FX Risk Management Profit Disappointing

Disappointing profit FX risk management in the managed account profit FX has it in September to unusually high losses. As customers of the provider Monexo report, already reduced your balance at the beginning of the month and fell off sharply to 22 September. Affiliated trading was suspended temporarily all. Provider Monexo estimated the loss at nearly 60 percent, which roughly corresponds to the profit of the last 18 months of trading. Cause of this extreme drawdown was the high positioning in the two precious metals gold and silver according to the Monexo. Robert Paulson, Manager of profit FX, which had early recognized the rise of precious metals, achieved considerable profits with this portfolio alignment in the previous months to the part. In September, but the medium-term uptrend movement of in gold prices with a double top formation ended preliminary on September 6th. Accelerated by the sudden margin boost on the COMEX commodity futures exchange broke the gold price as a result massive a. Forward transactions cost the 26th of September with gold from Monday, 21 percent more. When trading with silver rose security services by 16 per cent. The increase of the security services contract (initial margin) and contracts (maintenance margin) forced investors to close positions in the loss or to deposit more money for their lever business to maintain the trade. The information of the operator of COMEX about raising the margin reached the markets in a period of already declining prices and therefore a further acceleration of course unfortunately resulted in approximately 1,532 USD/oz in gold and 26 USD/ounce silver. Silver recorded 48 percent below the all-time high so in the short term. The gold price moved away up to 20 percent from its previous peak. In February the managed account had pointed out provider Monexo after a hitherto highest month loss in profit FX – 21.5 per cent, that Robert Paulson historic chance for precious metals under conscious acceptance of a higher Volatility wants to use.