Standing Incubators

According to the foregoing incubators are shown as an important element of strengthening of relations on the basis of developments below present the following analysis. Networks and entrepreneurship incubators as you found in the literature on the topics of business incubators, entrepreneurship and social networks, its orientation leads to understand its importance in the process of creating and strengthening business, each issue offers alternatives, advantages such that in an integrated manner can generate large achievements in the development of entrepreneurship, in several countries the issues have arisen, based on different needs, some generated by policies of the Government with the aim of generating socio-economic development, have established strategies class with private sector, unions, academic institutions and research centres, Greve and Salaff (2003) others by individuals with talents and entrepreneurial features some personal growth (Wiklund-oriented, et. Al., (2007). o development of projects of life or to maintain its level of survival in the absence of employment. sometimes on an individual basis or in group form as described in result of study analyzed in previous chapters (Tiessen, 1997).