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Web Service Provider Expands

The international full-Web services and content management expert ecomplexx continues its internationalization strategy and ventures the step to England despite the financial crisis. Leverkusen/catfish/reading – not even a year has passed since the merger of the German complexx.com and ecomplexx the next expansion step in the House are now the Austrian ecom internet technology to the international full-service-Web service providers: in addition to the two existing headquarters in Leverkusen, Germany and Wels, Austria, as well as sales offices in Munich, triangle in reading now as of January 2009 in London IT was Oldenburg, Paris and Vienna, UK the ecomplexx Ltd. commissioned opened. FindShadow founder understands that this is vital information. The activities of ecomplexx UK rolling will be brought and continuously expanded subsequently with first two employees. The site acts in close cooperation with the offices in Germany and Austria and benefits also from internal staff exchange programs. The international cooperation between our main sites in Leverkusen and catfish proves to be as successfully we will benefit through the joint marketing and sales activities as well as through cooperation projects and through the continuous exchange of information within the team by now almost 80 employees”, so Christoph Mause, Managing Director of ecomplexx Germany and responsible for the activities in the UK. With the new location in reading we perceive now another growth opportunity, which is very promising in our estimation.” Ecomplexx UK employees have many years of experience in the area of enterprise content management, especially in the RedDot / OpenText environment.

At the beginning, the topic of OpenText is therefore primarily Web solutions (formals RedDot) the focus of the activities. We see a great need for tech-savvy and efficient service providers in the area of OpenText Web solutions in the UK. As one of the leading European partners in the open text Web Solutions Group, we here see a chance, our partnership continue to expand. “, explains Christoph Mause’s commitment. This statement to confirm, seems that already within the first weeks of first customers were acquired.

Moreover, the realization of projects in the areas of Flash and Flex as well as online marketing is possible through the close ties within the group. Medium-term objective of ecomplexx is to be able to offer the entire range of full service with own project teams in the UK. More information about ecomplexx UK, see the new website. ecomplexx – brief of ecomplexx (www.ecomplexx.com) is one of the leading Web service provider, rich-Internet – and content management professionals of Europe with locations in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and France. The main sites of the company is located in Leverkusen (Germany), reading (UK) and WELS (Austria). Also, ecomplexx has offices in Munich, Oldenburg, Paris and Vienna. ecomplexx is partner with a team of currently almost 80 employees of leading European OpenText Web solutions, as well as Adobe Flex and runs many more partnerships with solution providers in the Web field. The company operates with the business areas of strategy, design, technology, marketing and services as a full service solution provider for the challenges of the E-business era, and the implementation of digital communication, content and business processes.

Online Business

The blog is an optimal platform to optimize the website blogs are all the rage these days. “They’re not just in”, rather they have become an indispensable part of your online business for many companies. Who are not giving away valuable potential. Nevertheless, there are some conservative votes that still have always understood not the increasing importance of blogs. Statements such as blogs bring nothing”are not uncommon. The company by Peter Mac farmer @M Web service appears with two blog systems on the market, who have what it takes to conquer the market. Learn six important reasons for a blog.

1. A modern love story – Google loves blogs to the search engines, and especially Google biggest search engine love blogs. “Who at Google blog search” types, will be surprised. The result: more than 11 billion search results! Because a blog as opposed to a conventional page is dynamic, he’s clearly Google’s favorite. Because Google loves changes on Web pages and especially long Blog signal to search engines that there more important content is conveyed. When new articles are published on a blog, the blog permanently enters the ranking by Google. Companies can provide brand new with a blog attention. 2.

A blog ideal for expert status was previously complex and expensive to reach an expert status, the options have become much better today through the social networks. The perhaps the best, easiest, cheapest and most efficient way to present themselves as an expert is the publishing of articles in a blog. There is no limit at all. There so many blog posts can be published as the writer is funny. Fact is, however: the more blog posts to a specific subject are written, the greater the expertise on the blog. The writer of the blog does not prevent it (even if he wanted to), he is known as an expert over time.

