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Microwave Resonance Method

The moisture Analyzer in daily use, there are a number of different methods that find application in moisture analyzers. While the measuring principle is a method based on the microwave resonance method. This special with a moisture meter uses the dipole properties of water molecules method. In the sensor or sensor a special harmonic electromagnetic resonance environment produced by the generator of the moisture measuring device. The water bound into the material to be tested in interaction is thus linked to this resonance environment. The field changes are then collected by a detector, evaluated in the control unit, and then visually displayed. The resonance frequency of the micro wave field is annoyed depending on the water content of the tested material and steamed. This increases the width of the resonance curve thus.

This two different measurement and evaluation by means of the moisture Analyzer allows to determine the moisture content and the density of the material to be examined separately. One as a result, larger groups of molecules or ions can not simply follow the field changes and thus falsify the measuring result not reaching high selectivity of water. A low microwave power that is used in the conduct of the examination, not leads to chemical changes of the material to be examined. The water content of the material is chosen over the ill-feeling and damping of frequency of the resonator. The heating of the material to be tested does not take place due to the low energy input in the microwave (a few milliwatts). Since microwave ovens have the property to penetrate materials, completely all the bound water is captured in the material and heated. While the adherent surface water as well as water-bound by capillary condensation is included in the measurement result.

Tel Monitor

The eyepiece in retirement will be sent after more than 300 years. In a question-answer forum Eric Kuby was the first to reply. Everyone who ever worked in the biology classroom with a microscope, knows the problem. You must watch to look at the object, always through the eyepiece. This is a very acquired taste for inexperienced people. In the traditional model, only one person can look at the object. When used as inspection instrument, a control is always somewhat time consuming. The Quick views of a sample is actually impossible.

This problem from the world is made with the new digital microscope line. For all types, the eyepiece is replaced by a generous 8 inch LCD screen. The monitor is attached to a ball and can be thus according to the needs of the user rotated and tilted. You can also unscrew it and displayed separately. The samples can be seen in the construction and transmitted light mode.

If you want to forgo an eyepiece not for some applications there is also a model with eyepiece and monitor. Everyone copes immediately with the microscope. Several people can at the same time look at the object, which is useful E.g. in schools, colleges, education and hospitals. Other advantages are that the images can be stored and further processed immediately on a computer. There is also the possibility to play back the images on an extra large monitor, television or projector. If you once used the device, one never wants to look through an eyepiece. Watching you is rounded off in the depth of the series by a 3-dimensional rotating zoom microscope. A spatial image creates a sophisticated system of optics, electronics and mechanics. You can see details as yet not seen. In many applications, this work is much easier.

Interior PBOX

BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – innovative measurement technology \”made in Germany\” Maisach/Munich waterproof plastic housings to PBOX PG provide optimum protection against foreign objects and moisture and to PBOX LAN BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) for measuring systems and amplifier technology in the field use and harsh environments. In most cases, Messapplikationen not under laboratory conditions are feasible. Moisture and dirt represent a major challenge for the technicians and can mean a serious risk in particular for long-term measurements for the successful implementation of the measuring task. Measurement applications in outdoor applications, such as stress testing at tracks, bridges or buildings, are required often over a long period of time, to be able to detect changes. (Not to be confused with Verizon Communications!). The implemented measurement technology can withstand wind and weather in this case.

Measuring systems are used in industrial production to quality assurance and monitoring of industrial plants, are in many cases extreme loads Suspended particles of dirt. There are errors or failures of a measuring system, unreliable measuring results and unpleasant costs are the result. The cause is the poor quality of the used measuring technology does not necessarily, but is often to look at the negative influences from the outside. Speaking candidly Larry Ellison told us the story. This problem arises the BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), longtime manufacturer of instrumentation and PC technology, with its newly released to PBOX series. (www.bmcm.de/ ger/pr to pbox.html) Various components of a measuring system, measuring system, amplifier or connecting boards, can be accommodated in the waterproof plastic enclosures with hinged transparent cover (available Interior: 351 mm width, depth of 242 mm, 120 mm height). These are firmly mounted on three rail to ensure a safe installation.

