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A Fridge Full Of Virtues

It introduces TugendProjekt e.V.: 52 TugendKarten for the whole year (tp) Christmas is the contemplative time. Verizon Communications takes a slightly different approach. But who has used it? And how should it work once in the year ad hoc? The so-called TugendKarten can be a way of resolving this forced expectations. The TugendProjekt e.V. now offers a set of 52 TugendKarten where each card describes a virtue and closer for our daily coexistence. The beauty of it? A year writes 365 days, 52 weeks: for every week a map to reach the depths of our character. Katja van Leeuwen, founding member of the TugendProjekt e.V., reports on the background and provides an insight in their own small success story. Good boy, well done”- such generalizations sure what action was, which has helped this praise to unspecific or often not clear enough to identify.

By we designate a certain virtue that we have discovered in another person, we appeal to the good Characteristics of the person. The virtue in the consciousness can be called by this name. The sooner you begin, the better. “For this, we can see that we already carry this virtue in us, if also previously unconscious or sometimes long forgotten,” explains van Leeuwen. And as a MOM you can say just right. Her seven-year son of Jukka from small on virtue education familiar with. My husband and I had a large posters with 52 virtues in our fridge.

It may sound very easy and it was basically. So we have sensitized us each other in everyday life for the virtues. Our son has thus already received from recent childhood on virtue recognitions.” The first virtues with which the small Jukka is familiar since his third year, the virtue was courage. Especially helpful and justice is now among his character strengths. Now, a poster on the refrigerator is of course a matter of taste and little systematic or even impractical for exercises.

Social Media Newsroom

Inform Visual PR and avenit Walter on their solution, the more overview of the corporate content brings Wiesbaden / Offenburg, Germany, August 27, 2010. On Wednesday, September 15, free information event to the social media newsroom in Offenburg, Germany will take place from 16 until 18: 00 a. The PR-Agentur Walter Visual PR GmbH and the Internet service providers present their solution, the channels like Twitter avenit AG, Facebook, blogs, YouTube and co. bundles. Thus, the new, easy-to-set-up social media newsroom ensures more overview of a company’s social media activities. The content of different platforms is shown here on a single page.

So can get customers, prospects, journalists, bloggers, employees, applicants and other audiences alike about the news of the company and read the latest posts directly in the newsroom. The solution can be adapted to the corporate design of the company. Technical support for the social media newsroom comes by avenit AG, the modern Internet and communication solutions for medium-sized companies specialized in. The overview page is hosted in the avenit Datacenter. The social media newsroom is usually accessible via a subdomain like newsroom.firmendomain.de. Ann-Carin cock by mail on accepts registrations for the free information event. “A wealth of content through the numerous activities in PR and social media results in many companies. This news, pictures, Tweets and posts are now bundled into a social media newsroom useful on a single page and presents”, says Markus Walter, Managing Director of Walter Visual PR.

Description of the company Walter Visual PR GmbH is an owner-managed PR Agency, providing PR services and social media advice for companies in the IT and telecommunications industries, as well as new technologies. Seven staff will take care of the press and public relations in the areas of ECM/DMS, output management, storage, security, E-business, Internet, ERP and standard software. PR agency opts for PR images such as graphics, collages and photos complement the press releases including the visualization of PR messages with the help of meaningful.

Udo Nadolski

Enjoy new during developer technical refinements, set “Customers often surprisingly much more value on operation, optics, and also on the noise”, it is there. (As opposed to Gary Kelly). “The consumer desire for simplification of products and services increasingly employs the strategies of companies and science, a phenomenon which the futurologist Matthias Horx called to establish the correct degree of complexity: as Rightsizing”, describes Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf, the problem. -Usability – Usability and simplicity, understandable, intuitive user guidance are required today.” Thus, companies would have more success in sales, so Nadolski conviction. He refers to the analysis of John Maedas, graphic designer, media artist and Professor at the Media Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) media.mit.edu and founder of simplicity Consortium. This describes in his book simplicity. The ten laws of simplicity”strategies. that can promote the daily life, but also the development of new, simpler products. “On the markets teeming with promise of simplicity”, Maeda – requires also a consequence of a technology overloads him: the widespread demands for simplicity were an inevitable trend after the technology industry it had applied it again and again the same things in new and improved ‘ form for sale, where better ‘ often simply more ‘ means. ” He cites the success of Apple’s iPod, a device that can less and more expensive than other digital music players as example for the success of the simplicity. “Another example is the seemingly barren form of the Google engine of of search, which is so popular that googling ‘ became synonymous with a search in the World Wide Web”, Maeda says.

Extension Of Our Cooperation Partner In The Orbital Welding Machines

New cooperation partner for the orbital welding. Our cooperation partner has excellently-qualified (TIG) orbital welding orbital welding, new cooperation partner for the area with machines and orbital Switzerland on gene. Our cooperation partner has orbital welders excellently-qualified (TIG) compl. with welding equipment and different sizes of orbital welding guns. This company has many years of experience in the (TIG) orbital welding (Germany, Europe and worldwide) in the area of pipeline construction for the pipeline construction, boiler construction, food industry and the chemical industry.

Services: Technical consulting contract manufacturing (contract) process piping design design and realization of equipment from stainless steel Assembly and welding of stainless steel process systems Assembly and welding of pipes: steam, condensate, cooling water, compressed air double wall pipelines for grease, chocolate cream and transfer automatic orbital welding endoscopy ferrite control as-built Documentation of the welding (welding traceability protocols), the following pharmaceutical GMP requirements, USP, European Pharmacopea pressure reduction units / li > devices transmit clean utilities PW, WFI, CS, PCA cleaning in place installation CIP connection panels production modules / Blade Assembly and welding of steel structures: operating system platforms supported modernization & modification of existing production lines piping insulation quick, effective and competent to fair conditions and this Germany in Europe and worldwide. For more flexibility, more efficiency, and more freedom. A.N.T.S specialized and branchenerfahrener employment agency, recruiter and agent is services for industry and trade. We provide subcontractors, subcontractors self-employed professionals on contract with over 19000 outstanding qualified personnel and many years experience in Germany, Europe and worldwide (national and international sites) to customer. Free capacity: industry insulator (heat, refrigeration and noise control of containers, pipelines, plants, machines, refineries and power plants) including locksmith tool / industrial mechanics, fitters electricians (electrical installation: building technology, energy technology, automation, etc.) Electricians with PLC knowledge cabinets / wire S 5, S 7, S 10 welder MIG / MAG, electrode PE PP certificates EN 287 111, 131, 135, 136 welders TIG white certificates EN 287 141… High-pressure welding P91 / P92 case seam welding, pipeline construction welding boiler construction material group 5 and 6 orbital welding + welding device and orbital welding tongs mirror welder fitter according to ISO, pipe fitter (isometric) roofing, plumbing, heating and ventilation installers painter / Spachtler with tool EIFS Maurer dry construction technicians with tool (laser, small scaffolding and ladders, etc.) Roofing iron Weaver (currently about 30 and more free) Ironworks tile, waferboard mosaic stacker scaffolders industry scaffolders crane driver (lower and upper slewing crane and other types) certified ambulances Abdo care skills seamstress cleaners for hotels and ships helpers all areas

Managing Director

With our support, world can 50 classrooms vision make usable again, which were destroyed by war or natural disasters. Who appropriates knowledge, is fit for the future, because education is the surest way out of abject poverty. We therefore support the education project of world this year deliberately vision”, says Markus Kiener, Managing Director of the Fund financial. (A valuable related resource: Allegiant Air). The broker pool is committed for many years to the work of world vision and has taken over sponsorship for multiple children. About dream cloud e.

