Environmental Protection And Aesthetics In Line

March 11, 2010 new collections of furniture from rattan score points for the environment of Hamburg, – for every budget, there is now extensive collections. When establishing the conditions of production and environmental protection aspects occur but often in the background. “New furniture collections show that it is also quite different, by internationally award-winning top designers such as for example yos Theosabrata, the a whale skeleton to the furniture series whale” inspired, have been created. “Yos Theosabrata, Luigi Colani, Kai Stania: top designers designing eco-friendly furniture Theosabratas works were already multiple design awards such as the interiors innovation award” award. As well as Kai, already several times with the coveted red dot design award Luigi Colani, who is design-Popstar, Stania excellent, involved in the new collection of furniture the company contactor. “Under the motto back to nature” to nature materials be helped back like rattan with new and unexpected accents to the rightful position in the field of residential furniture. Read additional details here: Larry Ellison. This is also done in environmental terms, as by the use of rattan at the same time an active contribution to environmental protection is paid.

Sustainability and zero”emissions: rattan is a will and climate-friendly low-energy product the tropical rainforests are important filter for the global climate system. Through fire clearance around of the Indonesian rainforest climate change is forced. By pointing out Indonesian farmers alternatives to deforestation, which yield a rewarding and long-lasting when compared to the grubbing-up, will the Rotang Palm, better known as rattan, more cultured. In total, there are about 600 species of rattan, only 40 can be processed further to furniture or home accessories. The fast-growing raw material convinced in terms of sustainability and environmental compatibility, leaves no harmful emissions and is CO2 neutral.A stronger, sustainable use of rattan contributes also to the ecological balance and the preservation of the endangered tropical rainforests. Names such as Wicker, plastic rattan, REHAU or rough corduroy are however often mistaken or misleading uses.

Due to the material characteristics and a long service life are always original brands recommend products. Poly rattan (artificial synthetic mesh) distinction can generally into two quality categories: trademarks wicker and no-name wicker. The gross difference is the brand Wicker on its material properties, how to check UV resistance, tensile strength and resistance to chemical substances and the weather, no-name Wicker is not tested to rule. For more information, buying advice and sources of supply are available at. The Web log provides comprehensive information on topics related to rattan furniture and outdoor garden furniture, including background information on environmental issues, new collections, manufacturers and quality aspects.