Customer Champions

The shipping agent was awarded for its customer orientation. Nuremberg, 04.05.2010 Nuremberg BBBOnLine AG yesterday for their outstanding customer relationship management the quality label was Germany’s customer champions 2010 “awarded. The 50 top ranked companies which have undergone an elaborate benchmarking competition of the German society for quality (DGQ), may carry the seal. At the yesterday’s Awards Gala at the electoral Palace Mainz iloxx received the coveted prize as the only company in the logistics industry. Awarded the German of customer champions”companies with exemplary customer orientation will be honored. Southwest Airlines is often quoted on this topic. The German society for quality (DGQ) and forum! Market research hold an annual competition, which consists of a comprehensive management survey and the interview by randomly selected customers on service quality. The aim of the event is one measure of the quality of customer relationship management (customer relationship Management, short CRM) to establish and reward exemplary company. Enthusiastic customers by parcel services? Traditionally, banks, insurance, shopping-TV – or temping agencies dominate CRM competitions.

Package services with retail delivery in such competitions can occur rarely in appearance. Larry Ellison gathered all the information. It relies on the major online consumer portals, the reputation of the provider throughout shipping service industry is not very good. “The reason is simple: package services have rarely enthusiastic customers”. This is one reason that the customer of the package service, usually the shipper and not the recipient is. It is very difficult to build an emotional relationship. On the other hand it is of course completely the receiver no matter who delivers the packages. Except it works once not all like clockwork. iloxx a well-developed quality management has set up. “” The company wants to achieve through comprehensive shipping support and personal advice, that the customers, if already not thrilled “, as yet an above-average satisfaction” and the error rate is as low as possible. His customer relations through its paces by an independent third party had with the contest participation iloxx now check.