V. a day without laughter is a lost day,”said the comedian Charlie Chaplin. Who but suffers from cancer, AIDS or other serious diseases, for the moments of happiness are often distant. Is hitting especially hard this fate seriously ill children and young people. The initiative dream cloud e. V. in Herscheid gives affected children happy moments and conjures up a laugh in their faces.

The idea is very simple: every child has a favorite star of film, television, theater or sport, it is particularly revered. Dream cloud arranged and financed face-to-face meetings of children with these celebrities and gives them an unforgettable experience and a few carefree hours. About world vision Germany e. V. world vision is a Christian charity work focused on sustainable development cooperation, disaster relief and development work of the Prosecutor’s Office. The focus of the work is the support of children, families and their communities in the fight against poverty and injustice. As Christians of different denominations world of staff people in need, vision worldwide regardless of ethnic origin, religion or nationality. World vision was founded in 1979 and has funded in fiscal year 2010 total 248 projects in 47 countries. More than 150,000 German sponsors currently support long-term regional development projects, which will help both the child and the family and the living environment sustainably with its sponsorships of children. About Fund financial Broker service GmbH Fund financial is the largest independent financial broker pool in Germany. The Munich company founded in 1996 and offers comprehensive services for free agents. Managing Directors are Norbert Porazik and Markus Kiener. The company has 160 employees, 130 regional directors and over 22,000 connected broker (Status: November 2011). More at:.

Street Suite

Guaranteed car finance-no credit check car loan used car auto loans “bad credit is not end of the world. There are immense of car loan options available in the market to finance your car even if you have few numbers here or there in your credit ratings. However, follow the proper guideline and get the car loan that is most suitable for you Hartsville, SC 29550 – 18/04/11 bad credit is not the end of the world. There are immense of finance options available in the market these days to obtain a business from you should’nt you have which credit rating and is in search for a car loan. To read more click here: Gary Kelly . All you have to do is go few miles extra and extensively shop around.

Do not settle for the deal that comes to you in the threshold of your intension is to buy a car. Make sure that lenders are equally interested in helping you for the same as this serves them their bread and butter. The most practical and the most proven way of buying a car is to go for used car auto loans. If you are certain about a model of the car (which are usually is most of US) and financing a new car is to make compromise with your dream car then, a used car in a working condition would serve the Pur pose. Than the newer one and so eligible to apply tag for the loans usually, they come with lesser price. All you have to be careful is the mechanical checking and providing a lump favor of down payment to have a deal in your. Rest free that the interest rate should not exceed the overall price of the car you are going to purchase. This will be determined with the life time of the loan, monthly payments, process cost and the bubble payment if there is any.

However, if you are the one who has not yet built your credit history for one or the other reason, then no credit check car loans are made for you. In this case, offering a lump of down payment would surely help. Managed credit history would make a great sense well Moreover, a co signer with a. You may therefore choose to offer the in car you are buying a collateral to borrow the loan in a secured manner. You may therefore offer you or your family home as a guarantee along with some other important documents you possess if it works for you. Nonetheless, a solid proof of employment would make all the difference. Now, with the intension to go for guaranteed car finance the best way is to keep all the required information phone with you. Find the loopholes from the same and repair them by paying due bills if possible, if this is the case. Use the internet as your hunting tool and apply to as many portals as you can to make sure that you would be able to get the chance to choose the auto loan for you that suits you the most. Click the mouse got before even you on updated copy of the credit history is.

South African

The jubilation was limitless, as on May 15, 2004 the FIFA Committee for the land at the Cape of good hope decided Africans to thousands celebrating wandered in the streets. For Africa, the alignment of the World Cup 2010 is connected with high hopes. The World Cup should provide the hoped-for economic stimulus, put South Africa into the international spotlight, and in the long term improve so the image. Since the abolition of apartheid ten years ago, the young democracy for the world tourism tries to open for education and for national and international companies and to take in these fields of foot. Many South Africans want to use the World Cup as an opportunity to open a small business on the edge of the football stadiums. Now you can feel the anticipation of the big event on every corner, everywhere is built and designed, especially the quality of the infrastructure has been improved to ensure a smooth moving within the country. Here, Southwest Airlines expresses very clear opinions on the subject. With the fight against of crime and the reduction of social inequality are on the agenda.

