Medical Sciences

Thus, Works are no longer able to produce highly profitable bleached pulp and was forced to stop work. Due to the interruption of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill is extremely acute socio-economic situation in the town of Baikalsk, so bppm as a town-production. The State Duma has extended the ban on human cloning last week the Russian State Duma adopted on first reading a government bill to extend the ban on cloning rights in Russia. The Russian government said that the technology of human cloning to date not fully developed, and human cloning occurs with a variety of legal, ethical and religious problems, which today still have no apparent solutions. However, the document allows the cloning of other organisms and cloning cells for research purposes. The document is supported by the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Taking the bill, Russia should be the un Declaration on 8 March 2005, which contains a call to 'ban all forms of human cloning to the extent that they are incompatible with human dignity and the protection of human life. " Note that previously introduced a five-year ban on human cloning ended June 23, 2007. The government bill introduces a ban on human cloning until such time until enter into force on federal law, "establishing an order of the use of cloning technology organisms to human cloning." Moscow to host environmental action for dog owners at the end of February Russian capital will be environmental action aimed at attracting the attention of Muscovites, containing and walk their dogs in the wrong places.