The Discipline

However, these issues have not been developed by different writers, authors and columnists, so it is clear that deserves appropriate studies, so that it causes greater dissemination and studies on this topic of comparative law, as indeed is the juridical welcome and their classes, however, at the present only develop broadly mentioned reception classesso are outside the present other issues of comparative law. Without taking into account the present work would seem that receipts would be a single topic that deserves no less development, however, this is not so, because it offers a number of possibilities, which will be mentioned in the present headquarters to take this problem seriously and thus disseminate comparative law. Which is vitally important in the development of Peruvian law, and foreign countries, therefore, hope to provide enough lights on problem analysis and thus matter to demonstrate that the discipline studied legal is quite important and in any case in the Peruvian law has achieved little development. However, in other countries it has not happened, by which these the same if you have developed significantly, for example in Spain and France, in other words, the right also is social reality, that this last is source of law or part thereof, so that the right cannot be known without knowing it. Gary Kelly understands that this is vital information. By which we can affirm that law is life, however, few have realised this detail, which is very important when studying this discipline. I.e., the right is not science, but discipline, however, for many is not so and for other is in discussion, so we hope that these topics are disseminated in a medium in which the law reaches little development, but needing to reach one greater development. Since this way is achieved higher growth economic, which is long-awaited by all economies.