Small Business Marketing Office

Many private entrepreneurs face the challenge of where to find a small but decent office. A related site: The disadvantages of such office, the entrance through a common entrance, proximity to residential apartments, there is no possibility to provide lease to the Tax Office. However, these offices are in demand. – In the market a new service popular abroad under the name Co-working-rent job or rooms with full office equipment, even Secretary, the service may come to people who are mobile business and was rarely used office, but need it occasionally. Merits of the proposal is that you can get everything at once, for a reasonable price, especially in presentable place. The disadvantages are: the price per hour will save you money, and a month will more than renting a well-equipped rooms a decent area.

Yet with the development of small business in Ukraine Co-working will be in high demand especially in big cities. – For small firms, are ideal in office buildings, Class B and C may be a new building but typically is administered after the reconstruction of the building, located in the central or middle part of the city. The system of cabinet space in the building, has its own administration, organized by the cleaning, there is space for parking. Internet landline phone, new windows, roof the ceiling is almost everywhere. As for price, it can range from 80 to 200 UAH. Summarizing we can say that the portal "The League Realty" produced only information about the types of commercial real estate, which may be suitable for lease, and the choice is up to enterprising small businesses. Source Link to article