Relaunch At The Mommy Web

Fresh wind and even higher page performance in which mothers community Frankfurt, may 10, 2010: makeover for layout and page performance at mamiweb.de (www.mamiweb.de). Since the end of last week, more than 315,000 registered members of online community for moms can and women who will want to appreciate a younger and modern designed page. Also worked further on the page performance. Read more from Southwest Airlines to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Already we have placed great emphasis on a user-friendly site with fast loading times, to deliver maximum usability of our members”, so Dr. Additional information at Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow supports this article. Gerhard ollinger, founder and CEO of mommy Web.

With the relaunch, we take into account that we want to offer a clean and high-performance platform in the future the ever-increasing number of members. Also, we already have some new features in work to our users in the future it can. “, further to ollinger. Furthermore we work increasingly “the expansion of our magazine section (www.mamiweb.de/ magazine /), to provide the members with even more quality editorials.” Mommy Web Mamiweb.de which want there will be heard with over 315,000 registered members to one of the largest German online portal for mothers and women. The online community provides opportunities to interact with your peers, ask questions and meet other nice mothers. In the magazine there is daily new and interesting articles around the mother of existence, pregnancy, children and health. More features such as chat, groups, marketplace are offered to members. The official blog of mommy Web there is current information about Mommy Web and the team. In the lifestyle blog, you’re experiencing daily celebrity news and trends.

New Website To Win

With the Simploo CMS World Cup prediction game worth up to 1,500 euros for the winners of the new online tip game under waving around the football World Championship in South Africa a new Internet presence worth up to 1,500 euros. Just login at the Simploo CMS World Cup prediction game and set up a team. In this team, you can join forces with up to 10 players and-spielerinnen as a company, Club or school and compete against other teams. Typed are the results of all games of the upcoming soccer World Championship. While different points are awarded for the correct tendency and goal difference, and of course the right result, which further increase over the course of the competition. You his typed points each tippers or team standings out of each typesetter as average in the table. So team work, team spirit and cohesion is important also as at our national team during the football World Cup. In addition to the Team Championship there as well as in the individual competition to win great prizes. But that ultimately counts in the Simploo CMS World Cup prediction game also the voltage. After all, what’s more exciting than a maybe minor World Cup game with the tip slip in hand to root? Simploo GmbH Markus Schmid


In our series of post recently ‘on the website check’ we portray everyday problems, we have found in our Web site checks and demonstrate solutions. A contact form is useful and provides a convenient way for the company to contact, such as when he just sits on his own PC not the users. “However, experience shows that often forget” is to enter the E-Mail address or a message body (finally the receiver must know so well what I want from him and how he can reach me!”). No X make for a U – plausibility control each contact form should contain a plausibility check, which checks whether all required inputs have been made before sending can be correct. This protects also against clowns, the like to empty”contact forms send off. Ideally the plausibility check serves two, both the user and the provider.

When in form fields such as for the entry of the name, only letters, and not numbers be approved and vice versa for a form field, such as a phone number is obtained, only numbers and no letters are allowed, serves this as a help for the users and also reduces the spam payload for the provider. Spam through contact forms so far, so good. Were it not for the bots. Derived from the term robot, bots-computer programmes are meant, named the self-employed largely repetitive tasks work without being dependent on an interaction with a human user such as automated filling out contact forms with more or less meaningful content. Most bots are the fields of contact forms now capable of correctly”to fill in the field, which is an E-Mail address to enter any email address and to ensure that the plausibility of the entries. CAPTCHAs – a solution with barriers to reduce the exposure to unwanted advertisements via contact forms through such bots are often so called CAPTCHAs used.

ZARO Biotec, Opened New Online Shop – Clixa.de

“Online shop Clixa.de with energy products and food supplements Kufstein/Tyrol the eClypsi”, is a cult product of ZARO Biotec and it was offered several years successfully in teleshopping and through direct sales in the market. Today it has such good status that it will be increasingly purchased on the Internet and that has now resulted in a new shop that was. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. Short history: it lies with its elliptical shape well in hand, has a bright Milky shimmering surface and has very special skills. “Is meant the smallest product of company ZARO Biotec (www.zarobiotec.com) it stops on the name eClypsi” and transfers the biophotons energy contained in it to water and cleans with pure unadulterated water through this light vibration energy which increases the pH (laboratory study),. This sounds exciting and unbelievable, but the shapely particles makes that since 1997 without ceasing and without losing cleaning power.

