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Monthly Research

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

Another area where the women are majority is in the administration publishes, reaching about 60% of more than the 494 dependent employees of the different ministries. However in the positions of raised remuneration more and presidency, the percentage is of only 32% as it discloses a study of the Institute National of the Administration, and why this happens? According to coordinating of the Eloisa study Rat: Because the women have little availability of time, because the load of the familiar tasks is concentrated over all on them and because they feel themselves more responsible for not giving assistance to the family. That is, exactly when the chance exists, the women give up many times to evolve in the career because to be leading she implies an availability of total time. (In:. Had access in: 26/11/2010) In relation to the wages, of the Brazilian woman it is well below in relation to the one of the man, being equivalent 71.3% of the received one for the men, (the wage of the women in January of 2008 was of R$ 956,80, whereas of the men it was of R$ 1,342, 70 for the set of the six regions metropolitans investigated for the Monthly Research of Job). FIGURE 2? Average income of men and women in January of 2003 and 2008 (%) Comparing diligent with complete superior level the difference between men and women is still bigger, observing that the wages of the women are equivalent only 60% of the wage of the man. For the women who possess complete superior level, habitual the average income was of R$ 2,291, 80 in January of 2008; whereas for the men this value was of R$ 3,841, 40. (In: .

Had access in: 20/11/2010). FIGURE 3? Difference between wages of men and women in the six regions searched According to Ana Carolina Querino, assistant appraiser of the UNIFEM the form that if enxerga the woman if of the one for the fact of old social conventions: ‘ ‘ For the conventions, the woman occupies the private space and the man the public space, of supplier of casa’ ‘ (In:. Had access in: 26/11/2010) because of this still predominant social vision, the woman has the lesser wage of what of the men, is considered more fragile and therefore this concept of supplier of the house, where she is in total security. CONCLUSION As we saw in the research, this concept comes if modifying throughout the times, nowadays men also take care of of the house and of the children, old it was a fact total unacceptable, the entrance of the woman in the work market also is a fact that it corroborates with the change, through the years the women come showing its capacities, and in many they are distinguished more than what the men, currently the women possess a level of bigger study of what the men, however, its wages are well inferior. The difference still is existing and is far from finishing, but with the force of will to show that really they are enabled to carry through any task carried through for a man, the difference is reduced each day more.


Saturday, October 17th, 2015

Management focado in result. Leader worried centralisers and in controlling all the routines of its subordinate demonstrate incapacity to form a competent team. To form a team competent, capable to touch the routine of an area, will favor that the leader if becomes available to turn itself toward the results most important. Good leaders must prioritize resulted and to be competent to lead motivated and trustworthy teams. Evaluation of continuous and clear performance. To provide feed back continuous to the members with its team is characteristic of the leaders. To mention to its collaborators the observed strong points will go to contribute so that such points if fortify still more. On the other hand, to point the occured imperfections and the necessities of improvement will prevent future relapses.

Frank communication. The boarding of the leader must be frank, direct and objective. The communication must occur without great introductions and roundups. A leader does not lose time and communicates frankly what it will be necessary. Shared information.

Today the great organizations display its vises, its values and goals you wall in them. Inside of the areas of an organization, the managers must adopt similar paper, that is, nothing of what does not exist worse to participate actively of a project and later being ignored by its superior. Working with emotions and arguments in conflict situations. Diverse types of conflict occur inside of an area of work, as for example, problems between the members of the team or problems of a member of the team with people of other areas. In conflict situations, a leader must look for to anticipate the reactions and to understand the emotions. A form to intervine is to effect investigations that serve collaborating it to control its emotions and to assume more adequate behaviors. Examples of questions: Which the consequence that this problem can cause? As we can prevent situations fellow creatures in the future? 8 – To make use of diverse opinions, arguments and different cultures.

