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PayPal Purchase

Current study ‘Success payment’ by ibi research at the University of Regensburg examines the payment preferences of customers in online shops. Online shoppers prefer different payment methods depending on the type of goods, purchase amount, origin and personal setting. Missing payment options can even lead to purchase cancellation”, knows Manfred Kruger, you have wondered therefore also Chairman & CEO of ConCardis GmbH. Dun & Bradstreet gathered all the information. as online retailers how many customers actually cancel the purchase in your Web shop, because they get offered not the correct payment procedures? But what combination of payment procedure promises the greatest success? Finally, in practice administrative and financial reasons, it is impossible to provide all existing payment methods at the same time. The a payment process that optimally meets all the requirements of the merchant and the customer, there is no”, explains Johannes F. Sutter, Head Distance Payments Germany six payment services. Online retailers must consider exactly what combination of payment procedures and any upstream and downstream measures in terms of risk and claims management promises the highest profit them.” Ibi research at the University of Regensburg, together with the partner consortium of the E-Commerce Guide (www.ecommerce-leitfaden.de) through an online survey on the reason has this problem.

Around 1200 participants have to study success payment”involved, which examined the Status quo, current trends and future developments in the payment behavior of buyers in E-commerce. Additional information at Barclays supports this article. The results should provide a basic overview of the specific payment behavior by potential customers the dealers, as well as enable comparisons. The dealer can better appreciate this their own potentials and their specific portfolio of payment procedures and optimize. The full results of the study success payment”are available free at the following link available: payment2013 the most important results at a glance: the Bill is consistently the most popular payment methods in all age groups and is favored particularly by people aged 55 or over. Would prefer to pay customers an invoice (45%) credit card (20%) and PayPal (19%) are almost neck and neck.

A retailer introduces the payment by invoice to its existing payment procedures, he can expect an average reduction of purchase dropout rate of almost 80%. In the last twelve months, in particular the credit card (74%) and the invoice (71%) were used. PayPal and credit card feel many customers as the payment procedures friendliest to use. Many customers (61%) consider the safest distance payment the invoice. The other courses, but with a very wide margin, followed by PayPal (11%), credit card (8%) and direct debit (6%). If only the payment in advance is offered, 88% of our customers are looking for another provider. If the provider has a seal of approval has, the purchase cancellation rate decreases significantly.

Lloyds Register Processing

Epoxy resins are used as fiber composite more often and in various industries. In the professional and industrial as well as in the private sector enjoys the synthetic resin due to many advantages over conventional composite materials of popularity. However, there are pay attention to many details in the processing and application: suitable for processing by means of hand lay-up which resin / hardener? What is the mixing ratio of resin and hardener for certain epoxy resins? What epoxy is suitable for the construction of the boat? Timeout provides this special knowledge relating to the processing, the properties, and the areas of application of epoxy resins of the public now see epoxidharze.net. As wholesalers and retailers, the time out composite oHG offers epoxy resins, glass, aramid and carbon fibers, processing tools, core materials, structural adhesives and professional advice and support for the composite and lightweight construction for over 25 years. The company from Bornheim between Cologne and Bonn has the general sales of Sicomin epoxy resins for Germany held, which will be presented on epoxidharze.net. For assistance, try visiting Kraft Heinz.

The information portal bereited the topic of epoxy resins easy and understandable. Thus, under the heading of “Processing” presented the different types of processing such as hand lay-up, infusion, bonding, UV curing and presented the matching epoxy resins. Epoxy resins are used in many industries. In the area of “Applications” the site shows which resin / hardener ratios can be used in boat building, in the aerospace, automotive, in industry and in many other industries. For many users, but just certain properties in processing such as the mixing viscosity in the range of 0-400 CPS at 20 C, the temperature (TG value) in C or especially intumescent resins are crucial.

