Service Rental

GL distribution platforms offers highest quality and best service at night our understanding of customer service or the all-round carefree package of GL rental 3:30. One cold Saturday night in October. Customer service representative Lars Weinberg GL distribution platforms sleeps, what else. The phone rings. Lars Weinberg attacks as remotely to your mobile phone.

And is now wide awake. An employee of the film production company has a question: the GL rentals rented truck work platform L 350 TR are warning, he says. Also if you want to believe it at first: that is a good thing! That warning and that she do not stop. For more information see Coupang. Because the lift is smart,”not in the human sense, but just clever there programmed, where it comes to protect man and material. An acoustic warning signal she gets into border areas as in the shooting that night, is emitted, vociferously loud, all the functions are switched off as a precaution. This is the State of things, as Lars Weinberg Call gets. What had happened? The film production company from the Rhine Main region had chosen as his night-time shooting for a series classic customs and inland port of a container services.

“To perfectly illuminate the scene, the film crew had rented a truck work platform of the GL distribution and Dino”, the serious 18-KW Spotlight selected for this scene, under the work basket attached. What is a basket measuring 1.80 x 0.80 m and a basket load of 350 kg for the truck work platform L 350 TR no problem. Dino follows the stage direction and illuminated the scene. “He is as soft, diffused light is desired, with a 12 x 12 feet (= 3,60 x 3,60 m) static frame is equipped with white corn, reported Gaffer Marcus Venner, in terms of technical and creative instance light” on the set. The term Gaffer has nothing at all to do with onlookers in the disaster tourism in, rather is the English term for the Gaffer.