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Being Investment Grade

The Colombian economy has been doing very well duties to recover the credit rating of investment loss in the year 1999, grade but the international financial crisis has generated him unexpected problems that away from the cherished goal.Investment grade is a very big step for which Colombia is not yet ready, at least not in the next one or two years. We have always had doubts about the fiscal situation of the country, which could worsen as a result of the crisis, said the analyst of Moody s Alessandra Alecci, generating uneasiness among Colombians in general and in particular between the Colombian business community.External factors come knocking the Colombian economy that originally had to struggle against external inflationary pressures and must now cope with the slowdown in the growth of the global economy which affects the dynamics of the Colombian economy, an economy that in recent times has increased its efforts by open to the outside.The fiscal and external situation of the Colombian economy have been the two elements which prevented Colombia to regain its investment grade. That is why that Uribe’s Government has made efforts to improve both fronts, reducing the tax gap and celebrating several treaties of free trade agreement (FTA), to balance the external accounts.But the international financial crisis will represent a blow on both fronts for the coming year. Although it was expected that in 2009, the fiscal deficit of Colombia increased by an increase in public spending (for defence and pensions), the international financial crisis that will result in slower growth of the Colombian economy (as revealed Richard Francis, s & P, the Agency is revising its projected growth of Colombia, which will very likely be downwards)It will have implications on the level of tax revenues which will reduce worsening fiscal situation.On the other hand, the slower global economic growth will be translated in a minor demand external and an increase in competition in the local market, of imported products.

CNBV Service

Virtually all Mexicans today have at least one cell phone or eventually used a public phone or an internet cafe. However, no one knows to what levels of service entitled by your service. The bonus of service after 72 hours of failure, nevertheless be extremely relaxed for most of the customers requirements, since these were defined when there is a dependency such high telecommunications in daily life. Cofetel should really re-evaluate the need to improve these guarantees of quality applicable to the majority of users. COFETEL must establish and verify service levels very stringent and specific for different services, as well as measuring them and test them.

On the other hand, as well as the CNBV obliges banks to publish the CAT of loans, Cofetel must compel publish levels of service that actually delivers. On the other hand, continuity of service in case of emergencies plans, should offer resilience for the majority of customers in times reasonable, as well as schemes of assistance and information to clients. 72 Hours of response should only be applied in extreme cases but not be the norm. The price of services of telecommunications in Mexico is continuously compared with the other countries and is not necessarily the lowest. So the quality should be comparable with other countries.

Also, the guarantees of service must offer to all users and not only to enterprise customers. Telecommunications are an essential input for today’s businesses and the quality should be regulated strictly. The levels of service of the telephone companies should be clearly identified and comparable at the international level, with operators from countries with which Mexico does business.