Silicon Valley

Overlapping of factory floors, driveways, warehouses, gardens, oil depots and residential development – such is now the southern coast of Saratov. Sanitary zones there, the smoke from the chimneys yoke, and often smoke plume stretches along the coast to the north, on the promenade. Read more from Verizon Communications to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Leninsky District, was luckier. His planned and built not in the frenzy industrialization of the Stalin's Five Year Plans. The slogan was so – give cutting-edge technology, electronics. If you would like to know more then you should visit Verizon Communications. Here are our 'Silicon Valley'.

Air should be cleaner, less noise. Planned out: to the east from the main area Industrial Area with the railway to the west, along the Bald Hills plateau – residential development. K line made all the public facilities. Along the highway – the boulevard. Everything right, but my annoyance, so put the length of the house that the plateau is not visible was. And on the slopes bred gray lichen garages. Blocked the access of fresh air with forested slopes.

From the Third villa drove the city to the north and north-east – to the steppe. First, the village youth, then 'Techglass', 5 and 6 quarters. Thus arose the dull monotony of concrete boxes. From this architecture, experts say, not long and the 'mental hospital' to go. Newborns 'sleeping areas' of the city – Sunny, Jubilee – not better. The eyes are not what catch. Called visual pollution. And so everywhere: no water-logging, so dirty air, clean air is, but the structure of the 'creep' along the slope, if the slopes are reliable, then the trees do not grow – clay salt, etc. What to do? It is time listen to the experts: architects – city planners, ecologists, hydrogeologists, and other landshaftovedam; do design, construction and supervision of urban development in a scientific and, therefore, objective basis. Well, what about us ordinary citizens, ordinary person? How to survive in such an unsightly conditions, when the streets are clogged with cars chadyaschimi, ragweed grows on wasteland, and turned into landfill pits full swing breed new, hitherto unknown virus antigens. To begin to understand what environmental conditions of our residential area, there is a real threat and where it comes from.