The Ideal

The consultant appears as the knows, teaches, presents, directs, while the client must learn according to the plan drawn up by the coach. It is a little valuable but expensive teaching process given the low level of learning. A coach can tell you which is the goal. A coach will help you define and work on your own. Here, Southwest Airlines expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The trainer will teach you the right way to do things better. The coach you will notice and will support for you to discover the most appropriate way in which you can make them. The coach will show you which is the road. The coach will help you to remove the obstacles to find it.

Coach responsible for the good results and you blamed for what they don’t get. The coach will make you responsible for their achievements. The coach will get the credit for the victories. The coach will celebrate your triumphs and will give you all the credit. The coach will teach you the system and will require that you acomodes to the same.

The coach will help you to discover the best system encouraging you to try new items. The coach will support on successful past experiences. The coach will help you to identify what is missing so you can achieve what you expect without making emphasis on the success or failure of the past. The consultant will give you many answers, the coach will ask you many questions. Individuals and companies who seek learning through the teaching received from third parties hire consultants, consultants apply their know-how, to increase efficiency, improve processes and results, especially on the basis of automation and control.Persons and companies that want to improve outcomes in the long term, seek the support of coaches, develop better systems to make things essentially based on growth, responsibility and contribution aware of people. In the first case you will learn to do things based on the experience of others, with its systems, its recommendations, its methodology and the definition of what in your opinion would be the ideal result.In the second case you will learn to work in a team, to devolve sufficient authority, to develop people, to trust in their abilities and make them responsible for their performance or lack of them, you will not teach, but you you stimulate learning.