The Telecommuter Job Report

Not to mention some of the highest gas prices. Janelle's family has saved over $ 200 per month by eliminating your commute to the office. Not having to invest in business clothes. With two children in the child's age, and a new car, the cost of Janelle's family expanded dramatically in the last three years. However, with a reduction of certain expenses, like office clothes that have been able to allocate that money to their most recent bills without feeling overwhelmed. Con: Power of the voice. If you're not used to speak continuously for long periods of time, you may find your throat hurt for the first week or so until your body adjusts.

"When I started to respond to calls for the infomercial people had to read a script relatively long, depending on the product being sold. The first few days were murder in the throat," says Janelle. His solution was to keep a cup of hot tea nearby, as well as a glass of water at room temperature with lemon. "It is very important to keep your throat hydrated with the right things, or lose steam too early," he advises. Payment can be volatile for those who are new to the game.

Janelle get attention anywhere from $ .17 – $ .27 per minute when talking on the phone with a customer. So if you choose a period of slowdown, which could literally less than a dollar an hour. "When I have time with HSN very busy when I was going to be on the phone for an hour about everything. Then there are times when the phone rang one or two times, "she says." Now, before my book of hours to look at what will be for sale during that time period. Some items will only attract more buyers. So the hours of my time working around the hot sellers, and my checks have always been getting better. "Workers are advised in their field to keep a diary of what you are selling when they work, so they know that most calls come from. Not having an independent working life away from home. Janelle says he sometimes misses the company of adults and the change of pace in a field office provides. "Yes, sometimes long for a refrigerator jokes little water, "he laughs." But when I can roll out of bed, put on my headphones and start working at any time of day or night, I realize that I have yet one of the best posts work in the world. "Alexis Dawes is the author of "The Telecommuter Job Report, a quarterly update and report shows that companies that hire telecommuters on a regular basis, and interviews with real working teleworkers. You can get more information about this report