Commercial Code

Friday, December 26th, 2014

Planning tributary in the current conjuncture of the norms taxes in vigor, becomes a necessity to be observed by administrators the front of the management of the companies, being an important tool in the search of the administrative excellency. The administrator when adopting it makes aiming at the reduction of costs and increase in the profits, this is the first in rank bjetivo of any company, entrepreneur and entrepreneur. law of the anonymous societies in. 6.404/76, although it is called legislation of anonymous societies, if also apply in accounting of the societies entrepreneurs and other modalities of society, not importing its legal nature, foreseeing related to law that the obligatoriness of the planning tributary for parts of administrators (managers), either that company either, ahead of the economic crisis – financial that engloba the modern world, if not limiting only the local situation, but in world-wide scale front the globalization, related I institute makes necessary, pertmitindo contributing company by means of the control on collects of tributes, to balance the insuportvel tax burden, exaggerated, in this to follow, for interpretation of art. 153 of the law in I comment, foresees: ‘ ‘ the company administrator must use in the exercise of its functions the care and diligence that all the active and honest man costuma to use in the proper administration of its negcios’ ‘. Not obstante, one is about right college, plan ejamento tributary is almost obligator for all good and zealous administrator and to the professionals of the accounting, the operators of the right and in particular, for administrators the front of the management of enterprise entities. In Brazil this institute in general invests in a true avalanche, with firmeaza in practical indispensable ace enterprise organizations, and in very next future, the omission, imprudence, in not adoption of this legal form of reduction of taxes and tributes, will be able to characterize delict taxes to administrators who not to observe the principles introduced in Law 10,406/2002, (effective Code Civil), introducing in the legal system Brazilian innovation on – everything, in the part of the enterprise societies, that arrived the point to revoke it part of the Commercial Code, appearing in the modernity of the right, the substitution to the commercial law, for the expression.

Group Manager

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

The cases of discriminatory fallacies would be almost that interminable. All the rules have exceptions, repeat exceptions. Hundreds could be cited, thousand of examples that contradict previously displayed, but would not leave of being isolated cases, minorities, in contraposition with the suffocating reality that we evidence in day-by-day. If some day we could repair in our error of appreciation, we believe, we would be very contented of terms wrong. In the process of analysis to define the professionals who will become managers, costuma to confuse devotion with adulao, identification with bajulao, confidence with fantchio.> pull-bags of low calo, that only feeds the inconformidade and the loss of heart of the collective one that without doubts he is who guarantees the success of the enterprise.

In occasions to have proper light and criterion constitutes a defect or empecilho for specific functions. It has all a mechanism of adequacy to the environment of the organization, that can become if complicated, for who intends to insert or to understand the functioning of the enterprise structure. Nor all the moments so are bungled as above cited. The choice must obey a basic principle just and, and in these cases the taken decision will take care of, and the good ones resulted will appear more quickly. The way for the success of the new manager and the group will flow inside or beyond the waited course. The election must> to be made by personal mritos independently of any prejudgment or possible preconception. The market by itself already proved that certain daily pay-judgments normally take the missed choices, or in the best one of the hypotheses they lead the discernimentos, whose resulted they are limited. This means that the true manager, potencializador of the work in team, would have greaters possibilities of being found in selective process guided by more consistent and less bairristas values.

In short, the ideal professional can be found, if the focus will be the true work in team and the real aspiration in guiding people. We enter in the universe of the probabilities. A reliable vote and a climate of support well are received by who will assume the new challenge in such a way, serving for the new manager scaled as for the team, that will have to behave as a well articulated gear, projected to undertake to conquer, to solve problems and to know to deal with some situations. 4. CONCLUSIONS. Probably all we count on examples and until we live situations desired not presented in this article or other similars of different spread, but for our relief, we must arrive at the conclusion that the world would not be what today it is, if this chaos reigned at every level. We believe that valley the penalty to make an alert one on these circumstances, and thus to obtain a specter better, more just, lasting and sustainable. In the horizon we enxergamos a new mentality, all a process of changes, acceptance, integration and tolerances that will liberate the future societies of flagelos and unnecessary limitations.

The Load

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

The demographic aging considerable cause concern, being of intense relevance to come back the attention toward the load that the aging of the population imposes to the society of what to understand the nature of deep complexity that if relates with the participant questions of the question. The fact most preoccupying of the authorities is the increasing number of people of age in the inactivity and they do not contribute more with the contribution of the social security. According to Novaes (2001): ‘ ‘ the scholars find obstacles when defining the aged one, therefore he still can be seen on chronological, psico the criterion biological and economic-social or, three combinados’ ‘. Looking at of the point of view chronological, it is identified with relative easiness how many years of life the person possesss. However, under the point of view of the psychological conditions and physiological, hardly knowledge of these conditions is had, a time that the same ones are personal conditions of each one independently of its etria band, physical aptitudes of the organism and the mind.

It is appraised oldness as initiated between 60 and 65 years. This is the phase in which if it also uses the legal concept of oldness, when if it defines for legal consequences, what he is an old one. It is the determination of a etrio limit from which a person is considered as anci, being able to enjoy of benefits special, between them I benefit of the providence and the retirement. the setting of this limit of sixty and sixty and five years is only one referencial, therefore many people age before this period and others, much later. Although of different form, the aged ones of had been today benefited with the reduction of mortality materna, of mortality in the middle-age and in adult and advanced ages. They are the great beneficiaries of? safena bridges.