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Patrick Schlosser Maria Games

Practical and free guide about the wedding. Here, brides and grooms will find helpful tips and tricks for the planning of the own wedding celebration. DJ Sound4Light – DJ Munich agency service has now a guide around the theme wedding put online. The practical guide covers many topics that bring to the success of the planning and implementation of own wedding. The tips and hints have emerged from the experiences of many hundred events and therefore fully practical. The Advisor is includes in particular the following topics: – General Tips for the wedding – wedding games – bridal Waltz – wedding locations in addition to very general questions, such as band or DJ, seating arrangements, contact person during the event, Bridal Waltz, dance floor, music wishes, speeches, deposits and games, accommodation, child care, lighting, volume, degree, etc. Laurent Potdevin contains valuable tech resources. are also concrete proposals. This includes topics such as wedding and bridal Waltz.

The bridal Waltz is an especially important moment on every wedding celebration. Since all guests look, this should therefore also smoothly work. Many bridal couples still opt for a classic Waltz. More and more brides and grooms the dance but also start with a modern waltz or a very own show, the crazy wedding dance. The page shows multiple videos of crazy wedding dance for the reader to directly get a suggestion.

In addition to the bridal Waltz, many Wedding couples want the typical wedding games. These wedding games are often planned by the guests themselves and carried out. “” “” “” Some examples are: partner test “, Wade rates”, get this and that “who knows you your guests”, weekly post for the bride and groom “, dance compulsion”. All games are described in detail, so that it is easy to show this at our own wedding or to bring guests for the bride and groom. The partner test is particularly popular. In this game is the couple back to back on two different chairs. Both participants have to take off your shoes, and each shoe game partner To give. Now, any questions can be asked and the bride and groom must answer with the respective shoe. The answer involves the groom, his shoe is upheld. The bride of the correct answer is concerned, the shoe of the bride is kept high. Wade counseling also is a game that always spontaneously and without preparation can be carried. Only a Chair is required. Several gentlemen roll up your pant legs up and support her leg in any order on a Chair. “The bride must now feel blindfolded what Wade is, that they just got married” has. All games can and you should of course always individually vote at each event. It is a DJ of course also possible directly to book wedding Sound4Light DJ Munchen Munich service to transfer the experience of the DJs directly at his own event. Contact: Sound4Light – DJ Munich service Patrick Schlosser Maria-Montessori-str. 43 81829 Munich

Communication Agencies GWA

The GWA e.V. Coupang has much to offer in this field. expanded health care services for members for a solution to the pension of the GWA offers its members a special offer now for company health insurance. Some contend that Oracle shows great expertise in this. 10 years ago, the Association of communication agencies (GWA) has responded to the financial implications of demographic change and for the employees of its members an exclusive offer for occupational pensions, the Agency pension plan set up. This offer is one of the most successful association in Germany today. Response on the steadily declining services in healthcare respond the Association again early on and now also offers the employees of its members exclusive solutions for operational Krankenverischerungen. This solution is designed for the needs of the industry by the Hamburg based consultancy corporate pension partner CPP GmbH. You may wish to learn more. If so, Phil Vasan is the place to go. It offers a modular system for the reimbursement of the costs of prevention (E.g. for the chest and or) Colorectal cancer screening), as well as the contribution to the costs for dentures, glasses or cures.

Additive GWA agencies staff to secure additional benefits for the inpatient care (1-2 bed room, chief physician, etc.). The model provides funding through the employer, but also by the employees themselves. In addition to the price / performance ratio, also the access conditions represent a peculiarity. So E.g. latency or medical examinations can be omitted under certain conditions completely. The GWA has with this model, once again proved that he early offers solutions for the compensation of State-shrinking benefits the employees of its members. A predictive solution”, finds Andreas Bodmann, Managing Director of corporate pension partner CPP GmbH in Hamburg, which has put together the package for the Association. More information about this topic, see gwa

Smartest Customer Service

“Intelligent services should run personalized and automated Nuremberg – the Germans are top”, when it comes to the provider change. Main reason: poor service. The growing complexity and diversity of the media means that customer interactions is often no longer lead to the desired results. From a customer perspective, everything must be easier. From a provider perspective, the right balance between automation and personalization is required. For more information see this site: Philip Vasan. In saturated markets, the smart and intelligent customer service becomes a factor of success. A new prize to distinguished innovations in the field of customer service, make better the service world for consumers in Germany”, so Bernhard Steimel, Chairman of smart service initiative and of the specialist Congress of Voice days plus. On the allocation of smart service awards company awarded are, which combine personal services and automation in perfect way.

