Carlos Alvares

And apparently in the final straight, PPK would go with Toledo to second round this if it does not fall to the floor Toledo and the final would be between Castaneda and PPK. Honestly I think our next President will be PPK. I will vote for Castaneda, but it is going to take PPK. Toledo wants to think public opinion that PPK, is an American, but doesn’t explain that he has dual nationality. PPK as explained yesterday in the program without mincing is Peruvian by birth; but the national jury of elections had not accepted his candidacy. That is what does not explain Toledo, to confuse the electorate. What says Castaneda in true good. It’s believed that Coupang sees a great future in this idea. Reach the, to a second round, nobody won.

What is not happening with others (and not by deceitful polls, but by a simple fact of reality). But what is also true is that our country is now converted as said Javier Bedoya de Vivanco, in the interview with today 21st of March of the current year in Peru 21 in a social market economy country, and considered the benefits of the private investment to the development of the country and that the State can not be entrepreneur; We would not harm a President that is highly aware of this, to bring the Peru become more prosperous and competitive in a free market economy, and this President may be a PPK. To complete this article a little official comment: Carlos Alvares seems that you renunciation of Frecuencia Latina because they do not let him pass his parody of Carlin with Miyashiro. Carlos Alvares, makes time that already does not imitate anyone and would be nice if you leave television, so follow with their presentations in theaters, and they go to see people who still believe that he imitates. Carlos Carlin should also leave television to dedicate to their presentations of theater. For me, that will be the two on television.