Christian Salvation

A creation should be necessary and fundamentally dialogical. Returning to the sources. Nothing more romantic than this phrase, but it is absolutely necessary. The theology of liberation, has the urgent responsibility to return to their sources, in order to remain relevant in a world in the which his main opponents in past decades relegated it to a decorative and referential role. The ecclesiastical discipline of hierarchies, had its devastating effects on the progress of a Latin American Theology. Triumphed silence above the ethical duty. Duty to be a voice crying out in the wilderness, allowing the liberating Christ, grow in the midst of numerous ecclesial communities of base, to become the self-rising dough, leading the revolutionary processes and change, which are taking place in our continent today.

The theology of liberation, must have been, in this era of change, generating element of political processes and integration. that we are living on our continent. When we talk about sources, referring to return to those principles that made the theology of liberation, the only Latin American Theology, and a valid release around the world benchmark. This is to say, to return to the sources, is to be original, authentic, committed. He is to return to you have conscience of people, therefore we propose rethinking the following epistemological tenets of liberation theology: Christian Salvation cannot be taken without the economic, political, social and ideological liberation as visible signs of the dignity of man. Linked to the liberation theology, today see some areas that for decades were heavily in very direct and strong links with the more conservative sectors of Latin America. They hold political positions that deny this comprehensive principle of liberation and launch his new ideology of a theology of liberation, without those original liberating principles. In Venezuela, important sectors that once were identified with the theology of liberation, are now strongly allied to the most radical right-wing sectors.