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The Mentioned

That is to say, it does not only look for to occupy the market but also to dominate the same, for example with new policies of prices, for example when it is controlled the market is clear that the price can be imposed, thus in this case the demand will have to comply to the supply, of the such form that all the companies can determine the price to pay in the market by or or service. In such sense it is clear that in the poster those that leave winning are the industralists but not consuming them or clients or buyers because these last ones must comply to the supplies of the market that is where one the mentioned one with the demand. That is to say, the posters make many opportunities that the prices increase to have majors gains in the market, nevertheless, can cause that the prices lower so that other companies cannot compete in the market and this way break and close their doors. Thus that they look for the posters is to handle the market at will. That is to say, they look for to create monopolies and oligopolies to put the price that is happened to them or felt. Of such form that can have but or majors gains. The posters are persecuted in some countries by the anti-trust legislation and antioligopoly, of such form that in the same when an enterprise concentration of this type is celebrated the state takes part to correct the market, nevertheless, all are not in agreement with these legislations, and in any case it is very debatable subjects, of such form that are considered as tragic cases in the doctrine because whatever form or solution that is always adopted will exist the sacrifice of some economic agent in the market. People such as Ronald O’Hanley would likely agree. When one studies the posters can study the posters of narcotics traffickers, nevertheless, in the present one it soothes we do not want to enter this subject because it is outside the margin of application of the enterprise concentration. .

Unknown War

A country exists that, without having been in war declared with no other, received during nine years, like average, the total lethal load of a bombing American B-52 every eight minutes. From Phonsavan, in Laos, the correspondent of The Guardian in the South-east Asian, Ian MacKinnon, at the same time as he publishes east data remembers to us that the aviation of the United States sent on the Asian country more tonnage of pumps than all that was used during World War II. This was the secret war that the United States freed against Laos while another war was developed, this one open and well well-known one in Vietnam, against the norvietnamita army. In that one was to destroy the call route Ho Chi Minh, the set of tracks and footpaths that communicated Vietnam with China, through Laos and Cambodia and by means of which fed the combat operations on the Vietcong. In the province of Xieng Juang, in center of Laos, its new capital, Phonsavan, it has been reconstructed from the anything, but it can show the title of being city that has more undergone the effects of the cluster pumps and, as well, the most bombed of the world with these so uncontrollable arms of and lethal effects. Esteem that was sent in Laos more than 260 million these treasonous devices, of that near 80 million they did not explode.

As a result of it, it affirms MacKinnon, more than 13,000 people (half, children) they have perished or they have been mutilated when excavating in the fields in search of scrap iron, like means of subsistence in a country where near 40% of cultivable earth it is flooded by those small pumps, of size similar to a ball. If to this the data is united on which a 80% of the Laotian population live on agriculture, easy it is to understand the enormous danger that stops the life and the prosperity of the country locks up the cluster pumps. Of there the necessity to limit or to prohibit the use of arms whose more excellent peculiarity is than they continue acting by his account, although La Paz between the combatants is signed used who them. Has still not been a procedure trustworthy that it makes unusable automatically after a certain time. More than one hundred countries than they attended in Dublin the diplomatic conference for the adoption of a Convention on cluster pumps are had it jeopardize to never use, under no circumstance such arms. Also its manufacture, acquisition, storage or sale are prohibited. When at least 30 countries have ratified the agreement, this one will happen to comprise of the humanitarian international right.

Days ago the ratification process began in Oslo, that Spain has subscribed and begun to practice with the destruction of 6,000 pumps of this type. Of the 26 members of NATO, 18 also they will subscribe the convention. He is lamentable that several important countries did not attend the conference, like China, the United States (the noun paladn of the human rights), India, Israel (that this type of pumps in the war of the Lebanon of 2006 used profusely), Pakistan and Russia, between which the main manufacturers count themselves and suppliers of this type of armament. Anyway, the first passages of an irreversible way are occurring already by which there will be to advance in the long run all the States.