Social Security

Obligation to maintain during the duration of the reduction, employment reached made hiring. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Accenture Strategy. Possibility of choice, in the hiring of people with disabilities or victims of gender violence or social exclusion, between applying the average of this article or bonuses of law 43/2006, without prejudice to apply the bonus that applicable under the law 43/2006 or law 35/2010 by the time that extracted discounting the reduction period. The companies that held indefinite contracts, after the year of the application of the reduction of quotas, are eligible for the bonus that may correspond in law 43/2006 and law 35/2010. Companies which have concluded contracts temporary and, before the course of one year from the date of conclusion, transformed them into indefinite with the same day or higher, shall be entitled to article 10 of law 35/2010 bonuses if the worker was eligible at the time of hiring. The reduction period will be deducted from the bonus period. Possibility of application of the additional 1 of law 12/2001 provision transformations of temporary contracts to indefinite carried out before the 12 months following the initial engagement. Subsidiary application of law 43/2006 subject to provisions relating to exclusions in your article 6.1. c.

2.-Programme of retraining of people who exhausted their protection by unemployment. (Article 2) It is fixed for this program a duration of 6 months from its entry into force. Beneficiaries: people registered in the employment offices as unemployed due to termination of his employment relationship that exhausted, from February 16, 2011, the provision contributory level unemployment and are not entitled to any unemployment allowances established by law, or you have exhausted any of these subsidies, including their time extensions. Excluded: those who had perceived the provision of extraordinary temporary program of protection for unemployment and insertion, as well as those that they have exhausted or they may have right to the active insertion income and which have exhausted agricultural income or the subsidizing unemployment both in favor of casual workers of the agricultural special regime of the Social Security.