Medellin Population

Already in the year 2009 was a progressive increase of this service and training institutions to this work, so it can be observed that much of the population needs a site of body relaxation, thereby contributing to the improvement of the quality of life, decreased levels of stress or illness and the strengthening of the physical and mental well-being. Within this population we find workers, businessmen, tourists in health, older adults and athletes; These people are predisposed to acquiring diseases or not easily heal those that already have. They require an institution to provide them services aimed at the reduction of work-related stress, to the attention of the post-operative.

State and measures that seek to maintain health and prevent disease. It is worth note, that since ancient times they have known the virtues of bodily techniques manual (massage therapy), which have been widely investigated demonstrating the beneficial effect that they have on health; especially in modern times, with the advent of globalization are many risk factors that are present in the population, due to changes in the habits of life, which have brought about the appearance of pathologies by stress and poor nutrition, such as skeletal muscle, over weight, obesity, hypertension, diabetes among other disorders. All this and the boom that have had treatments like surgery Bariatric, cosmetic surgery and manual therapies and taking into account that our country is recognized internationally as a pioneer in the area and is of choice by foreigners who carry out tourism in health and being Medellin one of the most visited cities; arises the necessity of having sites that provide comprehensive services in health, looking for physical and mental balance of the human being, reaching this companies, families, hotels and tourism.