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Captain House

– Vice-King, here in the arraial? – He goes to pass the night and per the morning he follows for the capital. I go to yield my house, that is most comfortable, I only go to need some colches of straw. We need to congregate some ranchers, people important to make a homage – It will not have time for this. Retrucou Matias. – Already it informed Hieronymite? – It left yesterday to hunt not yet came back. – Entonce, we ourselves we will make the honors of the house, vosmec as Captain of Order and I eat Lieutenant of the Military service The afternoon was of intense work in Torto Stream, the inhabitants had collected the garbage of the streets and caiaram the houses.

In the house of Terncio, the women prepared the stream beds, while the men killed two sheep and a pig, and lit the oven for the baked one. When entardecer all had been congregated in the square to recepcionar the real comitiva. Finally the covered cart appeared in the curve of the road, two soldiers riding in the advantage and others two in the rear. In the bolia a page to the side of the coachman travelled. The covered cart entered for the main street, made the return and parked in square. The temporary page jumped and placed one banquinho below of the door to go down them. The first one to go down was a man of long hair wearing shirt white, rendada and dark pants threaded in the boots.

As, of beard and mustache, it used leather vest on the bluish shirt. The following passenger, a priest, dressed a red sotaina with a layer wine color on the shoulders. Finally, Dom appeared Joo of Lencastre, governor-generality, using a gibo of black velvet, white satin shirt, fabric pants the same and boots decorated with yellow income and golden buckle.


The life could not be better and the heart of it finally was in peace. They had had children, they passed for crises, they had won great challenges and they had prospered joined for the love supported that them. But passing of the days, the routine, the monotony of always if making to the same involved them things as an invisible mantle and has led. Without they gave account, both had finished if accomodating, if collecting; still they were loved, if they respected, but they did not verbalizavam more, did not demonstrate more and the relationship if it became warm, something without favour, flavor. It still prepared its favourite meals, took care of of the things of it, if she worried about it. But it closed itself, did not see more necessity to demonstrate its affection, its affection, even so still he kneads it with all its forces and knew that it still was optimum gift that receives in all its life.

The children if had been, each one followed its way and had been only the two. The house was very quiet and great. Exactly thus, still it remained silence between the two. But it never complained. It never complained. One day, it had that to leave, they needed an angel in the sky and it was the only one that filled all the requirements. Now the house was much more of what empty: it was without life.

Seating in the old rocking chair, it suddenly he fell in itself and it perceived as it are fool, as he loses as much accomodated time being in its zone of comfort, in happy its mundinho. He did not obtain to remember the last time that had said it loved that it. Not if it remembered the last time that had said it was pretty and that its eyes illuminated its life as a lighthouse in the sea and that the smile of it made any sacrifice to be valid the penalty.

Capital House

It thinks sufficiently. For the work and it seats in sanitary basin. Of crossed arms feint the ceiling. It continues thinking. It decides! It runs until the door of the room, locks the lock and it is lain down in the bed. Reflexiva, still low close clothes e, in an assayed ability, turn the condom for avesso introducing it in the vagina with the indicating finger. Thus she remains quiet per some minutes.

It waited overwhelmingly for this coincidence: to be in fertile period and to find a condom of the senator. Feeling itself carried through, for its service in the house and it goes even so. It communicates the boyfriend who is passing badly after uninterruptedly working for all the night and dawn. March. The year really starts in the Capital. For being one year electoral, the strategies for the lawsuit start to be planned by the senator, its team and the guests.

Names of politicians are launched and discarded at every moment. Dulce is surprise in knowing that the first pre-electoral agreements are born in environments as this. The quarrels always last for a long time. April is not different. The debates are so intense that the dawns if pass more quickly. The hours are insufficient for the agreements and the participants continuously leave the agenda of quarrels for the next one sixth. They always remember other names that must be convoked for the following quarrels. At this moment the amount of frequentadores of the house is well bigger. But, although the biggest number of men in the house, the contracted girls to liven up the meeting form grupinhos moved away from the quarrels. It is that in this period they less are requested. The men of politics and businesses are busier. May, the ameno climate of the Capital seems to differ from the climate of the house of the senator. The quarrels seem more heated. Even though the use of the rooms of the mansion is reduced. The orgia scenes already are not so common. Been silent it discloses for Dulce that in this period it saves contracting little girls. Dulce, when for one instant to serve, it contemplates the women in its pretty dresses, jumps, hair and jewels. I am not bothered with these girls of program.

The cook of the house comments, perceiving that It observes them to Dulce. If it does not worry, my good. It makes its work and it does not bind for them. Dulce continues contemplativa until receiving another tray and the indication to come back to the hall. Before leaving the kitchen it hears the conclusion of the colleague: I find that it is therefore that we use uniforms. Not to be confused with them. In contrast of the cook, Dulce does not disdain those women, and yes the envy. It knows differently that it could be one of them, of the too much women who work there in the kitchen and in the labor detail, that never will be confused with one of those girls and they will be never assediadas by one of those men. It has more than a uniform separating the employees of the house and the esculturais women contracted by Been silent and coveted for the friends of the senator. The sensation to be of the missed side, working in a less income-producing function in the house, leaves irritated Dulce with its boyfriend. It was not the fact to namorarem, it would be contracted for the other function.