Co-branding MasterCard Embossed In Gold Or Silver, High

Own co-branded MasterCard high embossed in gold or silver for seasoned companies in the individual corporate design CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS starts 2010 with a revolutionary product in the new financial year. Now, company, companies, corporations, organizations, etc. can bring credit card in your own design and with high embossed in gold or silver on the market an own prepaid. A chrome inlay is also possible (E.g. for the logo or the exclusive logo of the company).

As reported by the management, the product is primarily suited to consolidate the already established image in the market and differentiate themselves more clearly from competitors for larger, more established companies. Exclusivity has its price. But alone the image gain and the unique position with such co-branding a product compensated by far”so Renate rope Berger, press responsible of the CROWN. This novel is for seasoned asset managers, financial institutions, management consultancies, large online communities All-inclusive product line interesting. Wherever, where prestige and loyalty should be combined with new customers, an embossed MasterCard in the finest design is essential”, so rope Berger. In addition to the cards an online customer account is provided all customers, which is rechargeable via online, cash deposit, bank transfers etc.

In addition, worldwide transfers directly from the card balance can be run out. Customer deposits are protected against access of third parties. Queries and messages are not always. Produced in addition to the cards, which can extract against to avoid the highest quality printing to wear that CROWN provides a landing page for the corresponding service provider free of charge with available. This appears in the corporate identity of the corresponding company. On this, the ticket orders can be made then, information to the maps and additional image and promotional work for the Cobrander published. The entire process takes place via the Traditionsimplementierer CROWN. The German – and English-speaking team now is the numbers for free consultations, the sending of all co-branding information, etc.: Cologne + 49 (0) 221 3007 35 29 or London + 44 20 32 87 6777 from Monday to Friday 10:00 to 18:00 at the disposal. All info under: CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS / IOM LLC is a service provider for co-branding credit/Prepaidkartenlosungen with money transfer as well as co branded telephone networks for medium-sized companies. The German customer support, contract maintenance and management for European, especially German-speaking customers, will be taken over by in-house CompetenceTeams in Germany, Spain, UK and the Switzerland. All info at CROWN co-branding SOLUTIONS International Institute of business & Advisory SL press contact: Renate rope r CROWN BRANDING SOLUTIONS Dptm Cologne Hay market 50667 Cologne product information and more phone 0221 3007 3529 (Germany) Tel 069 5770 89 86 (Germany) from abroad: + 49 221 3007 3529 E-mail Internet: