The Obligation

The offers of open youth work are perceived by young people in their leisure time. They always even decide whether they want to or not accept such an offer. (Similarly see: Oracle). One speaks of the principle of voluntary action “.” “1 where, however, the work on the school always on the principle of the obligation” is based. The young people have to take their duty to participate in the lessons, otherwise sanctions threaten them. 2 school social work is their very own role between these two institutions / establishments.

It combines the voluntary participation on the one hand and the obligation to participate on the other hand in their offers for young people. A part of the offerings of school social work is leisure-educational offers in the frame of the open day for students so voluntary, such as for example. Other deals are for them but also mandatory, as for example the Discussions at school conflicts. “This special role and the potential of the school social work have in me following hypothesis emerge: school social work is a vital link in the the open child & youth work and school systems!” 4. objective of the professional work while working on my work would I for one find out what role I should take as an educator to do social work in a school and which framework conditions must exist. Also I would enter it on the covers of school social work in the school system and lighting the cooperation with the open children’s and youth work.

Finally I would like to show the possibilities, which offers to open child and youth work, school social work and enter possible boundaries and problems which may arise for the school social work. 5. theoretical discussion with the topic 5.1. objectives & tasks of the main goal of school social work It is the school social work, to improve the living and learning conditions of children and young people at their school.