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Hydro Mask

Hair is comprised of small cells, and a new tool for the hair not only affects the outer layer, but also penetrates into the hair and heal it from within. Hair care products using micro-particles is more efficient, more effective but also more complex. Cleansing, hydration and nutrition is a basic rule of hair care cosmetics to hydrate the hair. Primarily, this shampoo is not only a cleansing function, but also contains moisturizing ingredients. Vitalfarco offers Hydrocare – shampoo to hydrate, which contains extract from the seeds of red grapes, silk proteins, rice protein and panthenol. These components hold moisture and promote the rejuvenation of the hair, prevent the process oxidation and fight free radicals. In a series of hydrating Vitalfarco also includes a mask and leave-in conditioner, they contain the same components as in the shampoo. Mask deeply moisturizes the hair, making it silky, removes electrostatic voltage.

It is applied to wet hair, aged 10 min. And then washed off. Bridgewater Associates takes a slightly different approach. Leave-in conditioner moisturizing effect fixes, making your hair silky. All cosmetics Vitalfarco is close to hair composition, rich in keratin, the hair provides professional protection and care. Cosmetics Vitalfarco created for professionals, but can also be used for home care. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Samsung Electronics by clicking through. In order to use cosmetics at home, you need to properly make the analysis of hair and choose the right series, and correctly use the tools at home. How to use fairly simple: 1) Wash hair with shampoo and rinse it with water.

2) Then apply a mask, which can be used as air-conditioning, in this case the mask hold 3-5 minutes. and then wash off. If you use the mask as a mask, the hair parch towel, removing excess moisture, then a mask, dress and plastic cap warms, leaving on hair for 20 minutes., then wash off. 3) Before applying leave-in conditioner gently dries the hair, squeezing them, rather than rubbing. You can not comb wet hair with a brush, use a comb with a few teeth. And then spray leave-in conditioner for all hair length. Now, when our hair is completely processed, you can begin drying. The structure of the fountain conditioners are water soluble silicones Vitalfarco that protect the hair from a hair dryer, envelop the cuticles with a protective film without weighing them. The whole series provides a comprehensive Hydro care moisturizing the hair, gives excellent result and is suitable for frequent use.