All the benefits of telework Much has been written. What could be better, sit myself at home somewhere in the boonies, and earn both in the capital. But it is not so simple. I want you to tell you about the other side of the coin, I hope that my experience is useful. Let's start all poporyadku Self-Well, actually, to make himself not work well lehko. Just think, no one can control. Motivate yourself to Seb, to the same house are many factors that distracting.

Unstable and its constant search today can be a huge number of orders and have to work 16 hours a day, a month to be on dry rations. Hence and unstable earnings and neobhidnis save for the 'rainy day' risk of not receiving payment for work And this is not a very good thing. You are working on a project, put into his soul, but when it comes to payment, the customers disappear somewhere. At this on everything at least once, but caught. Legalisation is another interesting point. It must be especially careful, you will need to legalize their own income and pay taxes. This adds additional difficulties.

Working alone For some it's not a problem, but a team still work easier and more fun. Esly same person will not have enough communication in the team, in many cases it is for this reason freelancers returning to employment. That's all. But this does not mean that freelance work is not necessary. Just do not look at the world through rose-colored glasses, and evaluate all the benefits of the information used realno.Ne century would be simply foolish. Everywhere has its pluses and minuses, so consider all necessary. Good luck!