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Oil Binder polypropylene convince by their high absorbency, low weight and the low cost of disposal binding non-woven towels, locks or cushion made of polypropylene prove a high suction power. 1 kg conventional granules adsorbed oil only 1 liter, whereas 20 litres of oil absorbing 1 kg tie fleece blankets made of polypropylene. The disposal costs are thus very low. Fact is, to hold 200 gallons of oil, 200 kg conventional granules would be required. However, it takes only 10 kg oil Binder made of polypropylene, which are available at macro IDENT SORBE agents for 200 litres of oil.

It therefore only 210 kg would be taken for disposal, instead of 400 kg with granules. To note is still the low workload through high and quick absorption, resulting from the use of the oil Binder polypropylene. MACRO IDENT SORBE agents has a wide range of different binding fleeces for oil, gasoline, chemicals, and universal binding fleeces- and from the series of re-form – also eco-friendly Binder nonwovens as well as biological detergent and stain remover for industrial floors, asphalt and stone slabs. For the different applications in the process industry, metal processing, chemical industry, automobile industry, paper mills, refineries, sewage treatment plants, laboratories, civil protection, navigation, fire-fighters, etc. macro IDENT SORBE agents offers various oil binder. Include towels, rollers, locks, pillow, flakes and skimmers, which provide for a fast absorbing of oils and oil derivatives, as well as chemicals and other liquids.

For plant and production facilities, industrial mats made of polypropylene are available, so that the workplace remains always clean and for example by slipping – for the staff is no danger. Specific marine products, oil booms and emergency kits are available for shipping and oil tankers. These kits contain different oil binders or binders for chemicals and others Liquids. Portable and mobile emergency kits, mini kits and dispenser boxes with different binding webs are available in different sizes. MACRO IDENT SORBE agents also sealing mats for gullies and shut-off barriers, so that fluids can be restricted quickly in the program. A particularly cost-effective solution to limit potentially hazardous and leaking fluids in the warehouse and bottling areas offered by macro IDENT SORBE agents in the form of various sumps.