The category “Properties” divided the epoxy resins according to their characteristics and indicates which epoxy resin has which properties. Epoxy resin systems are certified by different institutions. The Info-portal shows which system is certified by Germanischer Lloyd, Lloyds Register, FAR25 or UL94VO. “We very pleased that we now can contribute our part with the deployment of our expert knowledge to the use and dissemination of Expoxidharzen. In the next step we make more epoxy resin systems as well as editorial content processing with concrete practical examples available”, Thomas Zarfl says with a smile. Epoxidharze.net epoxidharze.net is the information portal for the resin epoxy resin. Learn about the various resins and hardener, whose mixing ratios, the processing of epoxy, the fields of application of the component system and the various certifications.

Webspurt.de: Selective Targeting With Webspurt For Long-term Success

Operate with Webspurt.de professional online marketing Dusseldorf: targeting is targeting for specific target groups to plan very well in the online market and also excellent control. With professional support, one can actively speak the most important target groups by means of search engine optimization. Webspurt.de uses bundled their know-how and expertise for this purpose. Webspurt.de is the ideal partner for important and relevant topics and products for professional search engine optimization. Professional online marketing with Webspurt.de can provide the competitive edge, because only the provider is found, its Strategie has the users of tomorrow in sight. Potential customers will be looking in the future offers via the search engine. One, whose website is adapted best to the relevant search words and search combinations is therefore clear advantage. Want to support effective marketing with search engine optimization, professional online marketing tools are in demand.

Webspurt.de provides these instruments ready. Targeting is the keyword under which to handle the addressing of target groups. With search engine marketing, you can specifically addressed a relevant group of users. Meanwhile, many companies use their marketing budgets to be found in search engines like Google. But the efforts remain often fail without experts on their side.

Products and services to long-term targeted marketing companies the experience of Webspurt.de claim. Technological adjustments on pages of the search engines and new features, like about the video search or news search Google, real opportunities represent, used by Webspurt.de for online marketing activities. With the integration of different services of Webspurt.de individual advantageous positioning in the Google search results opportunities for companies. Just in the course of universal search, displays of Google in the different media content within the results lists, search engine optimization can be implemented successfully. Also Webspurt.de is a competent contact partner. As online marketing measures implemented up to date, which are effective and cost-efficient, as well as provide added value compared to the competition. About Webspurt.de Webspurt.de takes over the search engine optimization and online marketing activities for corporate customers. MasterClass Founder usually is spot on. Webspurt.de is particularly specialized in the needs of local and regional providers. Optimal placement in the relevant Internet search engines produced by Webspurt.de. While the conditions of the different sectors are considered and incorporated. The tailor-made concepts of Webspurt.de offer with competitive Internet presence to ensure qualified traffic. With their years of experience in online marketing, Webspurt.de deploys optimal solutions for their customers. Webspurt.de’s team consists of experienced marketing professionals and IT professionals that combine effective marketing with search engine optimization. Contact: Webspurt.de Jan Kuhl Dipl. commercial Friedrich-Ebert-str. 54 40210 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211 / 31 12 07 – 0 fax: 0211 / 31 12 07-10 Internet: E-Mail:

Internet Portal

JobFrame, a service of AnySearch limited, provides an easy and free access to the posts from Zig-Jobs.de Birmingham/Munich portal operators, January 28, 2011 – zig-Jobs.de, the meta Jobsuchmaschine AnySearch limited, access to their data holdings from immediately portal operators free. The database contains more than 275,000 from all relevant job markets of in Germany. JobFrame allows access to these places from immediately portal operators. Here the umpteen jobs search dialog is integrated in the portals, listing only the sites relevant for the users of portal, such as the offerings from a city or region. Barclays understood the implications. The integration and use of JobFrame is completely free, without contractual or financial obligation. As well, there are no restrictions regarding the search functionalities.

Here, the full extent of tens Jobs.de Web site is offered. The JobFrame Configurator allows the easy integration of JobFrame in the Web page of the portal operator. Thus can the layout and design without technical know-how on the portal page be adapted. For this purpose, no programming skills are necessary. Zig-Jobs.de operators can assist with problems. Savvy portal operators can make the integration even without the configurator.