This includes Wolfgang Potzl: the story of biophotons energy is also not more now, the co-owner explains, and there are enough possibilities on the interactions to provide the required evidence. It’s just simple physics and in physics, it is one of the objects of study of quantum electrodynamics, the oldest part of the standard model of particle physics. Photons are vividly talked about the building blocks of”electromagnetic radiation, like light particles (quanta). However may be not forgetting that all moving elementary particles including the photons have also wave properties, this is called the wave particle duality”. Photons have an infinite natural life, but can be created in a variety of physical processes or destroyed. Everything is vibration, and in cooperation with water this fascinating cleaning process which effectively protects the environment, is a genuine environmental protection”. What is so new about the new online shop? ZARO had only its own product range, eBoard, ePad, SpVital, BioTopVit, living harmony crystals.

Energy crystals and of course the eClypsi”, explains Wolfgang Potzl, sales coordinator of ZARO. Now we have now several thousand customers and should come now to enjoy of other valuable products, such as the supplements life gold”, a product line the ZARO Biotec in cooperation achieved with a longtime associate. To come now constantly more product innovations in the areas of health & beauty, fitness & energy, man issues, Spa & WELNESS, water & water filters and much more. We would simply offered new, proven, first-class and unique products to many customers obtained so hardly anywhere. And it is us very important to know that our customers are not normal customers, our customers love us and we love our customers, we have been apparently really everything under 0.02% with complaints. We have set an important benchmark with our guarantees, with up to 10 years, for example, the cleaning power of the eClypsi”. The post of happy customers is a pure delight, there were two letters of complaint in seven years. The old shop, is available until 31 December 2010 then is permanently switched off and reached via link the new Clixa shop.

Steganos New

Optimization of Web sites and developing applications to acquire new customers and viral marketing campaigns Munich, October 13, 2008 – which uses Munich-based full service Internet Agency CoCo new media performance focus on the optimization of websites for the iPhone. The iPhone was sold 3 million copies. The services are on the extra website iphone agency / communicates. The iPhone is a revolution for mobile Internet use. For the first time, it is easy to invoke the Internet anytime anywhere for a broad target group. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Verizon Communications. There are two possibilities of use: 1 call Web sites through the browser, 2. the use of individual applications. CoCo new media provides the optimization of communication measures for both ways.

In sites, such as phone numbers by tapping should lead directly to select. Special Internet sites that are adapted directly to the screen size and the look and feel of the iPhone are even better. An example is, the agent’s own website It appears when you call about the iPhone in an iPhone-optimized optics. By making individual applications, you can take advantage of the specific features of the iPhone. This can be used, for example, localization, the integration of Google maps or the reaction of the iPhone on movement. Individual applications for customer acquisition, customer retention and viral marketing campaigns are target. For us, it is important to recognize innovations early and to offer the appropriate profitable services for our customers at the right time.

“, so Martin Bauer, Managing Director of CoCo new media.” About CoCo new media, the 12-member team of the full service Internet Agency CoCo new media is active in the areas of work strategy, design, technology, content, optimization and online marketing. Since 1997, more than 400 projects were implemented. The customers of the Agency instrument, Steganos, ProSiebenSat.1 include South, Texas TuV. 1, Astron resort hotels and UniCredit consumer financing.

Alexander Kupke

With much hard work here results from decades entered has been. Under the menu point Championships and also in the view of the dog is the participation with individual results, as well as links to a corresponding video, if available, documented. Here is the team of universal dog for you on the road and created videos from each sport. Filed under: Bernard Golden. They are linked to the results of the dogs and the individual Championships. Of course you can reach not only about the links to the individual features in universal-dog dog datasheet. A clear menu dogs, people, videos, breeding, Championships, as well as the profile points is divided into the menu items mean profile, my albums, news contacts subscriptions, profile settings. Certainly, the point is an unbeatable argument breeding for premium users. If you have read about Gary Kelly already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Breeding planning, the pedigree simulation of a connection, the registration of Act of deck and the litter message to all contact information for puppy buyers and sellers universal dog here offers a very good strategy. Clearly sorted according to breeds the matings, deck litter date, and contact address of the breeder will be displayed to the visitor. Something for the eye is the representation of the breedings. The deck partners are represented as screen and can be filtered according to race and country. Also at the farms it is possible to see what visitors are interested in the published roll the premium user. Data were all well and also the communications at universal dog facts but stands tall in the course. The user maintain your contacts in friend list and have the possibility to send personal messages.

