PCs Repair

Today, computer help at home business is a very common and very difficult to decide which firm to contact. That's why our company is quite different from similar services. The entire managerial staff has vast experience in repairing computers at home. Manager chooses optimally appropriate specialist for your problem, whether data recovery, computer repair or virus removal. If your computer needs repair, in no case should not apply to computer scientists – fans, "taught", and already own the more 'arm' with a screwdriver and a hammer! Amateur work can be expensive: at best – buying new parts, at worst – the purchase of new PCs, professional approach – that is what you need 'patient' PCs.

Our specialist will complete diagnostics computer, detects failure, and in accordance with will result 'first computer assistance', ie make repairs. If the damage is serious, you have to use our computer service center. This is where the 'patient' will be able to pass all the necessary procedures – from installing software to recover lost data. And while you do not need this service center to go – the master himself will take myself and bring your PC by taking out all the necessary documents, and will keep you informed during the repair process. The company OOO 'Special on PC' Phone: (495) 499-167-32-86 (Password 'Spec Plus' – 5% discount) for PC Company Special engaged in repair, tuning, care and protection of computers. We offer a full range of computer services from cleaning the keyboard settings to the most complex server-based OS family of windows server.Uslugi performed by our firm: Installing programs, Virus Removal, Computer Repair, Restoration data, computer assembly, installation network and the Internet; Installation OC (windows xp, vista, windows7, linux, unix); Configure Wi-Fi networks; GNU Free Documentation License, Connect to a network Yota; Office turnkey, upgrade and repair laptops on the road, and virus removal anti-virus protection And other computer services. We are open daily from 8.00 am to 21.00 pm seven days a week.