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UPS Pro Comes

Meta system brings Peter Trescher as technical support Manager on board Peter Trescher (42) is launched as a technical support manager of the Munich-based meta-system Germany GmbH. The learned information electronics moved to Meta system from APC Austria and assumes responsibility for all technical matters regarding UPS products of meta system customers in Germany and Austria, including service coordination, quality assurance, design, documentation, and technical training. In addition, Peter Trescher acts as interface to the research and Development Department (R & D) of meta system S.p.a., Reggio Emilia, Italy. (A valuable related resource: Blackberry). The market share should be expanded by meta system in Germany with Peter Trescher, his profound technical know-how and many years of sales experience. The meta system Germany GmbH is one of the pioneers and industry leaders in the market segment of modular and redundant UPS Systems In connection to his training and the information electronics since the entry into the German branch of the meta system S.p.a..

The native Leverkusen graduated from different stations in the areas of technology and development, among other things as service and Engineering Manager at chloride, as a technical manager at Roto and as an application engineer and Customer Manager at Silectron career in 1984. Learn more at: OPEC. In 2005, Peter Trescher moved to MGE (Austria) as channel sales manager. The last three years Tan at APC by Schneider (Austria) worked as country Sales Manager. Peter Trescher has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the UPS environment and should help to expand the market share of the company in Germany and Austria in the next few years. About Berthold Ochtrup, country Manager for Germany and Austria: Our product families TRIMOD and ARCHIMOD have been adopted excellently by the market and we are sure that we will achieve our goals this year and significantly increase our market share in the German-speaking ups market in the coming years. To do this, both our sales and our service organisation will continue expanded.” “Ochtrup next: with Peter Trescher, we have gained a professional in the UPS environment, which fits with his solid technical know-how as well as with its excellent in our young meta system ups team sale experiences.

Brainworks GmbH From 21 To 23 April 2009 On The ConhIT In Berlin

News from the Brainworks GmbH introduces mobile dictation solution for Smartphones (E.g. BlackBerry) the Brainworks GmbH on the healthcare IT Exhibition conhIT ProMobile. Interested persons can familiarize 105 in Hall 1.2 modern software solution for digital dictation booth A. In April 2009, current solutions in the IT industry are presented for the second time at conhIT, the trade fair for health. Also this year the Brainworks GmbH participates and presents the latest trends of in digital voice recording and processing to trade visitors. One of the solutions is called ProMobile and protects the dictation recording, processing, and transmission via Smartphone, such as, for example, the BlackBerry, to existing digital dictation systems using AES or DES encryption. Thus, the access of foreign persons on security-relevant data is no longer possible.

The use of smartphones for the dictation is thus safer and makes carefree work for users. At toddler clothing you will find additional information. So, for example, doctors, benefit the at Home visits also on direct contact with the practice are instructed and writing dictations, of them. The recording and creation of dictations using the Smartphone and can be delivered then immediately sure. In addition to ProMobile the Brainworks GmbH presents the dictation system ProDictate that saves the users installing software applications and hardware drivers, as well as the configurations on individual PCs through the use of a Web server. All necessary drivers and software updates are automatically transferred to the PC of the user with the NET technology. The solution works with digital USB voice recorder and USB foot switch in a Citrix session or directly at any terminal of thin client networks. LISCON Informationstechnologie GmbH informs interested, in detail and is giving away a LISCON thin client, as well as the ProMobile together with Brainworks at the booth. Interested visitors will have the opportunity to inform themselves on the stand of Brainworks GmbH about the products in the time from 9 to 19: 00 from April 21 to 23.

HVAC Construction

Complete operating and jobs will be outsourced in HKL room units. Hamburg/Herne, January 17, 2012. The workshops for disabled Herne/Castrop-rauxel GmbH (WfB) in the Westphalian Herne are rebuilt. While those are the entire construction phase of approximately two years total jobs and hence the ongoing operation of workshops in HVAC container spun off. From November 2010 until November 2012 workers in the ten space systems that have been designed and equipped according to the requirements of WfB by HVAC work. ropY2%3D3511’>Daniel Lubetzky will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Jorg Ruppert, HKL Dortmund, explains: the HKL competence center space systems in Dortmund is active in numerous construction projects in the region. Our containers serve the WfB as workshop, accommodation and office space during the construction phase. The space units are multifunctional and are individually designed according to the requirements.” WfB as a facility for vocational rehabilitation are already since 1973. They provide jobs and opportunities people in the catchment area of Herne and Castrop-rauxel to the Appropriate activities. a section for people with mental disabilities was added in 1984. Since 1990, the WfB is also focus workshop for multiple handicapped deaf.? Here again, people with disabilities are incorporated into working life. You have the opportunity to develop their capacity, to increase or to recover and achieving so a pay commensurate with their performance.

