Management focado in result. Leader worried centralisers and in controlling all the routines of its subordinate demonstrate incapacity to form a competent team. To form a team competent, capable to touch the routine of an area, will favor that the leader if becomes available to turn itself toward the results most important. Good leaders must prioritize resulted and to be competent to lead motivated and trustworthy teams. Evaluation of continuous and clear performance. To provide feed back continuous to the members with its team is characteristic of the leaders. To mention to its collaborators the observed strong points will go to contribute so that such points if fortify still more. On the other hand, to point the occured imperfections and the necessities of improvement will prevent future relapses.

Frank communication. The boarding of the leader must be frank, direct and objective. The communication must occur without great introductions and roundups. A leader does not lose time and communicates frankly what it will be necessary. Shared information.

Today the great organizations display its vises, its values and goals you wall in them. Inside of the areas of an organization, the managers must adopt similar paper, that is, nothing of what does not exist worse to participate actively of a project and later being ignored by its superior. Working with emotions and arguments in conflict situations. Diverse types of conflict occur inside of an area of work, as for example, problems between the members of the team or problems of a member of the team with people of other areas. In conflict situations, a leader must look for to anticipate the reactions and to understand the emotions. A form to intervine is to effect investigations that serve collaborating it to control its emotions and to assume more adequate behaviors. Examples of questions: Which the consequence that this problem can cause? As we can prevent situations fellow creatures in the future? 8 – To make use of diverse opinions, arguments and different cultures.