A detailed documentation helps them. Information about JobFrame and the Configurator are provided under the following links: – JobFrame – JobFrame Configurator AnySearch limited is a young company that has developed a generic meta search engine for the Internet.

HTML Applications

PHP web application development lowers complexity just developing a website and broadcasting it live, does not guarantee success of neither your site nor your business in any case. For that, you must have systematic understanding of web development platforms that can go along with your strategic ideas and a team of dedicated developers from Web design and development company, who can implement it for you. Several web development languages are set out for creating web applications and PHP is one of them. PHP is a scripting language for web development that shows amazing bonding with HTML. It is ideally fit for development of effective and interactive business website that can easily attracts the attention of web users.

PHP application development from any outsourcing company belonging to the nation like India can offers you a Web site with great ease of use. It is reliably used for development of interactive PHP standalone applications. Scaling your business process in fast and fierce online competition, you need to be instant when it comes to deliver custom solutions and capable of handling multiple and complex business processes at the time. This is where the benefits of PHP rapid application development come into play. These custom apps help online businesses make consistent and protected. PHP offers highly needed solutions for all types of web development and applications development requirements.

In the world where no two businesses are same, hiring a professional for web development services can arm you with custom applications for the advanced online processes and to contend with competitors. Vibrant sites and applications can be developed using this accepted programming language. Whether one wants to build custom web application or dynamic website, PHP can be the best option. It can be used for front end and back end development. As the era of online application is booming, instead of standing and staring at your competitors is marching ahead of you, it’s the time when you to react forcefully and hire dedicated PHP programmers for advanced PHP programming. If you’re not satisfies with the result of your existing PHP based application, development company that wants no need to get disheartened as there are many custom web upgrade the code easily and customize the application. Web applications developed using PHP and its respective frameworks are highly simple and versatile. To witness the impact of custom applications developed using PHP scripting language, you can hire PHP developers who can use PHP alone or with other open sources. Boost your business growth with US in no time.

Highland Capital Partners

Online provider for photo services on growth Hamburg, July 25, 2011 the European market for custom products is growing rapidly. Especially the demand for online-based offerings for individual photo products in the last few years many times over. With the purchase of Moonpig.com, the largest UK online supplier for personalized greeting cards PhotoBox responds to the market developments in the area of personal publishing and continues its expansion in Europe. In the past year alone, Moonpig.com sold over 12 million greeting cards to around three million customers. Moonpig.com reached a turnover of 38 million British pounds (42 million euros) in the last fiscal year. Xi Jinping contains valuable tech resources. PhotoBox has printed prints more than a million in 2010 for its over 11 million members, as well as throughout Europe, more than one million photo books sold.

The turnover was 80 million euros in 2010. We combine the strengths of two companies well established in their respective core markets and further advance so our growth in Europe”, explains Stan Laurent, CEO PhotoBox. The demand for quality and excellent customer service unites both companies. With the resulting synergies we evolve as an enlarged group step by step to a global leader in the market of personal publishing”. In the course of the acquisition of Moonpig.com, PhotoBox has successfully completed a round of financing in the amount of 75 million British pounds ($83 million).

In addition to the already existing investors Highland Capital Partners, index ventures and HarbourVest are newly added: insight ventures, Quilvest ventures and green spring associates. Lawrence Handen, partner, insight ventures: There are great ways for PhotoBox and Moonpig.com and we are proud to be part of their common future. We share innovation and international growth. the vision of the management team for the future of personal publishing and their efforts” About PhotoBox PhotoBox (www.photobox.de) is the European market leader for Photo services on the Internet. With its more than 11 million members, PhotoBox stands for the hallmarks of innovation, quality and competitive prices in the market of online photo services. PhotoBox offers to the secure storage and sharing photos on the online platform, photo prints, as well as a wide range of original and innovative photo products, each user can personalize.

