Intelligent Core Era

“The spirit is moving” that Mr diploma in computer science / industrial electronics Clemens Kaltenbach created vision intelligent core initiated and forced as inspiration the ‘core’ enthusiasm in a wide variety of hardware and software fields on all levels. Intelligent core is the guiding principle of the 21st century in hard – and software and brings a paradigm shift with it. This, especially the aspects are holism / holistic approach, communication and intelligence in the foreground. Following a very good example in the current General processor market, is the innovation of microprocessors to core, core 1, core 2, core 3, core N-1, core N core N + 1 or generally multi core processors to aiming on intelligent core, intelligent core 1, intelligent core 2, intelligent core 3, intelligent core N-1, intelligent core N, intelligent core N + 1, Intelligent core InfiniT, intelligent core Immensus, intelligent core multi purpose, intelligent core universal purpose, intelligent core all-in-one, intelligent Core all inclusive, intelligent core extreme, intelligent core benefit processors to steer. A particularly interesting aspect is to highlight that Intel only included Intel Core as one of the most experienced and most respected manufacturers of microprocessor in the eye, after intelligent core as a young, prominent, expressive, visionary brand for the first time on the market already. ERGO core is ahead from this perspective compared intelligent at least a jump (also known as leap ahead) to Intel Core! This message intelligent era by historical value, core will, can, may, should, must have the following beautiful, melodious, convenient expressions alcohol Kaltenbach Kaltenbach Geist spirit intelligent core spirit intelligent remain core! Intelligent core is a trademark of Clemens Kaltenbach, Intel, Intel Core, and Intel leap ahead are trademarks of Intel Corp., “The spirit is moving”, “the spirit is, which moves” original quote / original quote translation by Clemens Kaltenbach