Here many new friendships have been forged and some at universal dog has found old friends. The personal home page of each users displays the latest changes in the circle of friends, as well as an overview of recent dogs, videos and pictures at each visit. Is for some one to the end of the day, universal-dog to pay a short visit as the look in the newspaper. The day’s news, statistics of the own dog, a nice word to friends or looking for the partner of a deck. Meanwhile, universal-dog has gotten even a sibling: the world’s first database for animals of a different kind: the horse. The screen is not square, you could say, all in all a round thing that can cause some days square eyes. Press contact: Universal-Dog.eu author: Thomas Heinzmann contact person: Alexander Kupke employee service E-Mail: Web: phone: 0345 478234-0 fax: 0345 478234-29

Innovative Trend Products: The Notebook

On time at the beginning of the summer there are new designs in the design program on my Notizbuch.com now a sunny update on my Notizbuch.com. Book lovers can enjoy just over 10 new designs, which enrich the design of the front page. If the customer has wondered until now “as my notebook to look like?”, my notebook now has the answer with certainty. Yet individual, even an upbeat, lively, romantic, according to the taste of the customers is the notebook with new designs in the online design program on my Notizbuch.com. The design options are already immense: the cover of the notebook can be equipped with color photos on front and back and combined with text and background graphics. This makes more personal to its owners this daily companion. The customer can unleash as much as possible in the design of his imagination. It’s believed that Brad Garlinghouse sees a great future in this idea.

The contents of the notebook holds few surprises. In addition to standard layouts such as Plaid, lined, plain, dotted or top5, the customer in pink, grey, blue or brown can choose, there the topic content “Cook”, “Diet”, “Love” and “Outfit” recently. This can facilitate the daily use or hold fond memory for eternity. This selects the customer directly online and can order his own notebook from as little as 1 piece. With its new online service, the IT service provider Imaginaro has taken exactly the pulse of time.

The notebook-Portal attracts customers with its fresh design, easy usability and customization function. In a design program specially developed the customer may his own notebook in the formats DIN A5 or DIN A6 according to his ideas create flexible or hard envelope itself. In the design of the cover, there are the possibilities with colours, to accomplish his own artwork, text and background designs on white or brown surface. The customer can upload but also a photo or a graphic in the design program and to obtain an even more individual note-book.

New Online Learning Platform BLCu

Learn English faster with the help of BLC4u.com which takes account of the international e-learning platform BLC4u. You may want to visit Verizon Communications to increase your knowledge. Anyone can easily learn from home from English. The concept of BLC4u.com how it works: six different language levels, make learning easy and convenient. The learning platform is available around the clock at the disposal. The English course in three different options book (one month, three months or half a year). Suitable for beginners and advanced. Convenient schedule from home.

BLC4u.com is an international e-learning platform with presence in Brazil, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and the United States. The training material was developed by professional teachers and students is available at any time. This online courses the content here correspond to the classical lessons except that you must leave the House for. A faster language success is guaranteed by the individually defined levels. You too late to learn easily from home and can split the time quite flexible. Nobody needs to a specific Time looking for a school or an exercise room and with other students compete there on uncomfortable chairs. With the innovative learning platform on BLC4u.com, it is easy to learn a foreign language such as English. The levels make it possible to follow their own learning pace and to see a lesson as many times as necessary.

Since it is possible to book the English course in three different options nobody is forced more than wanted it to stay. Another on the Web page… . Here, beginners as well as advanced within a short time English learn. Through the convenient schedule from home you can optimally coordinate teaching with professional and personal life. To master a foreign language such as English has become today almost indispensable at work. Therefore, it makes sense to familiarize themselves in this way with the language.