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United States

Just as they do predatory animals that hunt and kill their prey, EU, always is in search of his own, for then figuratively kill and devour him. Is what happened in 1898, following the Spanish-American war that sought to liberate Cuba from the Spanish yoke (and incidentally give of a) great market to the United States), Spain ceded them the Philippines for $ 20 million. Spain also recognized the independence of Cuba and ceded Puerto Rico and Guam directly to its winner. 15 But possibly one of the most notorious for this type of behavior is the construction of the Panama canal the dream of a canal which crosses the isthmus of Central America was born many years prior to the year 1903, when the Government of the United States began building the canal that we see today. The two men who had most influence on the decision of the US Government, to make another attempt at a canal through the isthmus, were Theodor Roosevelt, the President in 1901, and Alfred Mahan, a general in the Navy of the United States. Mahan had many theories of war and political power. He believed that if the United States wanted to maintain their power, they had to control the sea.

With the events of the war in Cuba in his head, he saw a great change in the importance of the Caribbean for the United States and the world. In the heart of the plane of Mahan to control the sea, was the Panama canal. Roosevelt was in agreement with the theories of Mahan. He had fought in the war against the Spaniards, and recalled the voyage of a ship (the Oregon) that came to San Francisco was 13,000 miles, and with a channel, the trip would have been more than 8,000 fewer miles. T.R. saw dangers in the possibility of other countries also control channel.

Masculine Energy

Many of the conflicts that arise in the long run in a pair relation, they must to that we are not in agreement in how the other behaves, it thinks, it acts and we tend to make responsible to him of these differences. This case can to be of pair, where one is the one that the initiative in great number of occasions takes and the other the one follows that them and assumes complaining of which its pair does not let space to him to express its opinions, instead of to analyze its attitude and to begin to value its opinions most frequently expressing them. If you would like to know more about When the conflict already is present, it can be good moment to deepen within itself and to analyze how they are managing each of these energies. We put, for example, the case of a woman (or a man also) it contributes in greater degree its feminine energy to the relation.

It can that it is the moment so that contacts with its more masculine characteristics, generally, in the form how it communicates with its pair. Perhaps and, in the case of a man (or a woman) that contributes the masculine energy most of, the moment so that it takes advantage of some his more feminine characteristics, like the empathy, the receptivity, the tenderness has arrived. In last instance, it will be to us of good aid that instead of to hope that it is our pair who contributes those qualities to us in which we did not emphasize so much, we are we same who we make the decision to cultivate each of these abilities within we ourself. Balancing own abilities of the masculine energy, like: the analysis, the logic, the planning, the perseverancia with own others of the feminine energy: the patience, the empathy, the receptivity, the intuition. It agrees to have present that each member of the pair is a complete individual, competent that contributes and shares its fullness to the other, adding enters a greater sum both to which he is each one by individual. These aspects also us can be very useful to manage to have the attitude adapted at the time of finding pair.

World Know

The base of a happy marriage is when each person in the marriage feels successful like an individual (Not like pair). How you feel, she will have a great impact in the happiness of your marriage So instead of to try to convince your husband that it likes, Why not to trust you to feel special? When assuming the responsibility of your emotions, you have taken the first step to save your marriage, thus your husband does not want to do it. Your bonds much, you are one in a million, you do not allow that the cirscunstancia or the society says to you that to do or as you must of sentirte. Now already you know it, you are not like the thousands of women around the world who do not know this, your you have a great advantage since you know already it, now is only question to apply it. Hazlo, you are not only like the women who continue crying and complaining their spouses, and do not make anything to reclaim them, they do not do anything is why their marriages fail.

When I decidi, to rise to me of the ground and to clear my tears, was when she takes the correct attitude to save my marriage, when better me senti like person, was that it makes the decision to look for aid. Your You are One in a Million, Not it Olvides Never! It remembers that if nonbeams nothing, is not either going to pass nothing, as soon as to read this article I aloud gave that you are a precious Jewel, somebody that is worth much reason why it is, that is no better woman in the world that your, repeats the several times you create until it, when you feel already it, begins to admire your husband, of that form you would only manage to save your marriage, I guarantee it to you. You already know that to accounts with my total support from my page Web in this duro process, as for me seguire writing but information so that to the aim you obtain To recover your marriage. We see in my page Web! Your Kar friend it Go’mez PS: Djame a commentary I would like to know but of you, and you tell me that but you made for sentirte the best Woman of the World =)