The rehabilitation can be close to the place of residence regardless of type or severity of a disability. The new building of the workshops began in November 2011. About HKL Baumaschinen HKL is construction machinery manufacturer-independent owner and distributor of construction equipment, construction equipment, containers and trucks. Founded in 1970, that 2010 birthday celebrated his 40th, is in Germany with its rental fleet and service offering largest full-service provider for construction, trade, industry and municipalities. HKL has a rental fleet of 30,000 machines construction machines, holds approximately 2,000 second-hand machines ready for sale and offers in addition to the extensive machine in the HVAC engineering shops a wide range of construction equipment, tools, small machines and work clothing for every need. With its nationwide over 125 branches, 100 construction shops and over 40 ServicePlus centers the full-service provider guarantees proximity to the customer and the fast service on-site.

Council DSS

If you need a loan of your choice, DSS loans wants to be your one stop shop because with these loans all your monetary dues can be sorted out. Unemployment is a big expletive in itself. If you are unemployed person then no one wants to take interest in you. You want to be considered as a useless person. There are many people in the United States and the United Kingdom who are living below poverty line. Baby clothes addresses the importance of the matter here.

A few of them depends upon their low income, and many of them do not have income. To complete the finance demand for unemployed people, finance market has introduced DSS benefits. Unemployed can use money for their urgent requirements. There are many calendar who bill are providing this financial help and amount for personal purposes like unexpected medical bills, electricity or phone, children school fees, wedding expenses, travel expenses, breakdown of car, home maintenance, etc. The DSS benefits are known as financial support for people. There are many advantages with it, like lenders can provide quick aid without checking the credit status of the borrowers. The people who are suffering from bad credit bills are score, defaults, bankruptcy and pending so eligible for DSS loans.

There is no need to provide any tangible assets as a guarantee for the borrowers. However, there is a criterion to apply for DSS benefits like applicant must be over 18, must be a citizen of the US and UK. They must have saving bank account for carrying out the transaction. Applicant has to fill few necessary details like age, bank details and address. As soon as lenders will approve it money wants to be transferred to borrowers account. These loans are of good help in the time of needs as normal interest charged Council is, due to its short term nature. The repayment period is kept quite flexible so that people benefited with DSS can meet their other expenses comfortably. People find easy going with their requirements and financial condition. Search loans help people to get the loan without a hole in their pocket. The procedure for application is simple, non-conventional and time saving. You no longer have to go through the trouble of waiting for long periods. Internet is the best place for you to check out most suited loan deals. Therefore, all kinds of borrowers can avail this service. Jone Hanery is financial advisor of loans for people Benefits.

Valuable Inside Knowledge

New! “” The “ViATiCO – meeting point” – for entrepreneurs with ambitions in the series “meeting point” we convey in an esklusiven frame updates practical knowledge for marketing. For over 16 years, we accompany successful medium-sized companies on the way to the market. Entrepreneur with ambitions can benefit from our experience and insight into new facets of corporate communication. Our offer is aimed at managing director and marketing and Vertriebsverantwortliche of medium-sized companies in industry, trade and services. You expand your knowledge and a look behind the scenes. You benefit directly from insider knowledge.

Replace himself with professionals and other participants. In discussions and practical exercises, you will deepen your knowledge. Make use of the unique opportunity, without additional cost to the “meeting place” to take a representative from your company. As you implement even easier the new knowledge within the company.

Korpus Count

Graf extends its range of hand-crafted wood carvings Wurzburg shipping 09.09.2013 – the count has included in its range more wood carving figurines from Val Gardena shipping and expanded its range of high-quality products. To the Saints, the online shop offers a wide range of secular figures, Angels and cherubs. Woodcarvings from Val Gardena are handmade works of art produced by professional wood-carvers. The figure itself is a model created according to the intention of the artist to reason. Larger figures, a preliminary draft is carved according to this model using a pantograph, then finely carved by the artist.

The painting and gilding is done by hand. So, similar figures, representing a handmade but each of which caused each other. Baby clothes can provide more clarity in the matter. You can see particularly well exercised the woodcarving art when viewed in detail (to do this, the site of count shipping gives a very good magnification function, with the increases can be viewed the article). Be it the folds of the Robe, the hand-crafted details such as primer, which includes the robe of Saint Isidore or a wonderful balance between individuality and religious type keep the features themselves. Sure, Saints represent the most important motive for the woodcarvings from Val Gardena. Graf offers shipping but also secular figures, just as artfully produced, such as a young boy who plays accordion or a lady who carries a bouquet of roses. Not enough, on sale including a classic crossroads, also a wayside shrine is called, as it encounters the wanderer in the Dolomites in the wild. Modern acts, however, the crucifix, which is also woodcarved Korpus.

