The drawing is also often regarded as a symbol of the basic symmetry of the human body and, by extension, the universe as a whole. Study of the drawing can be seen that the combination of the positions of the arm and leg positions actually creates sixteen different. This illustrates the principle that the change between the two positions, the apparent center of the figure seems to move, but in reality the navel of the figure, which is the true center of gravity and shaft remains stationary. According to the Rig Veda, the germ of the world resting on the navel of creation. The Midrash says that God created the world as being born of woman, from the navel. The C enter the world is the navel, by comparing the human microcosm to the macrocosm universal. The Polar Star is the navel of the sky. For Hindus and Buddhists, Jews and Greeks, the navel is the beginning of everything, as he begins to root for the embryo as the Polynesians consider the end.

According to them the human being completes its gestation and born, is separated from his mother, and the navel is the mark of his perfect finishing. The navel is the seat of the soul, the highest point of spirituality in human anatomy, the place of choice to find the cosmic harmony, or the third eye that contemplate the Hesicasta, who long to see the uncreated light of Tabor. Navel emanates the divine fire. It is the center of the breath and the wind rose.