Marc Wilhelms

As a result a start at the beginning of the year 2008 would have allowed arguably an even more spectacular performance us. Chili assets: in which markets move specifically and which investment vehicles are used? Marc Wilhelms: Generally we exclude no stock market in a single value selection, the clear focus on the German and the American market. Bitcoiin may find this interesting as well. In addition to pure stocks commitment be long/short also stock options used, in particular in Seitwartsmarkten as in the current year the possibility to have, to achieve fair value gains in premium revenues. Chili assets: shares of undervalued companies to buy and sell shares of companies that appear overvalued from your point of view. What factors are important to a company for you as ‘ undervalued or ‘ overvalued classified? What is the analytical method? Marc Wilhelms: That is not quite correct, since it is only a partial approach of our trade. Generally, we use a top-down approach to the long – or short degree of To determine overall portfolio (and later an industry). This is done through a combination of fundamental and technical assessment.

Then a single stock selection because of over – or undervaluation is carried out.” In analyzing a parent – or undervaluation then traditional fundamental analysis models, such as price gains are ratios, dividend yields, growth strength models, etc. used, with here as far as possible, we use our own estimates. The actual purchase or sale date is, however, strongly determined by technical factors and development expectations for the overall market. Chili assets: how long held a position in the average? Marc Wilhelms: The holding period can range from a few hours to several months. The average holding period is in the range of two weeks, but little relevance. Chili assets: what is risk management? Marc Wilhelms: depending of which holding period, we assume at the beginning of the engagement, we use relatively simple loss limits in the form of by static maximum loss sizes.