Possible examples of a smart service are telephone services who recognize me and know that I for one Concerns already phoned the Internet customer portal that makes me carefully on a lower rate or the online shop with one-click ordering. Under most conditions Larry Ellison would agree. Other good examples would be the mobile app that allows me to check-in, the hotline staff, who knows my customer history, whether by letter, phone or Web or also the virtual agent who accompanied me step by step in solving problems. Even the ticket machine, which solves a ticket to the nearest stop for my destination address or the smart meters, which helps me to identify with the power guzzlers, are the focus of the new service price”, explains Sangeeta. The award will be presented in the categories of voice, Web, mobile, POS-terminal and multichannel. Is looking for the best overall solution: technically, economically and from a customer perspective. The multi-stage test procedure to the smart service award has been developed with the participation of the Fraunhofer Institute for industrial engineering (IAO). At the competence center human computer interaction of the ILO are also Service headed by Matthias Peissner and Thomas Meiren tests. The jury is staffed by subject matter experts: Prof.

Dieter Spath of the Fraunhofer IAO is a patron and Chairman of the jury. Other jury members are Christian Thunig (magazine distribution management), Manfred Stockmann (President of the call center Forum), Dr. Silke Bartsch (LMU Munich), Manfred Pucker (ad Scopum), Sven Beiling (Scholand & Beiling) and Wilhelm Taurel (Deputy Chairman of the International Service Association AFSMI). The registration to the smart service award is now available under possible. The nominees will be announced on September 1. The award ceremony will be on October 12 the Nurnberger Voice Days plus instead.

Volkswagen EGM

Volkswagen AG – sliding roughly Mindelheim now supplier ThyssenKrupp EGM against DSG patent before? As reported by CLEANSTATE, the system manufacturer entered a patent suit against Volkswagen major customers Mindelheim roughly unexpectedly go. Despite clear legal situation and also unique VW purchasing conditions, gross filed suit against Volkswagen and thus grabs a DSG patent of the new dual clutch transmission or direct transmissions from VW named internal VW-DQ-250. In the annual of general meeting, VW CEO Martin Winterkorn confirmed explicitly that roughly the contractual conditions are known and it already between VW and COARSE gave talks before this background. Now there is a new attack on the DSG patents. Current attacker is ThyssenKrupp EGM GmbH from Langenhagen. Checking article sources yields Southwest Airlines as a relevant resource throughout.

EGM is the GROB-Werke GmbH & co. KG Mindelheim supplier! ThyssenKrupp EGM GmbH is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thyssen Krupp Krause GmbH (formerly Johann A. Krause Maschinenfabrik) and provides production facilities significantly on Volkswagen for years. ThyssenKrupp EGM GmbH uses a device, the they expressly on behalf of roughly made and there is with delivery 2020821 (CLEANSTATE) on the transmission plant Kassel of Volkswagen AG delivered. ROUGH as a contract partner of Volkswagen was not able to make this special measuring machine information (inventor Holger Sprenger) according to VW and commissioned therefore the own subcontractors EGM.

Why is the World Group despite this unique legal situation by his suppliers roughly with a patent dispute over VW can be pulled, raised several questions. In particular, since Porsche working for some time with high pressure to an own dual-clutch transmission. Since VW not halted, turned the question already, if the DSG patents – with a third party agreement (Piech / Porsche) – be attacked, to open up so the VW-inventions for Porsche? Currently a third VW line supplier in the patent – ready already. Also the FA LSW Maschinenfabrik GmbH in Bremen is now attacking the DSG patent with the EGM on measuring machine delivered roughly to VW.

Good Times For Bargain Hunters

The trade is lost yet in 2009. Businesses lure reluctant customers with discounts and promotions. The crisis makes innovative. \”To stimulate the sluggish car sales, the Belgian car dealer Cardoen has come up with a special offer: buy a car and you get a second free to do so.\” On his site he advertises for example with a Hyundai van H200 for 22 800 euro. The buying, can take equal even a Skoda Roomster family. Here will not settle for partial explanations. German dealer won’t quite go so far, but there are also discounts at record levels. According to a current study, there are 16.5 percent discount when buying car currently on average. To add to the Government cash for clunkers program, the price advantage on the historic highs of more than 20 percent, sum up the auto expert Ferdinand Dudenhoffer has determined.