Woodcarvings from Val Gardena are valuable art objects. Who ordered such a figure, must use absolute trust in the mailers. That we place the highest value; We have allow us successfully inspected by trusted shops enjoys the buyer in any case buyer protection. The positive reviews, the we “have received, speak also for us” as Gerold Jager from motivationsgeschenke.de company presentation count motivation gifts Motivationsgeschenke.de by count shipping was founded in 2006 and headquartered in Wurzburg. The company trades with rosaries, motivation and Christian art on its Web site. Managing Director of the company is Renate Graf.

Federal Loan Modification Program

Home affordable modification program, Obama loan modification program paying your mortgage on time every time is one of the best ways to keep your credit score up and your lender happy. But what if you just can’t seem to make those payments? There are millions of people who see their homes go into foreclosure every year because they can’t make their mortgage. Right now, the Obama administration has made it easier for people to secure their homes by giving consumers the home affordable modification program. With the bank of America loan modification program, you will be able to lower your monthly payments and your interest rate. However, there are several keys to qualifying for this plan. The first is that your home has to be your primary residence.

If your home is not your primary residence, you will not be able to qualify for the making home affordable program. The money that you Ove on your first mortgage has to be equal to or less than seven hundred and thirty thousand dollars. If the money you Ove is larger than this, you will not be able to qualify for this Obama loan modification program. If you’re having a hard time paying your mortgage due to a loss of income or medical bills, then you could thus be approved for this program. In the even that you have suffered a job loss or injury, you could be a great candidate for a home loan modification. trator. Another factor is whether or not your mortgage is more than thirty-one percent of your current monthly income. If it is, then you could be in the running.

Applying for this plan is very easy. The first thing you need to is get all of your income information together and contact attorney for home loan modification. This information could be past or present tax returns, pay stubs, or even monthly bills. Once you have all of these together, you need to contact your lender. Tell them that you would like to apply to the federal be able to help you, loan modification program and they want out. Applying for second mortgage if you can’t refinance your first mortgage or can’t modify your mortgage

HECTAS Celebrate Anniversary

Office Wuppertal employs more than 200 people. Customers come from all over North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Hesse. Wuppertal, 23 May 2011 the HECTAS security services in Wuppertal celebrate its 15th anniversary this year. In addition to the cleaning of building and infrastructural building services, security services are the third business field of the Vorwerk daughter. Through the acquisition of the company Markus & partner, HECTAS occurred in 1994 in the security industry. 1 March 1996, the headquarters of the HECTAS was founded in security services in Wuppertal, Germany.

From there, in close proximity to the HECTAS headquarters and to its parent company the security services do not support Vorwerk, only customers in the Bergisch triangle of the cities Wuppertal, Remscheid and Solingen, but also in Dusseldorf and Cologne, as well as in the remaining North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Hesse. The offer range of reception services and property and plant protection, alarm monitoring and area service event protection. Optimistic look at the future we are successful in 15 years grown. Customers in all industries rely on the HECTAS tailor-made security solutions”, regional manager Carlo Biercher is pleased. We are our long-time customers still reliably and instantaneously to the page and want to keep us their trust. “And of course we want to persuade even more medium-sized companies from us.” Last year, HECTAS achieved significant sales in the area of security. This upward trend to continue further in 2011. This project also from the new Web site is supported by HECTAS, which relies on service-orientation and customer proximity.

Www.hectas.de/ wuppertal customers and prospects in Wuppertal and the surrounding area, see your personal contact, as well as the regional-oriented range of services of HECTAS. Active promotion of young talent now counts the team to regional manager Carlo Biercher more than 200 employees. Office Wuppertal sees itself not only as a professional service provider, but also as important, attractive employer in the region. As a recognised Training operating the Chamber of trade and industry is the HECTAS sicherheitsdienste GmbH continuously both from professionals for protection and security as also new recruits in commercial professions. Links: services/security services wuppertal about HECTAS: HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG with its headquarters in Wuppertal is one of the leading quality providers for infrastructure building in Europe. The company employs 12,000 employees in nine European countries in the segments building-cleaning services, building services and security services. HECTAS was founded in 1974 as a subsidiary of the Vorwerk group. HECTAS offers its sophisticated, developed individually for each customer solutions, inter alia in the fields of industry, management, food processing, health and care, trade and logistics. HECTAS is a member of the quality network of building services and for all branches according to ISO 9001 and 14001 as well as for all sites the security services also certified according to DIN 77200.

