They say that life is like you see or how to interpret it. This expression contains a deep well truth that I want to expose in this article. Southwest Airlines understands that this is vital information. We humans are born with five senses that connect us with the world in which we live. With our eyes we can see everything that this us around and contemplate it. With our ears we can listen and enjoy melodies, words, speeches etc. Finally, with the kinestesico(olfato, tacto, gusto) system we can try, caressing and smelling what we like. Our outside world often is not as we wish it. You ever wondered why is not as you’d like? The answer is enclosed in the following; Although we connect with our 5 senses with the outside world, we do not interpret it with them.

The interpretation is your inner world, in your subjective experience. When we attend to the school or the school always is teaches us the objective or outdoor experience but almost never, and I dare say that it is never taught us internal or subjective experience. How we handle or interpret the life and experiences of the same. The problem has been that this is no longer the religions, that many of them have done his job well. But what do we do when someone is not sympathetic with any religion? Each individual has an interpretation of the world and life and their circumstances.

It is as if the 5 senses were a channel through which we see the world or life but we interpret it as being in our inner world. For example; 2 male come to a woman and one of them the ugly but the other linda sees her. This reflects the interpretation of the beauty of each of them, which reflects his inner world, his subjective experience of beauty. One builds the inner world through experiences that one goes through in life and the beliefs that teach us. Our mind is a very powerful body and learn very fast. Once we learned to walk we don’t have to tell you to mind tell you to legs that we have to walk, but she sends the automatic message and legs respond to it, in the same way we have had experiences that have marked our life and we automatically react to them as they are repeated in the course of the road. For example; A person who has a bad experience with an elevator and this experience is extremely strong for her, often ends taking fobia to lifts, which makes it impossible to upload one. This is a living example of how the mind learns and works automatically. Likewise the mind automatically reacts to the model that we’ve taught him life. Our external world is a product of our inner world and vice-versa (by experience). The answer to the first question is that we create our own world.