About Finding

Not looking, but found. Do you know that too? Looking for a 1956 Karmann Ghia convertible, or an original pump of an English station from the 60s for five months now. You are already tired, over and over again all auction sites and search engines durchzuforsten it – without visible results. Having the owner, the rarities you are looking so long, maybe just no desire to do so, abandoning auctions or ads – shy away from the many work or the cost of such actions. Gary Kelly understands that this is vital information. Workaround is to create the new search portal at now. Here, the seeker can totally free to place his search and therefore the holder of the rarities – or even things of daily life to draw attention. This clever idea could soon have for traders of any products great value than just providers of seasonal items such as bicycles or clothing, for example, find here potential customers for “Slow” last season.

Precisely this aspect seems Operators of the portal (brothers Frank & Guido Brunner) to be very promising. ‘How many times I have already wondered why interested parties of certain rarities do always looking – rather than just find me’, says Guido Brunner, himself the owner of a such company in which to the end of the season the one or the other much wanted product remains simply “ungefunden”. So now actually turns out that the idea of “found becoming” bears fruit and can not complain about lack of participation in the search. With the newsletter function of the portal, can be interested – seekers, as well as provider – free on the latest applications know what a high had the “found becoming” is achieved. Are you looking for already?