Market research hold an annual competition, which consists of a comprehensive management survey and the interview by randomly selected customers on service quality. The aim of the event is one measure of the quality of customer relationship management (customer relationship Management, short CRM) to establish and reward exemplary company. Enthusiastic customers by parcel services? Traditionally, banks, insurance, shopping-TV – or temping agencies dominate CRM competitions.

Package services with retail delivery in such competitions can occur rarely in appearance. Larry Ellison gathered all the information. It relies on the major online consumer portals, the reputation of the provider throughout shipping service industry is not very good. “The reason is simple: package services have rarely enthusiastic customers”. This is one reason that the customer of the package service, usually the shipper and not the recipient is. It is very difficult to build an emotional relationship. On the other hand it is of course completely the receiver no matter who delivers the packages. Except it works once not all like clockwork. iloxx a well-developed quality management has set up. “” The company wants to achieve through comprehensive shipping support and personal advice, that the customers, if already not thrilled “, as yet an above-average satisfaction” and the error rate is as low as possible. His customer relations through its paces by an independent third party had with the contest participation iloxx now check.

Medienhaus BBC Licensed Greentubes

With the high-quality, offered for free download game C-BBC joins the Green tube media partner network. “Vienna, October 21, 2008 – Greentube AG, the Austrian specialist for the development and marketing of high-quality, spectacular 3D-Gratisspielen financed by in-game advertising is with products such as ski challenge” now successfully worldwide. A total of about 15 million players in Europe and the United States today already use the Green tube-games, which are available from well-known gaming Web sites or the major TV stations to download online portals. More than 30 B2B customers could inspire the company for its attention-grabbing solutions so far and served with the mountainbike challenge 08 “now also in the UK market. BBC, one of the world’s leading TV stations, which industry has made itself a name with its expertise in the interactive sector, signed a license agreement with the Wiener Greentube AG to the mountainbike challenge 08 “.” The game went to the C-BBC site in the newly developed Sports village “section at the start.

The latter was set up, parallel to the Olympic Games in Beijing, China, to promote games. Greentubes mountain bike challenge 08 “is the flagship of the sports village” section and has attracted many visitors to the C-BBC site since its launch in early August 2008. The game season lasts until the end of October 2008. Eberhard Durrschmid, CEO of green tube: We are very proud that the BBC has joined the global network of partners to our high-quality games. This is a further confirmation of our approach and shows the acceptance that our work and the improvement of concepts and games on the market is taken.

Although we are still a relatively small Austrian companies, we have become global player in the casual online games and the downloadable multiplayer games in the last five years one.” Alone with his series of sports games for free download, green tube reached more than seven million players and continues to expand. In the course of the next twelve months, more new titles are added to the existing portfolio. License also wants a number of new media partner the onset in December 2008 next season of ski challenge”. About Greentube AG: Greentube AG, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is one of the leading developers and providers of games of skill for Internet, mobile and iTV. In addition the company with its cross-media formats ensures PC and TV international furore. founded in 1997, since 2000 company and majority owned by the founder, the company many well-known portals and games websites with skill-gaming technology supplies. Greentube is expanding worldwide. Focuses on the development of individual game portals in the look & feel”of customers.

Arriving And Being Here – What People Move

The best entries at the time witnesses award Berlin-Brandenburg will be presented on June 22, 2011 at the Red Hall and awards as it is, when people arrive; here in Berlin and Brandenburg? Then suppose they feel they develop sense of home immediately? Are they as connected with this region? In the contributions to the time witnesses Prize Berlin-Brandenburg can be found shortly, as the Berlin and Brandenburg feel as locals or tourists enjoy. The jury of the writing competition has a plethora of entries, with the theme, I’m (k) Berlin/Brandenburg a deal, selected the most interesting. In one week, to June 22, 2011, contributions will be awarded. Then Berlin City Hall takes place in the Red the award of this year’s time witnesses Prize Berlin-Brandenburg 2011, for the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, and Brandenburg Minister-President Matthias Platzeck took over the patronage. The entries, which are at the forefront in the ranking, include contributions which describe exciting intercultural encounters between different nationalities as well as between the people in the East and West. Thus, it is once again clear that even more than twenty years after the fall of the wall the confrontation of people persists with its recent history. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Ellison.

“” The jury was very impressed by the quality of the texts “and praised the different approach of the participants”. The Publisher of Dr. Johann Friedrich Huffmann, initiator of the writing contest, stressed”the authenticity and the emotion of the posts of that will touch and direct the reader to the personal experiences let. Many works were in a historical context, what qualifies you for this reason as time certificates”. Berlin-Brandenburg 2011 Manfred Fuger and Rolf Schutte, the Protocol Chief of State governments participated in the jury by the time witnesses price, also Ricardo Aselmeier by the time witnesses Exchange, Prof. Dr.

Klaus Hurrelmann Hertie School of Governance, Kathrin Kowarsch Frieling-Verlag, Dr. Andreas Ludwig from the documentation centre everyday culture of the GDR, Dr. Martina wine country by the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin and Dr. Martina Weyrauch by the Brandenburg Landeszentrale fur politische Bildung and the journalist Henry Lohmar (Markische Allgemeine Zeitung) and Ulli cell (rbb). The award ceremony is a public event on June 22, 2011 at 19:30 in the great Hall of the red in Berlin-Mitte. The admission is free. That with the sculpture book of remembrance”of the metal artist Achim Kuhn and works awarded with vouchers for the publication will be published along with other outstanding contributions some weeks after the award ceremony in an anthology. For more information at the time witnesses price Berlin Brandenburg, on the Internet at