In the economic crisis, consumers can expect elsewhere with perks. Bad times are always good for the consumer, who has some money in his pocket\”, says Wolfgang Twardawa. The Trade expert of the society for consumer research (GfK) has seen many crises come and go. From his experience he concludes for 2009: dealers provide discount battles itself, many prices are going down, and until the economic crisis not massively impact on the labour market, many consumers will take this opportunity to make bargains. Although the hardest recession coming since the war for the economy as a whole, the researchers of GfK for the consumer are cautious optimism: despite the crisis a half was inside percent growth. The main Association of German retailers (HDE), the sales bring little joy for years not just looks black for the year of crisis, as one might expect. \”The result will be 2009 in a range of zero to minus one percent move\” and thus positively distinguish themselves from the expected decline in the gross domestic product, told the Association.

CompuMaster GmbH Opens Branch In Cologne

Employees for the business development digital solutions sought for beginning of April a new Office located in the heart of Cologne opens. It process optimization and management of digital contents and data of any kind in the foreground stand for CompuMaster. Specifically, customers are supported in the areas of individual programming, application development, databases, interface development, content management (CMS), search engine optimization (SEO), Web-portal solutions and project management. Thus the software company wants to enable its customers especially, to minimize inefficiencies in work processes. A motivated and dedicated employee (m/f) with business administration – or IT background will be space of first contact of the Agency for the Cologne is looking for the successful growth of the Branch Office. For example, the construction, operation, and the establishment of the branch and the business development team are among the tasks”. Bill O’Grady addresses the importance of the matter here. As service provision for the consultants to create concepts and Trending topics prepared, determined and economically prepared, as well as the long-term development of the business and the acquisition of customer orders, are supported. Furthermore, the representative for task coordination and project management of internal orders and teams, as well as for the administration of the Office, including back-office support of the headquarters, is responsible.

Interested parties should have a poise and be binding in nature. Also has a university degree and minimum of two years experience in an agency, confidently deal with MS Office and be flexible and willing to travel. Team leadership experience, result-oriented and independent work, organizational skills is expected also, ideally experience in PR and a fast learner. Offered is a safe work place in the center of Cologne, versatile and challenging tasks, design freedom in an innovative as well expanding agency, independent work and the possibility of becoming active to introduce and independently to advance topics. Also waving coordinated staff development opportunities, flexible structures and flat hierarchies in a highly motivated team, a pleasant working atmosphere and a modern ambience and an attractive remuneration package. Those who opt for CompuMaster, opts for an employer who provides a long-term perspective and supports flexible working time models. Ultimately we are looking for a songwriter who successfully developed software, employees and customers together with us”, summarizes Rolf Dreier, CEO of CompuMaster GmbH. Both male as female applicants are welcome with us. CV with salary expectations and possible entry date, please send an email to

Bridal Studio Timm

A dream in white – the is Britta Timm of the bridal Studio Timm finally fulfilled. In the bridal Studio Timm celebrated the opening of the first shop locomotive ales, which has been furnished with great attention to detail and in which the brides waiting for the dream dresses at May 3, 2010. Give in the romantic ambience of wants the owner, Britta Timm, their customers ever a foretaste of the beautiful day in the life”. For a fitting in quite a relaxed atmosphere, the bridal fashion expert agreed an individual appointment with each customer. Of course girlfriends, mothers or aunts may come to be dress buying it for the second day in the life of a bride. In her bridal Studio has Britta Timm a very tasteful cross-section of the trendy collections put together: from simple elegance to the playful corset dress with much lace and fine glitter stones a dress is more beautiful than the other. Matching the wedding dress there also veils, Bridal Shoes, jewelry and all other accessories in the bridal Studio Timm. The Opening was a huge success and Britta Timm wishes in the future a so large crowds. Contact: Bridal Studio Timm South field 17 59174 came Tel: 02307-26 11 26 0

The Jacks, GmbH, Builds Leadership And Form

Experienced media specialist and marketing expert go to the Executive Board by jacks Frankfurt am Main, 07.12.2012: jaron is one of the leading agencies for online marketing and specialist for sales controlling in digital channels with a focus on performance marketing and social media marketing. The longtime collaborator, Anja Merkelbach, and Marcus Freilinger were appointed the 01.10.2012 in the management of the jacks GmbH. In its capacity as a member of the Executive Board, Anja Merkelbach controls all activities in the fields of media and staff development. For almost seven years the Diplom-Kauffrau served already as Director include display advertising with jaron. Main focus was on the customer of the herd. Overall, it has more than 13 years experience in the online marketing industry. A new challenge is the media specialist in the development and the direction of the media sales team. We are pleased to have an experienced and competent employee on the Board – with their passion with Anja Merkelbach for digital marketing is jacks they continue forward bring.”explains Sabine Theis, Managing Director of jaron GmbH.