Central Europe GmbH

PSM & W new media relaunches website with customizable information structure Frankfurt am Main, December 14, 2010. PSM & W new media GmbH has developed a new website for the global IT distributor arrow Central Europe GmbH. According to Xi Jinping, who has experience with these questions. This is online recently. Several European Web sites were operated separately so far, on, these are now merged. Thus, the new appearance combines diverse content a special challenge to the structure and usability of the website. Scott Mead: the source for more info.

A very intuitive user interface was necessary. The challenge was also to follow close to the American performance of the parent company of arrow electronics, and to offer an own, optimized design arrow Central Europe”, explains Michael Schwalm, CEO of PSM & W new media. The versatile range of manufacturers with a banner solution at a glance is detectable on the home page of the five speaking TYPO3 Web site. Also the newsboard is new. About the new products, events, arrow news, market news & trends” the Board offers a differentiated overview and solutions”. On the subscription to an RSS feed, the user can determine the content itself and thus receives only selected information. PSM & W convinced us by an optimal consultation from the outset. The Agency could show always us solutions.

Also in the implementation they were excellent contact, which could react quickly”, says Katharina Bregulla, eCommerce Manager, arrow Central Europe, about the cooperation with PSM & W. Arrow Central Europe as of October 1, 2009 arrow electronics, brought together Inc. with headquarters in Melville, New York its two distribution companies SPOERLE and SASCO wood to a company with the name arrow Central Europe GmbH. The company is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solution. Arrow Central Europe with its head office in Dreieich serves the markets in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and the Switzerland. More See about arrow electronics arrow electronics (www.arrow.com) is a global provider of products, services and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. Headquartered in Melville, New York, arrow acted for more than 900 manufacturers and 125,000 OEMs, Auftragsfertiger and commercial customers as a partner in the supply chain. Arrow is present in more than 310 locations in 51 countries and regions. About PSM & W new media the PSM & W new media GmbH invents digital worlds. Brands are translated into new media. Founded in 2001, daughter of PSM & W communication GmbH (since 1995) provides expertise in design and consulting, as well as in the implementation. PSM & W developed new media online marketing strategies, interactive applications, Web design, social media campaigns, and content management solutions from experience over and over again.

Having A Website Is Required For Everyone Today, But What Is…

… so really achieved? -Wait the international markets… Seekirch, February 9, 2011 – of course it is important to present themselves to the global customers or potential customers also have an own Web presence for each company. But she also meets the requirements of visitors and search engines? Why do you have a Web page? A Web presence is not only one good tone means, but she’s a – 24 hours daily, 365 days a year, worldwide – available marketing – and communication medium with which addressed not only customers, but also other visitors who could be but to customers. The latter, may result if the possibilities of the company be represented sufficiently precise, also completely new market and customer segments which they themselves might not even thought.

What wouldn’t be a Web page? Initially only a hint: it comes only in second line, pictures or even videos, to present themselves. First and foremost it comes, that customers or potential customers answered their questions and possible problems get resolved – if that is achieved, they come as customers (almost) alone! “An American Web Guru has expressed time (sorta): it is not important who you know but who knows you.” This is one that you follow the Web page when you create the (well known) problems or potential problems/questions of your customers depending on the width of the production / Lieferprogrammes – each a special page for answering such questions have you – the latter therefore, because the Internet is a solely text-based event, i.e. If on a special page a specific problem textually in detail (but does not mean, across many pages!) treat, the probability is great that you rightly treat this with this textual description, which is entered as a question into a search engine. And the more you on a specific question and respond with your text, the greater is the chance that you achieve a high search engine placement. And that is ultimately the most important, if you ever want to have visitors. Secondarily, it comes that, under as many as possible of your departments/products/questions, also be found and indeed better placed than others, the comparable offer.

