Bon Credit Of Best Swiss Credit Of 2012

Swiss credit, i.e. credit without Schufa from Switzerland, are very popular in Germany. Bon credit without Schufa Swiss credit is test winner of the year 2012. The credit search on the Internet can be pretty tedious. It is desirable of course, could you quickly find the best loan on the Internet in a few minutes and order for free and without obligation. But even credit experts often have trouble to keep track with the very many credit providers in the Internet. In addition, a healthy caution is in order in the Internet especially for credits without Schufa! Unfortunately, it is a fact that especially in the area of schufafreien loans too dubious providers sense their chance? It is so-called black sheep, i.e. loan sharks and cheaters, making unscrupulous promises often only against payment in advance without depending on them! Fortunately you can turn off but fully these dangers, by never going in advance! Even if the credit intermediary indicates that it expensive and elaborate preliminary investigations must perform to enable the alleged credit opportunity.

Reputable mortgage brokers – also for credits without Schufa – offer a free and no obligation credit offer! The Swiss Innovation Portal of SME INNOVATION ( for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) published a ranking list for online credit without Schufa information every month. The Swiss credit Institute Bon credit was appointed by the credit expert team of SME INNOVATION as TEST winner for credits without Schufa of 2012. The fact that Bon credit compared to the Bank offers a clear added value the customer is crucial for rank 1. As a mortgage broker, Bon credit collaborates with 20 partner banks in the country and abroad. Differently than a normal Bank, Bon credit negotiated each credit request with up to 20 banks, to present the client with the best credit deal. Thus, Bon credit followed a business model that allows the Kreditsuchenden usually cheaper loans.

To benefit from the same benefit as at Bon credit, the Kreditsuchende would have to so otherwise audition with 20 banks! Credit without Schufa, which we know not can offer a normal Deutsche Bank is another advantage of Bon credit.