Bureau Services

Online bankruptcy services, filing bankruptcy, filing chapter 11 bankruptcy one of the main reasons why debtors seek help from online bankruptcy services is that they are unable to manage the burden of mounting debts any more. Filing bankruptcy could be a last effort to get some solace from the excessive debts on part of individuals who are finding it hard to deal with the financial situation when all other remedies have failed. That makes it very much imperative for probable bankruptcy filers to have a understanding thorough bankruptcy filing process of the. One of the main reasons why debtors seek help from online bankruptcy services is that they are unable to manage the burden of mounting debts any more. Filing bankruptcy could be a last effort to get some solace from the excessive debts on part of individuals who are finding it hard to deal with the financial situation when all other remedies have failed. That makes it very much imperative for probable bankruptcy filers to have a understanding thorough bankruptcy filing process of the. Here is some crucial information that could guide you in your endeavor. How to file a bankruptcy? The 5 steps for filing a bankruptcy make a list of creditors: in the first step it is important for you to prepare a list of creditors and all outstanding dues when you are out to file a bankruptcy.

For example, if you are filing chapter 11 bankruptcy for getting rid of business debts, you need to ensure that all your debts are disclosed and properly listed in your bankruptcy petition. Determine the assets you have: it is critical for you to determine what assets you possess while filing a bankruptcy. Typically, the assets could include your monthly income from job, your house and any other personal valuables like cars or jewelry. Check your credit record: When you are out to seek bankruptcy relief, you need to verify your credit report with all the three major credit Bureau since it could actually help you to know all the outstanding debts which you owe apart from ensuring that all the accounts are covered and listed. Decide whether you need the services of a lawyer: to increase your chances of success, it is always desirable to get expert bankruptcy legal advice from a qualified bankruptcy attorney.

This is because the new bankruptcy laws are quite complex in nature and it could be very difficult to interpret them on your own. So unless your case is simple, professional guidance is very much essential. Therefore decide if you actually require the services of a bankruptcy lawyer or you can do it on your own. Choosing the best bankruptcy attorney: you need to embark upon at organized search to choose a qualified and experienced lawyer to handle your case after you have fully understood how to file bankruptcy. Presently there are bankruptcy lawyers who specialize in assisting you to file consumer bankruptcy cases. By availing their help you could get proper chapter 13 bankruptcy information if you are considering filing for a personal or business bankruptcy. Most of the bankruptcy services available online employ professionally qualified and highly experienced bankruptcy attorneys. However, when you are out to file a personal bankruptcy for getting your debts discharged you need to have a thorough understanding of how to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy procedure in order to qualify for a discharge of debts. To get more information, it is hence recommended to utilize the services of reputed online service providers like BankruptcyOnly.

Company Kindergarten Service

Expanded the company kindergarten of service94 GmbH and Burgwedel/Hannover – extended 94 GmbH in Burgwedel near Hanover after the expansion of the service operating kindergarten free nursery places for other companies in the region or families starting in the autumn. The kindergarten building on the site of service 94 GmbH is lavishly rebuilt this summer and extended. The benefits of operating kindergarten which 94 GmbH for welcoming new members should in future increasingly on fundraising and social marketing specialized service available to other companies at the site of the company in Burgwedel near Hanover. The kindergarten will be expanded on its own and it can be used on request from corporate foreign children it is open to children from about two years until the start of school. A stake in the company kindergarten model also from tax aspects may be interesting for companies, freelancers and self-employed persons of the region. Since many companies shy away from the bureaucratic and financial burdens through its own operating kindergarten, failed so far a cooperation with other companies on the site.

Of course, parents can also enroll their children. The company successfully working for decades in terms of welcoming new members and membership management for clubs and associations service 94 GmbH develops campaigns for non profit organizations. The permanent employees and employees implement the briefings then in consultation with the client. To offer the chance for job entry also Mothers and fathers who otherwise have no possibility of daily care of their offspring, the company for membership drive maintains a company kindergarten years. GmbH, Member of the German Fundraisingverband, the company kindergarten had opened the service of 94 almost ten years ago. An offer that Member acquisition and information work for clubs should demonstrate the social character of the company with the focus, according to the Managing Director of service 94 GmbH, Frank Kroll. Meanwhile, numerous children of employees of the company have the Until the transition to the school go through kindergarten. The 94 service GmbH with headquarters in Burgwedel employs over 125 staff in the area of Member acquisition, approximately one-third in the region in the sector promotion, public relations and fundraising for clubs.