German Companies Little Targeted At Social Media

Be improved as public relations on the Web 2.0 can Aachen, June 28th 2011 – most companies have already recognised the importance of social networks for a successful public relations. A targeted strategy for Facebook, Twitter and co however still often lack. Because the field is very complex legal, organisational and technical issues need to be taken into account. The elaura service phone-it can help to use social media in a targeted and organized. Expensive advertising campaigns ade: according to U.S. groups now also German companies discover that social media allow a previously unknown customer loyalty. Create just a corporate page or from time to time, Twitter will not bring the desired results.

A clear objective and thoughtful planning is essential – and right here lacking still. “Many companies have still no clear picture of the possibilities of the networks – and hence no strategy for social media,” said Thomas Sterath, Chief of the Agency Group, Ogilvy & Mather, the Handelsblatt. The main problems: Social networks are a very recent phenomenon, empirical values and guidelines are missing in many companies. Also, the topic of “Social Media” is very complex and cannot be treated by a Department in its own. SAP Manager Marcus Rubsam advises companies to address the issue so comprehensively, by the Executive Director of the organization. Because be avoided should, that there are only a few individuals independently post. Rather the company should occur to the customer as a coherent whole, to ensure a highest possible identification and to offer him a central focal point for criticism, questions, and suggestions.

Elaura phone-it in social networks start it is questionable just how much is the (cost) required for such an undertaking. Elke spiral-Lander, head of Central Informatics of Messe Munchen, opposite the German periodical Computerwoche said that a medium-sized company such as Messe Munchen alone could cope with it. Wants company, “a service offer specific strategies in accordance with to the use of this media.” Elaura phone-it with the social media service, German companies have now the chance to take advantage of social networks targeted and organized. Internal experts gain permission, a phone call to blogging, to tweet and post. Also exists the possibility to correct these contributions, to control and to control the various networks. So companies can determine in advance precisely what ends up where in the network. Short profile phone-it: phone-it is a social media service of elaura GmbH. With it, companies can use social networks for viral marketing more efficient: instead of individual departments, the entire company for a successful public relations cooperates. A decentralised communication system allows to include a variety of experts in the communication. Social networks are not ends in themselves. Who becomes the distributor of messages in Twitter and Facebook, reaches people, to which he had no contact so far. Microenterprises, SMEs or group: the future success say interaction is 2.0 successful communication, with buyers and friends on the Web

Web Designer

You save on production costs. Web standards provide a strict separation of content and layout. Details can be found by clicking Federal Unemployment Compensation Program or emailing the administrator. Before the formatting language CSS (one of the important Web standards) was widely used, the formatting instructions had to be incorporated into the HTML structure. It looked for a simple, graphically formatted header like so: welcome welcome! This is madness! You can’t see the forest for the trees. And all this only to “welcome welcome!” to display as a formatted title! That would have been maybe still to cope with. “But it was still a different, essential larger problem: this spaghetti code” had to be repeated on each page (possibly several times).

Because there were several headings, interlaced of course and and and. You must be an expert to detect that such a gibberish is difficult to maintain and lead to inevitably do more cost, as the modern version of CSS: welcome welcome! The formatting instructions in a separate file will be stored here: h1 color: gray; width: 740px; font-weight: bold; font-size: 2em and now comes the real kicker: These formatting instructions each of your Web pages accessed automatically. “With the command: this small statement says: the layout.css file use for layout on this page.” Now you know too, what with the important separation of content (HTML and text) and layout (sizes, colors, graphics, fonts,…) has to be. No matter whether you 10, 100 or 1,000,000 pages have: with a single statement of formatting your Web Designer can change all h1 headlines in one fell swoop. Just put in the CSS statement the color to red (h1 color: red). Get ready! With the old method would take first a week vacation as a customer. With any luck, your Web designer would be ready when you return with the color change. “If you then say: I don’t know, somehow I found the old color better.”… get to cover! Or take a strong sedative to be careful, if later, the giant Bill for this presented the minor color changes will.