Hotel Executive

The city of Mendoza is model in many respects. To begin, tourism in Mendoza is one of the main economic activities of the region. Not in vain they say smokeless industry. However, it is not question of ignore environmental issues. Mendoza has historically been characterized by a careful end to the environment, and a constant concern for the impact that human activity could result in the incredibly rich cuyano ecosystem. It is important to remember that in the region there are lot of glaciers, most important reserve of fresh water, and that water from the thaws that nourishes the rich Mendoza basin is the main source of drinking water in the region. Accordingly, take care of these natural resources is vital for humanity. The city of Mendoza presents a geographical layout that responds to a careful planning of constructions and urbanization of the spaces available.

The city revolves around a large central plaza, and four smaller squares around it, with the intention to assure sufficient green space in comparison with built-up apples. The regulations impose that buildings are anti seismic, in view of the history of earthquakes, which the city has unfortunately. Fortunately, successive Governments thereafter have been commissioned to learn from experience not to repeat fatal errors. He ran the night of March 20, 1861, around 20.30 hours. In the majority of the houses was preparing dinner, and later, to bed, to make the next day from the first rays of daylight. However, no one could carry out their plans.

A horrifying earthquake of 7 degrees on the Richter scale struck the face of the Earth as never before. The adobe houses mostly – collapsed like houses of cards. As a result, more than half of the population of about 18,000 inhabitants at that time, perished. Large amount of fire eventually decimate the homes that were still standing, and the overflow of rivers ended up sealing the fate of the city. Reconstruction, in charge of surveyor Julio Ballofet was immediately addressed. The plan was to build wider streets, which will facilitate public transport, and anti-seismic buildings, with a greater focus on security issues and seeking to avoid overcrowding. As a result, a new Mendoza was born from its ashes. An example of anti-seismic building of last generation is the Hotel Executive. Its 17 floors are erected as a mole beautiful of steel and glass, but with the precautions necessary to withstand the movement of Earth plates. This hotel in Mendoza capital is located opposite plaza Italy, one of the four squares under the city, location that allows easy access to the main communication routes.