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Philosophical Anthropology

Nascer and the Direction of Living According to Berger 1986, the man is defined under different points of view having privileged a dimension of its existence, in accordance with the look of perceives who it. According to Sociology, the man is seen from its condition of social interaction An including definition of the human being, that it searchs to contemplate the totality of its to exist and its place in the order of cosmo is the task of the Philosophical Anthropology 1. This if occupies of the problem of the man or to answer the question ' ' what he is the man? How the man knows as must act, as appeared? ' ' The philosophy of that we are speaking is the occidental person, that it appeared in Greece, in century V a. C. with Plato and Aristotle. The philosophy Greek, differently of the others, is characterized for the logical-deductive reasoning.

According to K. Armstrong 1994, while in the east it is privileged experience, in ocidente, the Greeks was interested apaixonadamente for logic and the reason. For the Greeks, the truth consists of a logical demonstration. We can summarize the man understanding, in the philosophy occidental person, as a free being endowed with reason. Because the man is rational and free, Aristotle will say who ' ' all man desires conhecer' '.

Interpreting Aristotle, we could say in another way, that the free and rational man being, does not obtain to live without giving sensible or meaning to its actions and meaning it, it means its all to exist. Meaning its to exist, the man if discovers as to be opened to an exterior reality it, to a reality transcendente. In this opening, the man makes the experience of the sacred one and evidences the espiritualidade as constituent dimension of its to exist.

Roberto Carlos

All the ones that they lead must namely be remembered that as you lead they must continue serving the team in three different ways: 6.1 Servir as master. Here the term master assumed the professor connotation a time that those that they lead will have to provide half so that all the led ones play each one its function in efficient way, at the same time will have to be to the disposal of all to contribute in the dissemination of the knowledge and the experience for acquired it. Baby clothes may not feel the same. In the article presented for the page of sport of site UOL, if it pointed the following one in relation to the way with that the Brazilian election was directed in the 2002 pantry: the tentculos of Scolari between the players had been Cafu and Roberto Carlos, two of oldest of the cast and ‘ ‘ owners of time’ ‘. ‘ ‘ Nobody made swims ‘ of very diferente’ without looking at for they antes’ ‘ , a person of the delegation counted. All that they lead must be an agent who promotes the union.


Renascer I am going, where not yet I know, but I wait to discover in one to close and to open of eyes. Nor I also know what it will be worse, if to release the pack or to go route to the stranger. He is that, it are good the company that I had to my redor, I say farewell myself without no moan in relation what the Owner of the life, in this interval made use, me. Here pra we, wait that the next phase is something without machuces nor desolating periods. What I fear is: so that side Mr.

of will pull me to the resurrection? I wait that in the hour of this wakening It is of good full mood and of favour. On the finished phase already, I say to them that I tried to live everything that the life did not allow me, but lived almost everything that did not want to live. With the ratios me never granted it would complete one all, for very small that was. To condense a wire of faith capable to mine stream and to air dense hopes, was what more I searched in conjunct and talks the two, in goes and the promise to investigate the heart, me did not seem fulfilled. I dreamed of horizontes colorings, but I received the paper of the restrained ones. I was born to live, without knowing, I received the rules from collecting itself e, almost dying, to be apprentice of the life. What it contents still me is another promise that one all says to be victorious that to perseverar until the end. Ahead of the instant without option, childbirth for the uncertain one with the certainty of that also I will not have choice right there, to only wait the pronunciation of the final said one.

Cars And Companies

Much people dirige car, lead company, but still she is imprisoned of a vice. It said is, because the nothing is not overwhelmd. The cigarette does not leave its place, the person is that it goes to buy it. It finds this normal one? Already it saw some cigarette running for the road behind somebody? I find that not! Then the possibility to leave the vice is total. Enfumace its lung Not walking they, heard tatalar of its wings, as the roar of many waters, as the voice of the Onipotente; I heard the tumultuous boom, as bustle of an army. Stopping they, lowered the wings. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 1:24.

You who if find the such Are to be enslaved gradual Of a paper torch That can break the ring Of its long existence? One thought that it was macho and that any lace Could arrebentar! However, if he sees, That he lives to coexist a tobacco mount and of it he takes tobacco In tremendous disequilibrium. He does not go to no place Without before buying a nicotine package That always discourages its directions. He will be that he does not feel That for it contends Enormous mouths, How puffs sorvem insane people For its only mouth! In the truth, Until you it finds quaint To load in the pocket a palito package.


Success is the overcoming of an obstacle is when we conquer what we have that to carry through and mainly the domain of itself exactly and on the things and facts is when we reach the full accomplishment of our possibilities. We are in this life to carry through a call, a mission or a decision that we take to carry through. We cannot want to carry through the mission of another person, therefore in this way beyond leaving to carry through our mission, we hinder the other to carry through of it, egoism is to want the mission of the other and not to carry through its mission. To become fullfilled you need to know accurately what she wants this if of the one in the organization of the ideas and thoughts. Learn more at: (LTC). She is necessary to think before speaking. She is necessary to organize ideas and thoughts. She is necessary to know the moment certain to make each thing To assume a marriage? To finish the college? To work more? To buy corporeal property? When you decide what she wants this taking for itself duties to be fulfilled for the accomplishment of its desire. If this happy one with its life is not necessary to make readjustments or to move and to recommence. The lack of the self-knowledge and not to know its limits can cause to many conflicts and illnesses even though.

Lucia Emmanoel Novaes

Of all interviewed 96% they understand that the quality of life generates professional support of the academic professor and 96% perceive that the lack of this information affects the personal life of the professor. How much to the conflicts between personal and professional life 96% of the interviewed ones they had answered that they take the insatisfao of that with it they coexist and that the hostility provokes stress. When to the positive anxiety of feedback of the pupils and the Institution, 94% of the interviewed ones agree that this factor leads to stress. In the context, 92% understand that the exclusive devotion only to the Institution for being moved away from its professional area in the work market is a harmful factor, causing stress. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. The not boarded subjects in this work and the correlated subjects could be boarded in other chances. Therefore, the contribution of this work looks for to take care of the Institution located in So Paulo so that they get relative knowledge to the importance of the Quality of Life of its professors, acquiring knowledge that to be competitive in the educational market she is necessary to adopt this practical it welfare of its professors and pupils. 5. Bibliographical references AVELO, Rose. Get more background information with materials from Bernard Golden .

That impact our work has on our affective life?

Group Manager

The cases of discriminatory fallacies would be almost that interminable. All the rules have exceptions, repeat exceptions. Hundreds could be cited, thousand of examples that contradict previously displayed, but would not leave of being isolated cases, minorities, in contraposition with the suffocating reality that we evidence in day-by-day. If some day we could repair in our error of appreciation, we believe, we would be very contented of terms wrong. In the process of analysis to define the professionals who will become managers, costuma to confuse devotion with adulao, identification with bajulao, confidence with fantchio.> pull-bags of low calo, that only feeds the inconformidade and the loss of heart of the collective one that without doubts he is who guarantees the success of the enterprise.

In occasions to have proper light and criterion constitutes a defect or empecilho for specific functions. It has all a mechanism of adequacy to the environment of the organization, that can become if complicated, for who intends to insert or to understand the functioning of the enterprise structure. Nor all the moments so are bungled as above cited. The choice must obey a basic principle just and, and in these cases the taken decision will take care of, and the good ones resulted will appear more quickly. The way for the success of the new manager and the group will flow inside or beyond the waited course. The election must> to be made by personal mritos independently of any prejudgment or possible preconception. The market by itself already proved that certain daily pay-judgments normally take the missed choices, or in the best one of the hypotheses they lead the discernimentos, whose resulted they are limited. This means that the true manager, potencializador of the work in team, would have greaters possibilities of being found in selective process guided by more consistent and less bairristas values.

In short, the ideal professional can be found, if the focus will be the true work in team and the real aspiration in guiding people. We enter in the universe of the probabilities. A reliable vote and a climate of support well are received by who will assume the new challenge in such a way, serving for the new manager scaled as for the team, that will have to behave as a well articulated gear, projected to undertake to conquer, to solve problems and to know to deal with some situations. See Chаrlіе Lee for more details and insights. 4. CONCLUSIONS. Probably all we count on examples and until we live situations desired not presented in this article or other similars of different spread, but for our relief, we must arrive at the conclusion that the world would not be what today it is, if this chaos reigned at every level. We believe that valley the penalty to make an alert one on these circumstances, and thus to obtain a specter better, more just, lasting and sustainable. In the horizon we enxergamos a new mentality, all a process of changes, acceptance, integration and tolerances that will liberate the future societies of flagelos and unnecessary limitations.


When the growth index is well negative, of unemployment is super positive, however different concerns in the productive sectors appear. The employee fears for its job, and the necessary entrepreneur to use strategies to surpass the crisis. If the entrepreneur will be a manufacturer of ' ' chup chup' ' if to be valid only a cooled stand of hand, either the hour to perhaps change something, and many times at these moments of crisis are that great changes happen. Coupang wanted to know more. For worse that it is the crisis hardly the entrepreneur he will lose, and to each crisis it will leave more fortified developing strategies for surpasses ls. To identify an entrepreneur he is enough that it takes care of to the three basic questions: – financial independence: the entrepreneur does not obtain to depend on resources that are not those proceeding ones from its proper effort. – regularity: the emprendedor preza for the allegiance of its customers and does not want that they look to another one in hypothesis some, its service or necessary product to be always available. – innovation: the entrepreneur perceives when it is necessary to change something in its business or even though to change the proper business. To follow the frequent changes of the market and to be capable to induce changes that favor the attainment of the profit.

