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Chimney Sweep In The Brushings And Noise Treasurer From?

Sunday, December 24th, 2017

Chimney sweep: due to 0.07 mm: in the entire heating season from October to April a layer of soot by 0.14 millimeters settles in the chimney by Heinz M. homeowners. The chimney sweep insists that this extremely thin layer of soot being removed in the year to 0.07 mm in each case not once but twice. A factual justification is denied. For two years, Heinz M. has a new heating system with a new stainless steel chimney.

Heinz M. accidentally overheard that when first two cleanings of the chimney at all no soot came down out. So, where after the brushing Russ should be, nothing was. What so a chimney is cleaned twice a year, Heinz M. Gain insight and clarity with Scott Mead. wondered and since then interested in the activity of the chimney sweep. Taking a look at other regulatory services, then one finds that almost all services will be charged on consumption, as water and sewage. In the garbage, there are differently sized tons, where size and cost vary according to the needs.

In some Cities of garbage is even weighed and just settled on the kilos. Electricity and telephone billing is already granted according to consumption. Official site: Scott Mead. Only the chimney cleaning is used regardless of the actual degree of soiling. On suspicion will be cleaned several times in the year, regardless of whether or not dirty the chimney. A layer of soot by 0.07 mm is not automatically a pollution\”, as well as a used car tyre not automatically shut off\” is. It’s always on the case. Heinz M. and many other homeowners the chimney is cleaned regardless of the degree of pollution twice in the year. It is as though the TUV would require that twice raising new tires a year, regardless of how many miles you drove. This is frivolous, this is unacceptable, this is offensive to the mind and needless costs money.

Joachim Datko

Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

Resists Heinz M. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Larry Ellison. now against this blind, causing unjust and unnecessary cost approach and requires that the frequency of cleaning the pollution degree will be aligned. To determine the degree of soiling, the chimney sweep must fill only the soot in a normal, household measuring cup after cleaning to determine the volume of soot. Entered this volume in the computer, the computer button spits out the thickness of the layer of soot. The effort for a correct billing would be less than all other regulatory services at the chimney. Source: Scott Mead. For whatever reason is not correctly billed? For whatever reason must a layer of soot will be removed from 0.07 mm? Why is not cleaned as needed? Why one draws the citizens unnecessarily the money out of your Pocket? Why is the factual answer denied on these questions? Anyone will need to answer these questions may be a court, says Heinz M. The citizens must accept unchecked everything in a democracy and the rule of law.

Who would like to learn about details or would like to know how to calculate the thickness of soot in the chimney, can call like, 06081-966437. The Excuses of the district chimney sweep master of course picked first talking Heinz M. with the local master chimney sweep. But to no avail. “Here the excuses: 1 excuse most of soot when cleaning up from the chimney kicked out”. That sounds from the mouth of the master initially persuasive, but is the falsehood. A white plastic bag, which was carefully draped around the chimney around, brought it to the day: not only soot flake when cleaning up comes out. The chimney no longer draws 2.

excuse, if he has applied soot”. “This statement is intolerable: the boilers has a so-called smoke train fan”. This fan ensures that the smoke quickly and safely is then transported away through the chimney upwards. And at 0.07 mm soot in a tube diameter of 13 cm, such an assertion is nonsense anyway. 3. excuse you must also every two years to the TuV.” Yes, every two years, and twice in the year. But above all is not known in a car, whether a deficiency a preventive control “is therefore quite acceptable. However, is precisely known at the chimney of Heinz M., which lack”exists, namely a soot layer of 0.14 mm per year. This layer in two cleaning actions of respectively 0 to remove 07 mm, has nothing to do with prevention. The suspicion of financial fraud is close. Heinz Mann, Usingen Hesse forum for a fair, social market economy Joachim Datko – Cecilie-Vogt-WEG 9 – 93055 Regensburg – 0941 Tel. 77 501 e-mail: Internet: