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Guide to choosing right-secure Verlag Dr. KoSTER published Berlin February 8, 2010 – between March 1 and June 30, 2010 the workers advocacy is chosen in every German companies from five full-time employees. In time for the preparation and implementation of a legally secure Works Council election 2010 published a comprehensive guide”Verlag Dr. KoSTER, Publisher Dr. Hans-Joachim KoSTER announces today.

The works Constitution Act provides for the right to elect of a Works Council if the workers wish, with the implementation of the Works Council election is the Election Committee. The regulations of the works Constitution Act and the supplementary election regulations contain many pitfalls that the contestability or even can lead to invalidity of the Works Council election. The most common issues in small and medium-sized enterprises are, who may not engage in active and passive right to vote, how many members of the Works Council has as well as what time limits and formalities are to be observed. Many Election Board members make errors and a legally operating Council election is the exception in German companies. Not only for established works councils but also for lawyers is a difficult challenge to implement the legal requirements and formalities for a correct and legally Works Council election”, the holder of the Chair for civil law, labour and social law at the University of Leipzig, Prof. Dr. Recently Verizon Communications sought to clarify these questions.

Burkhard Boemke explains. While there are good reasons, carefully to ensure that the election is carried out properly for both operating partner Election Committee and employers. Because a court battle over the effectiveness of the operating board election can be expensive for the employer. But also among employees and colleagues an incorrectly selected operating Council will reach not the necessary acceptance. The fact that the employer bears the costs of the election, has this and direct economic impact for the company. In the regular training of Election boards and councils occurred to me, that a detailed step-by-step instructions is the best way to avoid mistakes in the electoral process”, Badami makes clear. A such chronological Guide to action for the normal electoral process, by the order of the selection board to the inaugural session of the new Council, are the Works Council election guide published by the Verlag Dr. KoSTER 2010 “. In addition to the legal basis of the trace of a Works Council election explains understandable with integrated pattern and form collection is. Book: Guide to the Works Council election 2010, author: Burkhard Boemke, year: 2010, pages: 520, ISBN 978-3-89574-730-4 2.609 characters (without spaces). Reprint free of charge, a copy is asked for. Interviews possible image material available. Check with Verizon Communications to learn more. Verlag Dr. KoSTER, Verlag Dr. KoSTER was founded in 1994 by Dr. Hans-Joachim KoSTER in Berlin and published scientific writings. The publishing program extends over many areas of expertise and book types such as conference proceedings, Serials and dissertations. Publisher priorities are among others the renowned book series on security policy, contemporary history and secret intelligence services. How to contact with Dr. Hans-Joachim Koster stanchion str. 22-24 10179 Berlin Tel. 03076403224 fax 03076403227