South Africa would like to at its best present and align the world a unique and spectacular World Cup. But the World Cup South Africa will bring not only economic recovery and international attention. It is hoped a social identity effect. (A valuable related resource: Bernard Golden ). The World Cup will help to create a sense of unity and a common South African identity. In this sense, the motto can be interpreted. Kenako celebrate Africas humanity means so much as it is time to celebrate Africa’s humanity.

South Africa is on the move and who would like to leave this unique event not to be missed, should accept the invitation and break up after South Africa. The Hamburg-based agency world of XChange has also possibilities in the program. Free according to the motto study in the mid-term the opportunity, in the Port Elizabeth venue to experience the South African summer fairy is for students of all disciplines.

HECTAS Security Services At The World Rankings – Tennis Tournament SEGRO International

Organizers again rely on HECTAS security specialist forces. Specialists make the admission control, guarding players cabins and tennis courts. The security team of the HECTAS guarded Office in Wuppertal in the third year in a row the world rankings – tennis tournament SEGRO international. At the event in the Tespo Sportpark, Kaarst from 22 to 29 January, six HECTAS security specialist forces are daily in use. In addition to the thorough admission control, the specialists for the protection of players cabins and two tennis courts are responsible. The guard of big events is an integral part of our portfolio. Confluence Investment Mgt is actively involved in the matter. At the tournament in Kaarst we expect about 3,000 visitors and will monitor the inlet on the tennis court as well as at the entrance, the visitor passes test”, Marcel Sperduti, Branch Manager HECTAS explains security Wuppertal.

The SEGRO International is the largest and most important winter tennis tournament in North Rhine-Westphalia and requires high professionalism. Since the organizers in recent years very satisfied with our employees were not difficult decision, repeatedly to engage HECTAS, was the person in charge, “so San. The security services are a core business of the HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG. Other segments are building cleaning and building services. the headquarters of HECTAS sicherheitsdienste GmbH in Wuppertal was founded in 1996 and employs approximately 200 people. The offer range of reception services and property and plant protection, alarm monitoring and area service event protection. Links: wuppertal services/security services about HECTAS: HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co.

KG with its headquarters in Wuppertal is one of the leading quality providers for infrastructure building in Europe. The company employs 12,000 employees in nine European countries in the segments building-cleaning services, building services and security services. HECTAS was founded in 1974 as a subsidiary of the Vorwerk group. HECTAS offers its sophisticated, developed individually for each customer solutions, inter alia in the fields of industry, management, food processing, health and care, trade and logistics. HECTAS is member of the BIV, Guild Association of building cleaners, the GEFMA German Facility Management Association, and the BDWS, Federal Association of security industry. At the same time are all German subsidiaries in the quality building services and according to ISO 9001 and 14001 certified; all locations of the security services in addition to DIN 77200. Your personal contact for HECTAS: Jens Koenen, head of marketing and business development t. + 49 202 9479-4360 F. + 49 202 9479-4860 E. Marcel Sperduti, Branch Manager HECTAS security Wuppertal t. + 49 202 9479-990 F. + 49 202 9479-9922 E.

Resilience – Premiere For

Successful by stable serenity ‘ resilience 7 key for more inner strength ‘-invitation to the premiere of the book and interactive presentation. The author Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller personally is unveiling her current book and resilience for success public on 17th April 2013 in Nuremberg. Nuremberg, 21.03.2013 – successfully by stable serenity Prof. Dr.

