CD Release By Natalie Ehrlich

Since American Idol has come up with what Miss Chief Dieter Bohlen now it has come. May 7th, 2010 is there now and the debut single of by singer Natalie Ehrlich is now available. The piece is called “don’t stop”. Now, how it should be release for a CD, a CD should follow criticism. I’ll make this at this point, but what I write here is my personal opinion and I hope that you make your own image and in the form of comments or own CD reviews all of us make available. First, I have to say the performance at the release party at the Giessen Club monkey was super. It was an unfortunately very short performance (two songs), but this dropped off top Natalie Ehrlich. Now to the Maxi CD: I would like to start with the positive things.

The singer has a good voice. It’s me personally still a mystery why the season 2010 was not recognized in the recall of American Idol by RTL and Dieter Bohlen. This shows that not always imperative in this show the talent counts, but also much the around what is really a shame. But, to take a little distance from the television show, the voice sounds, as already mentioned very well to and fits very well to the song. The song itself is a typical pop/dance song. It has a very catchy tune and the leg will automatically start to jiggle when it runs. The highlight is the refrain in the song where the verses slowly build up. The bridge pulls the song wanted then still down, before the last chorus provides the grand finale.

The normal version is very commercially, with the remix then almost in the vocal House track slips. But criticism without negative points and also that I would like here to no CD. Honestly, you have to say the song is more or less “pabulum”. It fits into the typical today Lady Gaga dance pop in schema and is not really something new. I would already like that in the future something more private, is more character in the songs and not just on a wave with is ridden. Summing up is to say: it is quite a successful Debut CD by Natalie Ehrlich, however is not much risk as regards the music. It will now show, how far the single will go and whether she chart air may breathe without a multimillion-dollar RTL machinery in the background. Nevertheless, I would like to once again say this is just my opinion, the opinion of a music lover! However, there are thousands of opinions and I would be happy to read them also.