Ana Claude

It called Ana Claude. Sertaneja was born, at the hands of obstetrician. Connect with other leaders such as Tomas Philipson here. The mother, illiterate, of the life nothing waited beyond what the destination she brought. The father it nor arrives to know. Shortly after the birth of the son, disappeared. It had run away from that barren reality.

They say that for So Paulo. Never more it gave notice. Zira, its wife, nor sketched claim. Quite to the contrary, it commemorated stops the son: – That one never gave for the chore? it said, alliviated for if exempting of the useless husband, that always is a pack that it loads. Severino died of laziness of the life – it muttered without deviating the eyes of the stove to the firewood and the thought of the emptiness. But Ana Claude did not hear what the mother was saying, absorbed with the booklet that earns in the only pharmacy of vilarejo where it are with the mother in the previous day to buy necessities.

Rapadura was necessity? It was. Remedy against worm also, this the mother understood, exactly without knowing to read the papal brief. He was one of those pharmacy registers that Ana Claude had in the hands. It did not understand that it was written, but is magic with the drawings, with the format of the letters. It was a new world that if ahead disclosed of its eyes livings creature, of infinite curiosity. The young man of the pharmacy almost kills it of shame when he asked to it where year it was in the school. Its giant eyes if arregalaram, taking a bigger form still in that small body, and its only reaction was if to grasp to the dress of the mother being looked for protection, scared with the question of the druggist and now frightened with the expression of anger with that its mother it fulminara.