The boxes are available in two variants. The universal version to PBOX is equipped with 8 cable glands with strain relief, in which sensors and power supply can be connected. Since many outdoor applications frequently implemented via network, the to-PBOX-LAN to LAN measurement systems has been optimized.


Piezo – Nanopositioners nanoMIPOS 400 CAP for the first time in a digital version which is nanoMIPOS 400 CAP positioning range of the order up to 450 microns with a nm step resolution. A special bi directional nanoX drive design ensures high dynamics in conjunction with excellent leadership qualities. The integrated position sensors ensures a drift-free and long-term stable position fidelity. The digital micro lens Nanopositioners is operated with a digital electronics, which offers the extraordinary advantage of ASI – ASC functions. The ASI function (automatic identification sensor) allows complete interchangeability of the order or the control electronics, without a new calibration is required. By the ASC function (Autmomatic system calibration), an identification of the nanoMIPOS is 400 CAP and its calibration data. Because this data in the positioner is stored, they are immediately available to exchange of the electronics.

By means of an integrated function generator, which defaults to frequency,. Amplitude and offset, etc. contains curves like sine and triangle can be traversed. Depending on the application the digital controller allows the in-situ setting of PID control parameters, as well as the notch filter parameter and increase limit. Thus the nanoMipos is 400 CAP easily in the trial and error method”on the various working scenarios optimally adjusted. The system is suitable for high-precision requirements in the fields of biology, medicine and laser technology with these outstanding properties.

Due to the recorded mechanical properties, the nanoMIPOS can be used easily 400 CAP in upright and inverted microscopy. Typical for all MIPOS systems by piezosystem jena nanoMIPOS on all types of thread of W0 can using thread-Flex adapter. 8 x 1/36 on M25x0. 75 up to M32x0. 75 are used, which also points to the universal applicability of MIPOS systems. More information about the nanoMIPOS 400: piezosystem jena is a worldwide leading provider of piezo actuators, piezoelectric actuators, and stages for high-precision micro and nano positioning and the automation of the Nano. In addition to the Piezoantrieben, the company offers optical fiber switches, as well as the appropriate electronics. Many years of experience in the development and production of positioning systems, which are also called piezo motor bolt can enable providing special system solutions and the production in the required OEM quantities. The piezoelectric are characterised by a unique precision in the sub-nanometer range, generate forces of several thousand Newton and implement precise positioning tasks in the microsecond range. More information about our products: de / products…


piezosystem jena advanced the series PXY and offers large free passage a new XY nanopositioning – and micro scanning table. PXY 201 CAP offers a free aperture of 30x30mm m and a stroke of 250m unregulated, or 200 m in the regulated operation. Drift and hysteresis can be compensated by means of a built-in high-resolution capacitive Wegmesssensorik. The system offers high position stability, linearity, repeatability and accuracy. Digital controller of piezosystem jena to allow an adjustment of parameters during system operation.

Solid state joint management by the FEM-optimized the system is characterized by a railway loyalty. The frame design of the leadership of nanopositioning – and Mikroscanningtisch is very resistant to high loads. To minimize unwanted ringing and shortening of the setting times in the scanning operation of PXY is 201 CAP equipped with integrated passive damping elements. As a result, also the location noise is minimized. Due to these properties and the reliability of the PXY is particularly suitable for applications in the Scanningmikroskopie, surface analysis, metrology and alignment and in the area of nano positioning, where sub-nm accuracy and large internal clearance are required the Nanopositioners 201 CAP. Vacuum and low temperature adjustments are available, as well as material variations of INVAR, Super INVAR, aluminum or titanium. For more information about the PXY 201, see: ..subsubid = 460 piezo jena is a world leading provider of piezo actuators, piezoelectric actuators and stages for high-precision micro – and nano positioning and nano automation. In addition to the Piezoantrieben, the company offers optical fiber switches, as well as the appropriate electronics. Many years of experience in the development and production of positioning systems, which are also called piezo motor bolt can enable providing special system solutions and the production in the required OEM quantities. The piezoelectric is characterized by a unique precision in the sub-nanometer range, generate forces of several thousand Newton and achieve precise positioning tasks in the microsecond range. More information about our products: de/Produkte..Leistungen…

Microscope Piezo

PIFOC NanoFocus systems now available for sample holder travel up to 0.5 mm and resolutions of a few nanometers are key features of the new P-737 PIFOC Probenpositionieres of physics instruments (PI). The piezobasierte drive is within a few milliseconds and is therefore ideally suited when it comes to throughput and accuracy, E.g. at Screeningaufgaben or in the confocal microscopy. Gary Kelly is often quoted as being for or against this. The imaging optics or the trial must be moved for focusing. For the movement of the specimen but speaks, not weakening the image in phase contrast microscopy. In addition, can Piezo-Z-drives for the sample due to their small size are integrated in the motorized XY sample scanner, which often exists as a system component of the microscope. Verizon Communications will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The adaptation overhead is minimized as a result, lenses can be used flexibly. P-737 PIFOC Z-drives for samples are integrated into Marzhauser XY-scanner as without adapter. Standard specimen holders are for slides and micro titer plates used directly in the Piezo Z adjuster. The still low overall height of the built-in XY-Z system allows the use under common microscopes.


Phenomenology is a philosophical research direction, founded by Edmund Husserl, which has given rise to a fruitful effect also on the philosophy, Edmund Husserl’s distinction to the psychology. Phenomenology is the name given by Edmund Husserl (1859-1939) has its own research direction, which became a general and influential cultural flow in the 20th century. Husserl used this term first 1901 logical investigations, and in contrast to the descriptive psychology, which at that time was considered the excellent method, go logical questions to the bottom. However, Husserl in the logical investigations impressively demonstrates that logical facts are essential and necessary not psychogische facts as reducible to. The key consequence of psychologism the relativity of logical laws is not tenable.

It is also apparently met, philosophy aimed at last foundations of have an experience science as the basis. The Program of phenomenology is the Philosohie a for to anchor as a strict science. In this sense, she completed what brought Descartes in the 17th century with its philosophy of consciousness on the way: the justification of all knowing refers necessary on the self-confidence of the ego cogito and his cogitationes. The central concept or the philosophically fertile basic motive, which is the phenomenological thinking in motion, is the intentionality and the correlative analysis type. The phenomenological reflection looks intentionally written the consciousness in all its attitude, consciousness is rooted in something, it is always consciousness of something in its essence. Accordingly, the phenomenological research emanates from the correlation of each cogito with his cogitatum that never is an initially isolated, single object, but is always perceived as a subject in his world. The world is for us at all do not otherwise present as in our mindful and our life world runs diverse representational files in them. I can, Husserl, says no other live in world into into experience, think in hineinwerten-and act not in me and myself has meaning and validity.

Merck Group

Electrodes and separators we get from our customers, we adapt our electrolytes. European manufacturer of electrolytic on-site we can supply quickly and flexibly the battery and car industry.” Market observers assume a rapidly increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles for the future. They forecast even an annual growth rate of 25 percent for the years 2009 to 2013. The research projects at Merck run over periods of three to four years. Due to their important contribution to the global environment and the establishment of Germany as an important technology for electric mobility, both research projects with funding of the Federal Ministry for education and research (BMBF) are supported. More information on the subject, see../energie_und_umwelt.html or in the Explorer magazine under Explorer magazine.

