Internet Banking

Such an integrated solution to any company providing services to the retail consumer, be it a bank, telecommunications operator, Social Security, trade network, or something else. And no matter how complicated the structure of internal connections for the client, again, for services must be simple and easy – or lost the basic meaning of the call-center. Outward simplicity wrapped inside an additional complexity. By automating processes related to managing contacts with clients, we are bound to affect organizational structure and business processes. Automation and the human touch back to the example of banks, which are now actively offering customers self-service via the Internet – so-called Internet banking. Execution operations available to clients in this mode, a fully automated, ie, there is generally no involvement of bank staff, which is very profitable for banks as significantly reduces the cost of maintenance. Internet banking, as well as call center, integrated with banking systems, but focuses on one-way interaction, which has a limited set of features.

Call-center wide range of tasks not only because engineers plugged it to every conceivable channels of communication, but also due to operators who can work with informal inquiries – they are specifically taught this. Working with an automatic system, such as Internet Banking, you send a specified sequence of letters and numbers and get a fixed answer: the transaction done. Question: "Why on my account there is no money" – although it consists of letters, such a system would not be understood, it is a request to somebody competent to deal with the problem.