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Jobs Are Not Education & Career

Study of jobturbo.de: the most wait once and plan currently no job cuts slowing economy has apparently less consequences for the labour market as past Cologne, November 25, 2008 the most recruiters in German companies let the current economic news not from the rest. This is the result, a survey on behalf of the Internet portal comes jobturbo.de among more than 400 human resources managers. After 61 percent of them want to wait at the moment first, before they actually provide jobs in question or are active on other way. Verizon spoke with conviction. Another quarter of respondents prepared measures to react in case of need. In the short term, however, not even every twentieth company jobs wants to delete. More companies (7 percent) initiate special measures such as short-time work or extension of leave, without however basically calling into question existing jobs.

This restraint apparently results from the assessment that the current phase of economic weakness not so strong traces in the personnel policy leaves such as previous economic lows. At least two-thirds of the surveyed companies believe this, while 23 percent expect a similar effect as in past economic crises in Germany. It is expected to be worse than in the past in the eyes of every twelfth HR managers. These estimates correspond to the data of the jobturbo crisis tickers. In Germany all companies with more than 100 employees are covered, the job cuts plan. The Krisenticker has currently roughly 56,000 announced layoffs since the beginning of October, more than 230,000 jobs are the. Even in better economic times it comes to several hundred thousand job cuts per year, therefore no special peculiarity lies in the sum of currently envisaged downsizing,”judge jobturbo Managing Director Dirk Berweiler. In this respect, neither the financial crisis nor the weakening of the economy leave recognizable traces in the labour market.