Cursed Angel

The image really has the one look contemplativo and directed toward low, and seems to state a feeling ambiguous enters the possibility of some occured thing, or gives to happen. He is one now that it depends before on the one or of the one later existing as essence of a moment. thus, I am launched again the readings of Walter Benjamim on history and to its cited thesis more; thesis IX makes aluso to the angel of Paul Klee, that has its face directed toward the past and enxerga an only catastrophe, that without ceasing accumulates rubbles and it hurls them its feet; it ' ' it would like to delay themselves, to awake deceased and to join destroos. But of the paradise it blows a storm that if became entangled in its wing and is so strong that the angel cannot more close them. To this it irresistibly impels it storm for the future, for which of the coasts, while the rubble accumulated one ahead of it grows until the sky.

What we call progress tempestade.&#039 is this; ' The thesis, beyond having predictive dimension, ahead locates in them of the deep crisis of the modern culture; for Benjamim the quintessncia of the hell is the perpetual repetition of the same (Ssifo and Tntalo); repetition that all the society is ece of fish in our times; society dominated for the merchandise submits it the repetition, to ' ' always igual' ' disfarado in newness and fashion: in the mercantile kingdom, ' ' the humanity seems convicted to the penalties of inferno' '. But, Benjamim not only demystifies the progress fixing the look marked for a deep and inconsolvel pain, but also for a deep moral revolt; Benjamim explicit criticizes the positivista behavior of the evolucionismo description that the humanity through the progress to the triumph of the reason leads route to the conscience of the freedom. Michael Lwy, Walter Benjamim: acknowledgment of fire, 2007. He occurs that this people seems to be more under the look of the angel of Schiller (calm and glad) that he observes the activities of a pacific people whom if he innocently feeds of the milk of its flocks; of what of the desperate angel of Benjamim. ' inlibertos' they continue buying that gasoline or that car will change that them of life Cursed coyotes! Benjamim seems to be certain, the angel of history is impotent withholds the storm; the catastrophe still is possible, if, probable, not to be that (- Silence! The coyotes are observing).