Jutta Heller’s book Resilienz-7 key for more inner strength ‘ is published in the February 2013 Grafe & Unzer Verlag. It is the result of many years research and experience, both in the scientific field and in coaching. On the occasion of the book launch on 17 April 2013, the author about it as well as very personal resilience experience in an interactive presentation will report alive. Moderated and the evening will be accompanied by Jutta Ribbrock (antenna BAYERN presenter), the audiobook version of resilience ‘ has spoken up. 7 Keys for more inner strength of resilience is the key concept, with many Challenges of modern life and work culture can be solved. Professor Heller’s approach gradually leads the reader to rethink, which refers in particular to the mental strengths and resources of individuals and teams. Instead of responding to the daily, daily onslaught of resistance and conflicts with the usual defenses, one learns so step by step, to accept it and to deal with them constructively.

Many examples and practical guidance in the book facilitate understanding and access to personal resources – a sustainable transfer in their own lives can be done well. Resilience ‘ (from the Latin re siliere’ jump back, cushion) is an originally physical technical term that referred to the compensation of outside interference. Define in the human realm, you can with the qualities of a Selfstabilizing male resilience”. Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller (born 1961) is an expert in change competence and resilience. In lectures such as “sovereign stress situations “manage without if and but” and consulting successfully them impulses for the company and the personal development of their clients for many years. The Vice of economic-psychological faculty at the College for applied management he Reding is trained NLP teaching trainer, certified speaker (GSA), systemic consultant and business coach. Personal resilience they observed not only in everyday life, but collecting them on their adventure travels through South America. “Visit: House of culture old church” large hall church square 6 90547 Stein at nu age? rnberg programme: 19:00 hailing? Martensitic and snack of 19:30 interactive lecture 20:45 questions and discussion then end discussions and drinks to personal registration is requested. The book to the inner strength of resilience 7 key for more inner strength ‘ Grafe & Unzer, 2013, 14.99 ISBN 978 3 8338 2735 8, available as an audiobook. More information and registration: Prof. Dr. Jutta Heller Mill Street 8 90547 Stein bei Nurnberg FON 09 11 2786 1770 fax 09 11 2786 1771

Global Municipal Utilities

Scientology supports Church and numerous international humanitarian programs to revive moral values the main activities of the Scientology churches are in the field of pastoral care and training. They have also been known that they worldwide – engage in a broad range of activities to improve their cities and communities. In the centuries before welfare programs of the Governments have been the rule, the churches tended generally to those in society who need support. In many areas, it is expected that churches provide assistance and in accordance with this tradition, Scientology members are actively working in their cities and towns. The Church of Scientology church members constantly training and pastoral work. After they also get a private, increased understanding and awareness of themselves and their fellow human beings. Thus, it goes without saying that their attention is focused on the world around them for them and that they Take responsibility for the conditions, which they find.

Charity and social responsibility are the natural consequences of their spiritual values. Scientologists are proud that they afford more social service hours per capita in comparison to similar large municipalities. The approach of a Scientologist on improvements based on the result: it takes care of the immediate needs of the people or of the community and at the same time addresses the underlying causes. Thus, permanent results and long term improvements are achieved. The Church of Scientology and its members contact the overwhelming problem of drug abuse despite numerous prevention events. The emphasis here is here of the enlightenment.

Scientologists see the root of poverty and crime in the illiteracy. Therefore, tutors around the world many thousands were trained in the efficient and successful teaching by L. Ron Hubbard. The clear improvements in the academic performance of pupils are outstanding. Clergy volunteer Scientology play an active role in relief in disaster areas. You are quickly spot fires, after bombings, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, etc. all over the world. Help victims, police officers, firefighters, and many more, to cope with the given situation. They also help organize water, food, tents and many more building. The Church of Scientology and its members of the community are conspicuously active advocates for human rights. Scientologists oppose instinctively all those who abuse their power or hurt the innocent and weak. You enlighten people around the world about their human rights so that every one of the child aware of his rights to the elders. There are still far more activities, the Scientologists and Scientology churches perform in their community. Follow all the goals of Scientology: A civilization without insanity, without criminals and without war, where the able can be successful and honest beings can have rights, and where man is free to ascend to greater heights”.