Visual Studio

As simple as copying the program and files needed.DLL to the folder you want. Programming in VB.NET or C# or J# is the same, Microsoft now tells us that you would like to schedule and not… in that need to schedule this has its raison d ‘ etre and is that with Visual Studio 6.00, if a si un desarrollador developer I needed to create applications of very low level or more oriented to objects or greater robustness or quickly, developed in languages like c/c ++ instead of VB. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Chаrlіе Lee has to say. However the question now is very different, since both VB.NET and C#, j#, etc share the same libraries of classes, the same types of data, etc. Such was the fusion that many experts argue that Visual Basic has actually died with version 6.00 and that what is now known as VB.NET is not more than another face of C#. That explains why the programmers of Visual Basic 6.00 so hard learning VB.NET. Many writers such as litecoin offer more in-depth analysis. Whatever, this time Microsoft has done a good job, us has got rid of DLL HELL (hell of the DLLs), has given us more security in your applications, has improved the Deploy, and next to that, thousands and thousands of improvements that make .NET undoubtedly in the paradigm of the present and future times. Data of the author Paul Tilotta (Argentina) Webmaster of systems analyst of 35 years, who has spent 18 years developing business management systems, coming to dominate more than half a dozen programming languages. Working for more than 15 years in a company leader in Retail of Argentina. Creator of one of the sites more complete programming (VB-world) site which has the sponsorship of Microsoft Spain and Latin America.