Global Economic Crisis

Alas, with the current global economic crisis is becoming more dangerous and more dangerous to deal with banks. Investing loans or taking deposits, must be very careful and a hundred times to be safe than to 'go without pants. " The banking system is very clever himself, and therefore, if you know some simple tricks, and be able to prove their case – you can either win or lose the least. Borrow and invest the deposits in two ways. They called 'complex' and 'simple'. Their 'trick' is that if the money is invested under the 'complex' deposit, then receives annually on account of the depositor five percent contribution from the scrip after the previous protsentovok. But if you take a complicated loan, then the lender can only sympathize, because every year you would pay more and more. If we speak of 'simple' deposit, in which case the investor will lose a rather big amount money.

Increase its annual contribution will be from the amount that was invested at the beginning. But the creditor is not bad on this win. The money and interest that he should reimburse the bank will not increase each year and therefore, are preserved a tidy sum in his purse. But no longer is an open secret that the banking system, will tell and swear quite differently. In another case, they will lose interest, and with them their earnings. Despite the that a customer who comes to the bank, get a big 'dose of noodles on my ears.

" I mean – either he will do with their money entirely in terms of the bank, without his or her right of choice, or may forget about this institution. According to recent news, investors now become everything is not so easy to pull out of the banks with their money. In late 2008, the financial institution did not give contributions in advance, now they refuse to return deposits and past money from current accounts. But the banks, even in the most difficult situations is not profitable for investors to sue, because it's their reputation, and money in any case have to give. Besides, during insertion of the deposit there is a whole mass of inconvenience. First, many banks have put restrictions on withdrawals from the card, usually a maximum of two thousand two hundred five hundred hryvnia – a ceiling, on the day. A very problematic finucherizhdeniya generally not allowed to shoot more than five hundred – seven hundred hryvnia per day. Moreover, few reputed banks, this is a desperate choice that only a person can do. If the depositor is a loan in which a bank, and invested the deposit, then, with Through its deposit investments, he can repay the bank loan, even if the loan and deposit located in different banking institutions. Just from one bank to transfer money to another. But in this case, the investor a lot of losing. Will remove not only the interest on the two banks, and when listing lost a large sum of money. So, before something similar to start, it is better to consult a hundred times and read a lot additional literature, than to be mistaken.