Examples of that is the entailing of a famous name to the one product (a jeans), in such a way you obtain to add until sets of ten of times more value to its product. Some reasons exist to justify the small expression of the enterprising initiative of the Brazilian, most expressive they are the corporations. They act as great entrepreneurs, harms in the truth alone create ' ' pseudo empreendedores' ' that they are in the presidency and they had never undertaken nothing, they only act with the mechanisms that the power of a corporation grants they. Those that if benefits of the stability generated for the corporation, become if private of the possibility to undertake, the room is determinative in the incapacitao of these individuals. All and any mechanism that generates stability and room goes against the emprendedorismo. Many entrepreneurs can speak that in the period where it was trabahando as employee, due to its stability, it he developed a parallel enterprise to its job, and therefore he would be also an entrepreneur.

To this individual he is easy to answer: if case its enterprise was resulted of an enterprising effort with certainty it would provide in its development a perspective to it of superior profits to its job and therefore would not be justifiable the devotion of its time something that would give little money to it of what the enterprise. In case that its enterprise if has initiated before its retirement and continued it after, its empreendedorismo will have beginning at the moment where its business to leave the secondary period of training and to gain a form of necessary initiative, suffering to all the possible applications from its essential effort for torn lo for its survival. Being thus it is as it was said in the three basic points of the entrepreneur, if the enterprise will not be its only source of financial resources the other necessary efforts to the empreendedorismo does not go to happen. The necessity makes to awake the empreendedorismo, the room determines its disappearance, exactly in that they had been born with its spirit.

The Challenge

The changes in the modern life, in the behavior of the man, are being lived deeply in the organizations, thus demanding flexibility on the part of all the involved ones, since the high management, customers external interns and, until the social environment in which the organization is inserted. It is essential to extend the vision and the knowledge that if has of the company as a whole, what it will go to allow to an identification of the diverse systems and subsystems of the institution, as well as the respective interdependence and interrelation between them. To consider the trends pointed for the factors as the mission, vision and values of determined organization or society not only assists to the collaborator plus all a generation of people, front the globalization of the knowledge and human relationship that a reality stimulates of which if it cannot escape. To be prepared for the impact of these cultural factors, as the mission, the vision and the values, on the market of work and the relations human beings in the work if becomes important condition for the support of the Company, therefore the challenge of these new times is to form professional apt and capable to assimilate the changes, to create and to innovate in situations adverse, exercising continuously the capacity to understand the dynamics of the market and the world as a changeable and extremely competitive environment, being intent to detect the chances, to manage changes and, mainly, to implement action. Today, a professional cannot be accomodated, therefore independently of the format of the relation that has with the company, it she has that to participate of diverse activities that they make possible to open a bigger fan of chances and knowledge. Therefore, importance is distinguished it that the organizations, beyond informing and enabling, must promote a structure of support to its body of collaborators.

Monthly Research

Another area where the women are majority is in the administration publishes, reaching about 60% of more than the 494 dependent employees of the different ministries. However in the positions of raised remuneration more and presidency, the percentage is of only 32% as it discloses a study of the Institute National of the Administration, and why this happens? According to coordinating of the Eloisa study Rat: Because the women have little availability of time, because the load of the familiar tasks is concentrated over all on them and because they feel themselves more responsible for not giving assistance to the family. That is, exactly when the chance exists, the women give up many times to evolve in the career because to be leading she implies an availability of total time. (In:. Had access in: 26/11/2010) In relation to the wages, of the Brazilian woman it is well below in relation to the one of the man, being equivalent 71.3% of the received one for the men, (the wage of the women in January of 2008 was of R$ 956,80, whereas of the men it was of R$ 1,342, 70 for the set of the six regions metropolitans investigated for the Monthly Research of Job). FIGURE 2? Average income of men and women in January of 2003 and 2008 (%) Comparing diligent with complete superior level the difference between men and women is still bigger, observing that the wages of the women are equivalent only 60% of the wage of the man. For the women who possess complete superior level, habitual the average income was of R$ 2,291, 80 in January of 2008; whereas for the men this value was of R$ 3,841, 40. (In: .

Had access in: 20/11/2010). FIGURE 3? Difference between wages of men and women in the six regions searched According to Ana Carolina Querino, assistant appraiser of the UNIFEM the form that if enxerga the woman if of the one for the fact of old social conventions: ‘ ‘ For the conventions, the woman occupies the private space and the man the public space, of supplier of casa’ ‘ (In:. Had access in: 26/11/2010) because of this still predominant social vision, the woman has the lesser wage of what of the men, is considered more fragile and therefore this concept of supplier of the house, where she is in total security. CONCLUSION As we saw in the research, this concept comes if modifying throughout the times, nowadays men also take care of of the house and of the children, old it was a fact total unacceptable, the entrance of the woman in the work market also is a fact that it corroborates with the change, through the years the women come showing its capacities, and in many they are distinguished more than what the men, currently the women possess a level of bigger study of what the men, however, its wages are well inferior. The difference still is existing and is far from finishing, but with the force of will to show that really they are enabled to carry through any task carried through for a man, the difference is reduced each day more.