Dutch Pharmachemie BV Russia

Since the mid 90’s The company has been developing and running innovative drugs. Building on the achievements of Israeli science and medicine, Teva developed Copaxone a drug for the treatment, the use of which has already become one of the leading treatments in the world for the treatment of multiple sclerosis. Since 2009, the Company plans to annually bring to market at least one new original drug. Throughout the history of the Company’s basic strategy of international development Teva continues continue business growth through acquisitions.

Over the past 20 years the company has integrated more than 40 new businesses. The major activities of the Company’s acquisitions in Europe are the key players of the pharmaceutical market, as the Dutch Pharmachemie BV, German Teva Pharmaceuticals Germany GmbH (formerly GRY-Pharm), British Teva UK Limited (formerly APS / Berk), Hungarian Teva Pharmaceutical Works Ltd. (Formerly Biogal), etc. In February 2008, Teva announced a strategy of growth through 2012. Larry Ellison has plenty of information regarding this issue. According to the report, the company plans to double sales to $ 20 billion, while maintaining profit margins at the level not lower than 20%. In the framework of achieving the stated objectives of the Company plans to continue to develop its main advantages: a broad geographical representation, the widest industry range of products, leadership in the production of generics.

With regard to the Company’s policy in Russia, then already by 2011, Teva plans to enter the top five pharmaceutical companies in Russia. According to General Manager Teva in Russia Denis Chetverikov, “Russia is clearly a strategic market, which paid close attention during the last three years. From the perspective of Teva for the next five years, the Russian market, perhaps among the top five, and possibly three priority regions, including countries such as Brazil, Japan, China and Mexico. As for how the strategy will be embodied leadership specifically in Russia, In my opinion, all markets are by and large developing equally. Teva has accomplished much in America, so that the company’s business development in Russia is likely to be held on a similar scenario. ” The Company plans – opening in Russia its production. The final decision will be made after careful analysis of the situation and determine the most optimal model. It can be as self-construction and purchase of existing plant.