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Martin Schmidt Cooks

Is the sympathetic Karlsruhe Germany’s master chef? This time, the candidate of Germany’s Chef are 2010 in Portugal. In the Cataplana Cook and a Sternerstaurant you need to the tasks of the jury. Martin creates in turn to prove it to the jury, and he can cook everything. 42 degrees in the shade and the participants need to cooking on a small Hacienda in the vicinity of Lisbon the national dish the Cataplana on small charcoal barbecues. Previously, the ingredients in the city only with some change and a map Pocket Dictionary had to be worried.

Felix and Martin made it through their perfect teamwork first again at the jurors to arrive and his cooked up to 5 minutes. The Karlsruhe Martin Schmidt cooked his Cataplana very german. But what does anything bad, because tradition, close to home, and also the a hobby Cook for that is what he cooks, show strong character. Of such criticisms, I don’t confuse me. My home is important to me”, Martin. The shipment left more unfortunately already in the press and at the spectator the impression of a bad casting show and also the tone of the jurors leaves themselves require further information. Source: Verizon Communications. The odds here are proof enough.

Sat1 hoped for the same success as in Australia, but the concept has not even been copied approach. Thomas Jaumann spat out food a candidate in the 4th. Therefore, the full respect of the candidates is that they think such circumstances at all. The Cataplana challenge won the 53 year old Brigitte to the conclusion and thus secured an advantage for the next task of the team. Hours later the participants of this task also had to face. The luxury hotel, the Penha Longa Hotel near Lisbon and the restaurant Arola expected it already. Twenty guests of Star Chef Sergi Arola should two teams with a 6-course menu cooking are. The guest should decide victory or defeat as the jury concluded. The Karlsruhe Martin Schmidt succeeded despite its really star reifen Essen, sheep cheese rolls appetizer with peach and soy sauce” to cover for the next round. Thus the participants in the Red Group had to prove again the individual cooking what they can do. Back in the Kochloft, the candidates got the task to process two ingredients in two gears. Martin shone in this discipline. His inventiveness and the tasty way to make his food and not his personality to the fore, characterize the amateur Cook. For this reason, he already has a big fan club. Martin finds his style and that’s also the beauty, that he not dissuaded from itself”, so quotes from the guestbook. Before the jury, Martin has conjured this time a ruckwartsgebratenes veal chop with a soy reduction and Bubespitzle. From the scallop, he conjured up a work of art with a rice pepper crunch, Apple fennel Pineapple Salad and Krusty scallops. The jury was impressed, because once the tradition art and also the filigree by Martin Schmidt was. A talent which we must not give up. The next episode comes Saturday at 18:30 on Sat1. (Text: Stefanie Lakshminarayana)