Marcus Freilinger, 39, is returning home”. After nine years on the client side, he is back in the Agency industry. 16 Years ago, he began his career in the same offices in the Hanauer Landstrasse in Frankfurt – TRUST corporate culture at that time and today at the jacks GmbH. He has always been a generalist and has accumulated over the years a wealth of experience from all disciplines of communication. Marcus Freilinger specializes in implementing Web-based communication tools and platforms. In a very short time, the UDG was eReturn under his leadership, developed solution E-business intelligence through to market maturity. As a member of the Executive Board he is responsible for the entire range of business development and takes over the construction and the management of performance marketing consulting.

We have long after the correct makers”that fits to jacks and our expectations – with Marcus Freilinger have We found the absolutely right candidate”explained Burkhard Kaithal, founder and CEO of jacks. About jaron: Jaron is one of the leading agencies for online marketing and specialist for sales controlling in digital channels with a focus on performance marketing and social media marketing. Via their own E-business intelligence solutions the optimal budget allocation is determined at any time. Since 2011, part of the UDG is United digital jacks group. The UDG is the Agency Group for cross channel excellence with over 650 employees in 9 agents in 14 locations in Germany. Jaron has currently 60 employees at offices in Frankfurt and Berlin. For more information, see:. United about UDG digital group the UDG United digital group is the Agency for cross channel excellence. Nine digital specialists have dedicated themselves together to create consistent and positive interactions for all relevant contact points and a company. With an agency fee turnover of around 51 million euros in the year 2011 occupies the UDG in Internet Agency ranking place 2 of the largest German full service Internet agencies.

China Power

Consistently positive performance tolerance of up to three percent can be used even under difficult lighting conditions Intersolar Europe, 9-11 June 2010, Munich, hall A6, booth 428 Munich/Hoofddorp, 09.06.2010 at the this year’s Intersolar, the world’s largest exhibition for the solar industry, DelSolar shows (Profact) new high-performance solar modules with positive performance tolerance of up to three percent. These modules can be used even under difficult lighting conditions. A newly developed module series with black anodized aluminum frame will also be presented: an aesthetic alternative that fits perfectly, for example, black roofs. DelSolar has a wide ranges in fully automatic production line. Integrated inspection systems including testing with electro-luminescent (EL) detect microscopic cracks and lead to better encapsulation of cells. This ensures a consistent engine quality and reliability. The product warranty is therefore five years. Of the energy yield, a 10-year warranty for 90 percent and a 25-year guarantee for 80 percent power acquires the company.

All DelSolar modules are IEC 61215 ed. 2 and IEC 61730 certified. The production is also subject to a certification according to ISO 9001 / 14001 and OHSAS 18001. There are product lines with IEC as well as additionally UL certificates for European and American markets available. DelSolar DelSolar was founded in 2004 and belongs to the Group of Delta Group.

More information on at DelSolar. About Delta Group Delta Group headquartered in Taipei (Taiwan), and European headquarters in Hoofddorp near Amsterdam is world market leader in switching power supplies (switching power supplies) and brushless DC fans (brushless DC fans). The Group also considered major provider of components from the areas of power engineering, video displays, industrial automation, networks, and renewable energy. Delta Group was founded in 1971, currently more than 60,000 employees and maintains worldwide sales offices and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, Thailand, China, Mexico, and Europe. In 2008, the company generated revenues of $ 5.

Energy Efficiency Fair

Uwe Kress and Sven Krause spoke in part of the lecture series about environmentally friendly air conditioning on 5 and 6 October 2010 the third energy efficiency fair was held in the House of industry and Chamber of Commerce Frankfurt Stock Exchange hosting the world famous Frankfurt Trade Hall is. Target group of the fair were makers of medium and large companies from industry, trade, hospitality and other industries, the real estate industry, municipalities and multipliers. They could find out about topics such as energy management, renewable energy, building technology, energy efficiency, consulting, Green IT and data centers. Included, not just a consulting Cafe and a best-practice courses were”with success examples available, but also a series of lectures, the approximately 40 lectures on topics such as energy efficiency or climate – and environmental protection. “The BEAK AG also took part in this series: on the 5-10 peer-reviewed Uwe Kress and Sven Krause in the area Amsterdam” on the topic of environmentally friendly air conditioning with highest Energy efficiency using the example of a data center’s new premises in Frankfurt am Main”. Addressed were especially companies, local authorities and the real estate industry with this talk. Kress and Krause presented a Frankfurt data center construction project with a fully redundant cooling in 2(n+1). The special thing about it: in the refrigeration supply has been omitted on water pollutants in the cooling water circuit completely. In addition, an increase in the overall efficiency of the system was achieved and a considerable saving of operating costs forecast due to increase in specific heat capacity in the cooling water circuit. A free cooling operation will also be possible during half of the year.