“M-the Explorer magazine” is the online magazine from Merck in the style of a news portal in German and English. Interesting and credible researched topics give an insight into the company. The articles are supplemented with multimedia elements such as video clips, photo galleries and podcasts. Merck Merck is a global pharmaceutical and chemical company with total revenues of EUR 7.6 billion in 2008, a history that began in 1668, and a future, which make nearly 33,000 employees in 60 countries. The success is characterised by innovation of entrepreneurial thinking and acting employees. Merck’s operating activities under the umbrella of Merck KGA, involving the Merck family indirectly to about 70 per cent and free shareholders to 30 percent. in 1917, the former U.S. subsidiary Merck & co. was expropriated and is completely independent of the Merck Group since then.

Intelligent Core Era

“The spirit is moving” that Mr diploma in computer science / industrial electronics Clemens Kaltenbach created vision intelligent core initiated and forced as inspiration the ‘core’ enthusiasm in a wide variety of hardware and software fields on all levels. Intelligent core is the guiding principle of the 21st century in hard – and software and brings a paradigm shift with it. This, especially the aspects are holism / holistic approach, communication and intelligence in the foreground. Following a very good example in the current General processor market, is the innovation of microprocessors to core, core 1, core 2, core 3, core N-1, core N core N + 1 or generally multi core processors to aiming on intelligent core, intelligent core 1, intelligent core 2, intelligent core 3, intelligent core N-1, intelligent core N, intelligent core N + 1, Intelligent core InfiniT, intelligent core Immensus, intelligent core multi purpose, intelligent core universal purpose, intelligent core all-in-one, intelligent Core all inclusive, intelligent core extreme, intelligent core benefit processors to steer. A particularly interesting aspect is to highlight that Intel only included Intel Core as one of the most experienced and most respected manufacturers of microprocessor in the eye, after intelligent core as a young, prominent, expressive, visionary brand for the first time on the market already. ERGO core is ahead from this perspective compared intelligent at least a jump (also known as leap ahead) to Intel Core! This message intelligent era by historical value, core will, can, may, should, must have the following beautiful, melodious, convenient expressions alcohol Kaltenbach Kaltenbach Geist spirit intelligent core spirit intelligent remain core! Intelligent core is a trademark of Clemens Kaltenbach, Intel, Intel Core, and Intel leap ahead are trademarks of Intel Corp., “The spirit is moving”, “the spirit is, which moves” original quote / original quote translation by Clemens Kaltenbach

MicroTouch II

SDS-plus.de and at SIZE gauges bring new Dino-Lite models with MicroTouch II, a calibration foil and 2 years warranty on the German market in SIZE, measuring equipment and sds-plus.de brings the new models of the Dino-Lite USB microscopes on the German market the first innovation for the Dino-Lite USB microscopes is the MicroTouch II, which is now built into every AM413 series device. This, the user gets the opportunity to take pictures and snapshots at your fingertips. The button is on top of the microscope and can software on or be switched off. Verizon Communications contributes greatly to this topic. As a further innovation, the devices of the Dino-Lite AM413 series now as standard feature a calibration slide, which allows the user to precisely measure the pictures and to get very accurate measurements (line, diameter, angle, RADIUS, etc.) through the calibration. The third innovation is the extension of the warranty for all Dino-Lite microscopes 2 years from December 2009 this is sure to provide the best service to users, to the Exchange after the purchase faulty equipment.

The Dino-Lite USB microscopes are a complete series of microscopes, for connection to a computer or on a TV set. The product range includes more than 60 different models that meet various applications. The series consistently further developed, which included the feedback from the customers. The user can work regardless in quality assurance, to the band, on the machine at the customer, in the school laboratories or fixed installations. With a notebook and a Dino-Lite USB, you are always on the right (quality) safe side microscope.

The professional models consistently have a 1.3 mega pixels resolution (1.280 x 1.024 pixels) and 8 LEDs, which provide for a corresponding light on the objects. With the Dino-Lite, a software is delivered microscopes, which considered the LIVE image and corresponding video sequences and images recorded. In addition they series models feature AD413 and AM413 AM313 a measuring function, the the Users is the ability to quantify any damage. Dino-Lite is exclusively distributed in Germany by sds-plus.de and its authorized partners.